Examples Of Business Names 2024: A List Of 30 Names To Inspire You

Examples Of Business Names
Choosing a name for a business is hard work. Photo: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Some company ideas come with the perfect business name,[1] but for the most part, finding the appropriate unique business name ideas requires a procedure. It’s not magic; it’s hard work, like other aspects of running a business.

Before considering items, prices, or promotions, you must choose the brand name generator and ideal business name. This detailed handbook will assist you on your journey to start a new business. Next, we’ll go a little deeper into the meaning of a business name. Finally, we’ll also walk you through picking the best smart business name ideas for your business.

30 Examples Of Great Business Names

  • Tech: Apple, Twitter, Google, Reddit, Spotify
  • Food & Beverage: Starbucks, Coca-Cola, White Claw, Nestlé
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care: Sephora, Nivea, Dove, L’Oréal, Gillette, Bath & Body Works
  • eCommerce: Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Craigslist 
  • Clothing & Fashion: Nike, Adidas, Forever 21, Coach, Banana Republic
  • Home Furnishings: Pottery Barn, IKEA, Wayfair, West Elm, Crate & Barrel

30 Examples Of Business Names 2024



There are a lot of theories about how one of the world’s most famous software businesses came up with its name, but we’re here to clear things up. No, Apple isn’t named after Isaac Newton or the Apple Records label founded by the Beatles. It was easy to say, whimsical, unique brand, and enjoyable.


Co-founder Dorsey looked up “Twitter” in the dictionary, defined as “a quick burst of insignificant information, and bird chirps.”


Google’s founders considered several names before settling on Googol(plex), a mathematical term. A spelling error resulted in the final form of Google’s name, which people admire for its catchy sound and randomness.


The tech startup Reddit earned its name from a play-on-words with the phrase “read it,” which is a little more straightforward. Though psychologically, it’s dissimilar enough from the phrase that users don’t feel compelled to utilize it.


The Swedish founders were conversing when the word “Spotify” was misheard. They promptly looked it up, recognizing that it wasn’t a Swedish word and that the complete lack of Google results would make it simple to claim and register the domain availability. The name has a verb-like commanding effect.

Food & Beverage


Starbucks, one of the characters in the book, stood out. The brand consultant then proposed Pequod’s first mate’s name, Starbuck, with the “s” added to make it sound more conversational. The “st” sound is strong and forceful, giving the coffee shop a psychological edge over its competitors.


Coca-Cola got its name from the coca leaf, and kola fruit used to flavor it. The founder’s bookkeeper and partner, on the other hand, recommended “Coca-Cola.” Over the years, “Coca-Cola” has been given several nicknames, including “Cola” and “Coke.”

White Claw

White Claw is a corporation named after a natural occurrence known as “White Claw Waves,” which move in groups of three across the ocean and provide unexpected refreshment with their spray.


Henri was a German immigrant to Switzerland. The first logo was a play on his surname, Nestlé, which translates to “nest” in German. The first logo incorporated a nest and young birds being fed to link the emblem to his baby food items.

Cosmetics & Personal Care


Sephora is a  combination of two Greek words: “sephos,” which means “lovely,” and “Zipporah,” Moses’s beautiful wife. Customers like the name because it’s elegant.


NIVEA is derived from the Latin words “nix, nivis,” which means “snow.” NIVEA means “snow white” in English. The NIVEA logo’s famous blue tin represents the brand’s ideals.


The origins of Dove’s name are unknown. However, the word “Dove” was most likely chosen since it is associated with beauty, purity, and compassion.


L’Oréal is a misspelling of the cosmetics company’s original name, Auréale, which is thought to be derived from a Latin word that means “golden.” Using other languages in your name can be a wonderful method to notify consumers about your product in a non-explicit way.


Gillette is a popular name because it appeals to both men and women. It is derived from King Camp Gillette, the founder’s surname.

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works is another elegant company name. Bath & Body Works, LLC is a soap, lotion, fragrance, and candle retailer based in the United States.


There are some eCommerce name ideas you can consider. Photo: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock


Shopify is yet another brand with a long history. Snowdevil, a snowboarding store, was the first Shopify store to start. Then there was the time when it was used as an e-commerce store or platform.


When Amazon founder Jeff Bezos looked up “Amazon” in the dictionary, he thought it was a perfect fit because Amazon is the world’s largest river and he was (at the time) developing the world’s largest bookshop


eBay is memorable for its emphasis on e-commerce, and fun sound combination, yet, remarkably, the name was chosen solely because the domain was available. However, this is a major element in the ultimate shape of many well-known brands’ names.


Founder Robert Kalin stated he chose the name Etsy because he wanted to start from scratch and wanted “a nonsense term.” As in the case of Etsy, customers select a name that is simple and easy to remember.


Craigslist was chosen as the moniker because it accurately defined what founder Craig Newmark was creating: a distribution list.

Clothing & Fashion


When it comes to names, shorter is almost always better, as Nike found early on.


Adidas is an acronym of the firm’s founder Adolf (“Adi”) Dassler’s name (written “Adidas” by the corporation).

Forever 21

Shop for clothes Another firm named by consumer goals is Forever 21. The name has a youthful vibe about it.


Coach is a popular brand name because, in addition to conveying a sense of class, it also conveys utility and wearability.

Banana Republic

The shorter name, Banana Republic, allowed for a more premium image, which drew in new customers and ensured that no one forgot the name.

Home Furnishings

Pottery Barn

The two halves of the Pottery Barn moniker combine to create a warm, homey atmosphere that appeals to a specific demographic of customers eager to personalize their living spaces.


Consumers are drawn to the four-letter moniker since it is simple, exactly like the company’s products.


Customers like the word “fair” because it reminds them of an in-person fair where they can buy unique, high-quality things.

West Elm

Another example of a more carefully crafted name is West Elm. Neither word is fictitious or random.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel got its name from the materials used to display things at the company’s initial Chicago store.

Why Should You Give Your Business A Great Name?

A great business name is simple to recall, spell, and pronounce. It should be fresh yet also inviting. This is because the majority of people say they desire something new. Your catchy business names should convey to your target audience that your company is similar to what they already know but better.

How To Make A Great Name For Business?

How To Make A Great Name For Business?
There are some helpful hints to make a great name. Photo: Kite_rin/Shutterstock

The fundamental goal is to explain the services you provide to make unique and creative business names. While also being easy to remember and, if feasible, unique business. You can use our business name generator to make your great name. Here are some helpful hints to remember:

Identify Your Brand Identity

Your company must reflect the type of brand name you’re building. This will impact how you market to and interact with your target audience, as well as how your brand name is perceived over time. you can create a memorable business name that people remember for years to come. Besides, they also contain words that are meant to reflect the value proposition or core values of your company. 

Be Descriptive But Not Too General 

Choose cool and catchy business name ideas that are neither too broad nor too specific. Furthermore, it does not distinguish itself from other providers. Consider the name PhotoBucket: it’s detailed enough and not tedious.

Make A Regular Word Become Special 

Using alternate forms of standard terms relevant to the service you’re delivering is a smart method to develop catchy, memorable creative business name ideas.

Keep It Simple

Make sure your name isn’t too long or complicated. Keep in mind that your company name should be appealing to your customers. It should have a pleasant, familiar tone and elicit favorable sentiments. It should also be simple to say and remember.

Don’t Copy Your Competitors

Choose a name that isn’t too similar to the names of other businesses in your field. It can make you appear unoriginal, which is terrible for your brand’s image.

Avoid Using Your Name

Avoid utilizing your name unless you have a well-established brand. Your name says nothing about your company and will be meaningless to potential customers. This could generate issues if you ever want to sell your firm or expand it.

Choose A Name That’s Scalable

Choose a name that will help you grow your company. If you only sell books, for example, you might eventually expand to include stationery and accessories. In addition, if your service is based in one city, you may grow to other cities. As a result, use a broad name that will allow you to expand in the future.

Try To Avoid Using Acronyms

Many large corporations, such as IBM and KFC, use acronyms. However, acronyms will only confuse your potential clients at the start of your business when your goal is to develop your brand.

Make It Catchy

Customers will forget a brand name if it isn’t memorable. A catchy business name is about standing out from the crowd, and it all starts with a cool, one-of-a-kind business name. A catchy business brand that captures the attention of a customer will be remembered later.

Final Thoughts

When you’re starting a business, picking a name or business name idea can be difficult, but it’s not anything to stress over. Cool small business name ideas names are merely the first step in creating the best brand names. After that, it’s up to you to match client expectations and drive your firm or small business to success, even if it makes a nice initial impression.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I think about when naming my company?

When coming up with business name ideas, strive to develop something that expresses what the company does while being unique.

Is it necessary for me to register my company name?

If you’re starting a corporation, LLC, or limited partnership, you’ll need to register your business name with the state when you file your articles of formation.

Is it possible to add an Inc. or LLC to my company name?

No, you can’t just add an Inc., LLC, LLP, or other business designation to your company name. Instead, you must follow the incorporation regulations in your state and file the required documents with the form.

Why is it important to choose a compelling business name?

Branding is a vital aspect of a company’s personality, as it creates customer loyalty and establishes a strong reputation within the industry. A unique business name is key to differentiating yourself from competitors and building a powerful brand. It not only helps customers find and remember your business but also impresses investors.




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