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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Content Marketing

How to use creator content to drive app usage

User generated content is not new to the digital space, but with a constant need for fresh content even the largest ad budgets can be challenged. This, according to one expert, is why brands should outsource some content production to creators - including social media influencers, videographers, and even bloggers. Here's how. >>


Study: Ransomware costs higher than dollar amounts

The true cost of ransomware to businesses isn't just about the amount paid to 'release' their files and information back to them. According to one new report, brands dealing with this type of cybercrime can expect a loss of talent, damage to their reputation, and potentially even high ransoms moving forward. >>


Expert: What the ecommerce shift means for merchants

Since the beginning of the pandemic both large and small merchants have seen dramatic shifts in their business model. From skyrocketing purchase numbers to changing consumer demands for service, nothing is the same now as it was just sixteen months ago. Here's what these shifts mean for merchants' futures. >>

Social Marketing

Reports: Influencers, calls important for shoppers

A growing number of consumers are influenced to finalize a purchase because of influencer posts on social media. But, don't think social is also their preferred avenue for general brand communication. >>


How to turn big data into actionable insights

Big data can be overwhelming for many businesses, no matter the size. Many will waste their investment in data collection by not having a good strategy to put that data to use for them. But, with data playing an increasingly important role in customer engagement, this is a mistake. Here is how to turn data into actionable insights for your organization. >>


Top 3 tips to optimize Amazon ad spend

Amazon continues to draw a bulk of online shoppers, and that has many merchants moving some - if not all - of their merchandise under Amazon's umbrella. To be seen, they're turning to ads within Amazon, but they aren't alone. Here are three tips to optimize ad spending within Amazon so that merchants can drive more revenue. >>

Social Marketing

Reports underline importance of social

Social media continues to be a big part of consumers' purchase journeys, but the social space also has its drawbacks, especially for publishers. >>

Mobile Marketing

Expert: What brands need to know about app stories

The mobile space continues to be a big part of brands' marketing as more and more consumers up their mobile usage. But, just because consumers are hot on mobile, it doesn't mean they're engaged with the brands in the space. One expert identifies how brands can improve their mobile experience. >>


Prime Day is coming, here's what to expect

Amazon delayed Prime Day because of the pandemic in 2020, but they online behemoth isn't delaying 2021's Prime Day extravaganza which has been announced for June 21-22. Some deals are already popping up, and with just over two weeks to prep, here's what merchants can expect. >>


Reports ID how AI/AR are shifting online shopping behaviors

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) are changing how shoppers behave online, and they're doing it rapidly. Two new reports may help online merchants better serve relevant content to these shoppers. >>

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