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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Content Marketing

How content consumption is changing media buying

Digital content consumption has dramatically increased over the course of the pandemic, making it more difficult for media buyers to know what and where to buy time. This need to be more nimble and dynamic in media planning, at its root, means a better strategy. Here's what media buyers need to know. >>


Report finds lifetime value stats lacking

Too many executives may be ignoring the lifetime value of their customers. That is a key takeaway from new data out from The CMO Council; researchers with the report found that 1 in 5 CMOs 'almost never' take this measure. >>

Search Marketing

Study: Handled well, bad reviews can turn positive

While it may seem antithetical to some managers, bad reviews shouldn't be summarily deleted. That's a key finding in new research out from Best SEO Companies which indicates that, handled in the right way, a bad review can turn into a positive experience. >>

Trends & Ideas

Top 3 tips to prevent CNP fraud

Card Not Present (CNP) fraud prevention is a tight wire to walk for many organizations. Blocking too many legitimate transactions results in lost revenue, not block enough means millions spent on charge-back fees. We asked one expert how businesses can create a better CNP fraud strategy. >>

Social Marketing

Study: Social key to engagement

While there is a long history of people purchasing both large and small items via credit card, the plethora of new options to 'buy now, pay later' (BNPL) is especially enticing to younger shoppers. According to some new data more than half of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers are choosing BNPL options when shopping online. >>

Content Marketing

How to use NFT to better engage

Monetizing - or tokenizing - content is not a new shift in the world of digital content or revenue. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) do just that, but with an added, 'limited edition' significance that could influence more consumer to convert. Here's how merchants and brands can use NFTs to incentivize many different actions and reactions. >>

Internet Marketing 101

SEO Developments that Businesses Should Not Ignore

Here are a few of the recent SEO developments and changes to be aware of. >>

Search Marketing

Top 5 tips to improve SEO strategy

A good search engine optimization strategy can spell the difference in building relationships with customers and simply on-boarding a shopper for a one-time purchase. However, many brands continue to struggle with SEO optimization and strategy. Here are five tips to boost brand authority, drive traffic, and improve conversions through an improve SEO strategy. >>

Internet Marketing 101

How to Make Your Website Faster (and Why You Should)

When creating a website for your new business, you'll likely spend a lot of time polishing the details and making sure the website is as beautiful and functional as possible. But how much are you doing to optimize its loading speed? >>

Internet Marketing 101

5 Reasons for Having a Mobile App for Your Business

Why it's crucial to have a business app for your company. >>

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