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Friday, June 25, 2021


Reports highlight how fraudsters are using pandemic against consumers, businesses

While the pandemic may have boosted overall ecommerce revenue for most businesses, there is a dark side to so much digital activity. Fraudsters have been using the pandemic against not only individual consumers but against businesses, and three new reports show how. >>

Email Marketing

Expert: What businesses can expect in a post-Covid workplace

Very few things are the same now as they were last year at this time. Even fewer are the same as June of 2019. For many work places the pandemic taught them how to streamline and how to better connect with consumers. For others, the pandemic has been an effort in frustration. But, what can business owners expect as pandemic fears wane? We asked a digital expert for insight. >>


Report: Control of data important but misunderstood

The misconceptions of consumer data continue to be prevalent even as more and more consumer say they want control of their personal information. Those are key findings from a new Adswerve report. >>


1 in 3 shoppers using voice

Voice-assisted tech is quickly becoming a favorite for online shoppers. That is a key takeaway from new CouponFollow data. According to researchers about one in four online shoppers are using voice commands to shop through assistants like Amazon's Echo or Google's Assistant. >>


Expert IDs top data strategies

The sheer amount of data in the digital space is daunting for even the largest of brands. What pieces are the most relevant? How can data from Customer X compare to Customer G? How long should data be stored and how best to analyze it? A well-thought-out big data plan is mandatory. We asked an expert how brands can create a better big data strategy. >>

Content Marketing

How to use creator content to drive app usage

User generated content is not new to the digital space, but with a constant need for fresh content even the largest ad budgets can be challenged. This, according to one expert, is why brands should outsource some content production to creators - including social media influencers, videographers, and even bloggers. Here's how. >>

Internet Marketing 101

5 Creative Ways to use Social Media for your Business

Social media has long been a powerful marketing tool. Let's take a look at 5 creative ways you can use social media for your business. >>


Study: Ransomware costs higher than dollar amounts

The true cost of ransomware to businesses isn't just about the amount paid to 'release' their files and information back to them. According to one new report, brands dealing with this type of cybercrime can expect a loss of talent, damage to their reputation, and potentially even high ransoms moving forward. >>

Internet Marketing 101

What You Need to Know About the Growing Interest in Online Courses

Interest in online courses has grown steadily ever since online courses became available to users. >>

Internet Marketing 101

Personalize Your Marketing to Improve Customer Retention

Personalization marketing is marketing that is linked to the expectations and needs of an individual consumer, rather than following a one-size meets all approach. >>

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