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Thursday, July 29, 2021


Reports ID security pain points for employees, employers

According to new data out from Elements Global a growing number of employees are worried their bosses are spying on them at work. This is a growing trend and likely has ties to the pandemic when so many workers were sent to work remote; for some remote work actually worked and they remained productive. For others, remote work was too stressful and productivity sank. >>


How Prime Day 2021 should inform holiday decision making

For many brands and merchants Prime Day - and similar 'deal days' from big box retailers - are an indicator of how the holiday season will go. This year, as in year's past, Prime Day saw a surge in traffic and purchases and perhaps shed light on how merchants can better engage shoppers. >>


Expert: How addressable programmatic can shape ecommerce success

It is full-on back-to-school mode in the United States as families prepare to send children and young adults back into classrooms after the anomaly of 2020. But, shopping habits and needs have changed, and along with that so have merchants advertising needs. This is why one expert believes addressable programmatic advertising is the wave of this 'new normal'. >>


Reports ID trends to watch in cybersecurity

Weekdays over weekends. Phishing over malware. Those are key takeaways in reports that ID how fraudsters are working overtime to gain access to sensitive consumer and brand information. >>


Forecast: Online ad spend to top TV by '25

Over the next four years look for ad spending in the digital space to outpace television significantly. That is a key takeaway from a new advertising forecast out from PricewaterhouseCoopers. The digital ad spend is expected to increase to at least $153 billion - that is double the expected spend for television. >>


Top 3 IT checks for a successful holiday season

Despite it only being July, one expert believes now is the time for merchants, brands, and marketers to begin checking those holiday lists, especially when it comes to IT. This is because deploying upgrades - and especially new infrastructure - can take time. It can also take a while for bugs within the system to work themselves free. Here are a few things to check - before the busy holiday season swings in. >>

Law & Regulation

Study: Half of ransomware attacks begin with phishing

Phishing should be getting much more attention from IT squads, employees, and employers. That is a key takeaway from new data released by Keeper Security. According to their report about half of all ransomware attacks began with a phishing email. >>


Reports ID changes to shopper behavior on- and offline

New reports in the digital space point to some pressure points for retailers as the world continues to move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic. >>


Back to School a key time for merchants, brands

With the world opening back up after a global pandemic retailers and brands are looking for a return to their normal of crowded stores and merchandise flying off shelves. According to data out from the National Retail Federation sales are expected to increase for 2021 - though perhaps not as high as some merchants would like. >>

Mobile Marketing

Report: Mobile video fraud skyrockets

Fraudsters continue to make it difficult for those in the digital space. That is a key takeaway from new DoubleVerify data. Researchers with their Global Insights Report found that while overall fraud rates were down, mobile app video fraud and CTV fraud have seen significant increases. >>

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