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Aviation Week & Space Technology

Get a MONTH of FREE access to Aviation Week & Space Technology, online, digital and print editions - the world's leading source for global aviation, aerospace and defense professionals.

At the end of your trial access period,

  • U.S. subscribers can continue to receive annual access online, digital and print editions for just $103.
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  • All other countries may subscribe for access only to digital edition for just $80 USD.
  • If you are not satisfied with The month of FREE access, return the invoice marked “cancel” with no further obligation.
Readers from over 180 countries trust and rely on it for content pertaining to the military, commercial and space industries. AW&ST provides current and in-depth understanding to the technology, business and operations shaping the marketplace. If you decide to subscribe for annual access, your subscription includes:
  • AWST Online - access to the subscriber only website, with searchable archives
  • Aerospace & Defense 2015, a predictive outlook on the industry (value of $49.95 USD)
  • Special annual content including MRO, Paris/Farnborough Air Shows, Top Performing Companies and more
  • 100% money back guarantee

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