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Property management is the oversight of properties by a third-party property manager. Generally, property managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of these real estate, at a certain fee. In this article, we will take a look at property management, the types, and the best property management companies.

Definition & Responsibilities Of Property Management

What Is Property Management & Top Property Management Companies

Property management can be defined as the daily supervision of residential, commercial, or industrial real estate. Property managers are generally responsible for taking charge of the maintenance, security, and upkeep of properties. 

As a property management company, you often work with owners of investment assets like apartment buildings, shopping malls, industrial parks, and private home communities. Their primary responsibilities include managing regular activities given by the owners and maintaining the value of the assets they manage while producing cash. In general, a property manager is responsible for the following:

  • Drafting, signing, and renewing leases for property owners
  • Recognizing local, state, and federal laws and rules governing landlord-tenant relationships
  • Evaluating prospective tenants
  • Rent collection
  • Upkeep of properties, such as landscaping and snow removal
  • Coordinating the necessary property repairs
  • Creating and following budgets for property upkeep
  • Marketing real estate
  • Controlling other workers
  • Processing taxes

Property Management Types

There are different types of property management, just like we have different types of properties. While some property management companies choose to specialize in managing a particular type of property, others provide services that span across the different types of property management. Here are some types of property management. 


As the name implies, residential property management involves the supervision of homes and apartments.

Most rental properties employ residential property managers to oversee the leasing process. They can be used to oversee:

  • Houses for single families
  • Holiday rentals
  • Multi-family dwellings
  • Townhouses
  • CondominiumsApartments
  • Fabricated housing
  • Real estate-owned properties.


Owners of commercial properties have different requirements than those of residential properties. Commercial property management may be relevant to:

  • Public facilities, such as hotels
  • Retail properties such as shopping centers, eateries, and petrol stations
  • Office buildings, such as real estate agencies or medical offices
  • Coworking spaces.


The following industrial properties can benefit from management:

  • Steel mills and other heavy industrial facilities 
  • Light production facilities, such as those that package food 
  • Warehouses
  • Facilities for distribution

Special Purpose

The special purpose properties don’t fit into the categories listed above, but they also require management. They include

  • Theaters
  • Sports arenas
  • Resorts
  • Schools and other institutions
  • Places of worship,
  • Religious facilities.

What Exactly Is Property Management Company?

A property management company will ensure that a residential or commercial investment property is profitable, has a solid reputation, is maintained, and is occupied by tenants. These businesses also frequently update their owners on the key performance indicators of the asset. A property management business is crucial for most landlords since different areas and various regulations, ordinances, and laws control different property kinds.

Companies that manage properties face the everyday difficulties of owning commercial and investment real estate. Following an assessment of 18 businesses’ offerings, pricing policies, reporting capacities, and tenant and owner interactions, we settled on these top eight. Discover our picks as you continue reading to choose which property management business is best for you.

Best Property Management Companies In Canada 2024

Best Property Management Companies June 2024

What Is Property Management & Top Property Management Companies



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The business provides comprehensive property management services, such as property operations, monetary services, programs for advanced insurance, procurement, marketing, communications education, and IT. Greystar’s areas of expertise include overseeing adult communities, multifamily buildings, collegiate housing, and flexible corporate housing. Owners have access to an online system through the Greystar Investor Portal to obtain real-time information and track performance indicators for their properties.

  • Portal available for real estate investors online
  • Website to lease apartments for proposed residents which leads to high occupancy
  • Efficient staff training
  • Top US Apartment Managers ranking
  • No properties in locations like Rhode Island, Alaska, Maine, New Hampstead

The cost of Greystar’s property management services will vary depending on the kind and size of the property, its location and surroundings, and the level of services you require. You’ll negotiate costs for tenant relations, vacancies, evictions, early termination, maintenance, and other services in addition to the monthly management charge and initial establishment price.

Reports cover legal and regulatory compliance, marketing and reputation management, and accounting and financial management.

Colliers International

Colliers International

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Colliers International is a top provider of commercial property management services, with an extensive service portfolio and two billion square feet under management. Capital markets, landlord representation, project management, real estate management services, valuation, and consulting services, securities, mortgage, insurance, engineering, and design are all areas of specialization for Colliers International. They offer rental property management services like operations and maintenance, facilities management, lease administration, property accounting and financial reporting, and contract management.

  • Synced reporting for owners
  • Financial analysis and reporting to ensure revenue on assets
  • Strong emphasis on capital projects to increase the value of properties
  • Internal engineering staff who monitor performance metrics
  • Relatively less emphasis on sustainability
  • Publicly traded
  • Deep expertise in any niche may be unachievable given its wide catalog of buildings.

It is recommended for commercial property investors looking to minimize risk. Generally, property management fees are typically determined as a percentage of the rent collected. Your contract fees will depend on the property’s location, size and occupancy, and the services you want. 



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WinnCompanies’ key selling point is the ability to return discounts on utility bills and provide green financing. Winn ensures that homes are kept up to the most outstanding standards for the environment and the neighborhood. Winn provides service for various building types, including residential and commercial buildings.

Winn offers lease, financial, operational, and maintenance services, but their environmental knowledge enhances the value of the buildings they manage. For instance, Winn works to increase the efficiency of building systems like mechanical, lighting, building envelope, insulation, air sealing, boilers, ventilation, air conditioning, and water conservation, in addition to solar programs and other energy retrofits.

  • Strong focus on community
  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Great environmental programs like community solar
  • A focus on the environment might not be economical for first-time property owners.
  • Pricing is opaque, just like other property management businesses

Winn fees are covered in their private bids to property owners. Winn offers to report on a variety of topics. It conducts monthly audits for customers in the affordable housing sector as necessary to guarantee compliance and reduce risk. Although there isn’t a standard web platform for owners to keep track of their homes, reports may be available upon request.

BH Management Services

BH Management Services

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There are not many better options for managing your residential properties than BH Management Services. It has a wide selection of residential properties under management in the U.S., as well as cutting-edge, resident-attractive programs like Smart Home Technology and Green Conservation. 

BH Management Services offers management, equities, construction, architecture, and design services. The firm provides accounting, operations, marketing, IT, business intelligence services, and reporting to its owners through BH Management Services. The firm employs and manages local management employees for properties.

  • Home automation technology
  • Green conservation program
  • Controls A, B, and C class properties
  • The website should be more informative 

BH management services don’t disclose exact prices, like other property management businesses unless they have a meeting with a potential investor to go through the range of services for a particular property. However, your cost will often depend on the size of the property, the building class, and the range of services you negotiate. 

These expenditures may be broken down into an initial setup charge, a monthly management fee (a fixed rate or a percentage of the rent collected), a tenant placement fee, and marketing and lease-up expenses. For simplicity in paying rent and renewing a lease, a resident portal is accessible online. Investors can track the success of their properties thanks to the coordination of customized business information and revenue management reports by BH Management Services.

Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield

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As a leading multifamily property management company, Cushman & Wakefield delivers value through solutions that create efficient and engaging communities. The company has 51,000 people across over 400 locations and 70 countries. Cushman & Wakefield’s primary activities include leasing, capital markets, appraisal, and management of properties, facilities, and projects.

  • Delivery of exceptional value for real estate owners
  • Largest number of employees
  • Emphasis on sustainability and smart technology
  • Questionable customer service

As a market leader in commercial property management services, Cushman & Wakefield uses a range of cloud-based technologies to support its global workforce and internal operations. For the fifth year running, the 2022 Real Estate Survey by Euromoney has named Cushman & Wakefield, a major international provider of real estate services, as the best commercial real estate advisor and consultant worldwide.

Who Needs Property Management Services?

Property owners can take advantage of different property management services available to them according to the class of their property. For instance, owners with multiple rental properties in their portfolios and lack the time or know-how to manage tenants and maintain their homes in good condition. In other cases, some owners only care about renting their homes and earning returns periodically. Owners in situations usually employ qualified property managers or use property management software, although the latter still requires supervision. 

Some property management organizations cater to lone property owners who rent out a single rental property, such as a holiday house. Due to the complicated federal regulations that apply to rental properties, which need specialist knowledge, property owners who take part in affordable housing initiatives frequently hire property management services. Some real estate agents also work as property managers. 

What Is A Property Management License?

A property management license is an accreditation required for engaging in businesses related to leasing and managing rental properties. Some requirements to getting this license include being at least 18 years old, completing high school or equivalent, being in good standing with the state’s real estate board, and, in some situations, passing a criminal background check.

In some cases, a broker’s license holder is deemed to have met the educational and examination criteria for licensure as a property manager; hence they are not required to obtain a separate property management license.

Property owners must ensure that the companies they choose are duly licensed. This is because most states ask for the property management company to get a local real estate board license. Some states need real estate agents to be licensed for property managers to work there. This is so because some of their duties are classified as real estate activities. Property managers can list a rental property in the multiple listing service (MLS) and advertise it using accepted techniques if they have a real estate broker’s license. A real estate board lockbox can be installed on a property’s door so that other licensed agents can show up since the property managers can do this if they hold a real estate broker’s license.

Final Thoughts

The best property management firms effectively keep your facility operating at peak efficiency, reduce investment risk, protect your brand’s reputation, and maintain frequent communication with you. Whether you choose a huge corporation with a worldwide clientele or a tiny neighborhood business with a stellar reputation in your community, be sure they have a detailed set of operating guidelines. All the professional property managers on our list of top achievers are quite good at managing properties efficiently. 

Greystar is the editor’s choice because it provides residential and commercial real estate services. It also excels at end-to-end property management processes and financial, operational, and market analysis reporting. They top it all off with a “Beyond Expectations” motto in service to tenants, employees, owners, and vendor partners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I select the best property management company?

When searching for a company, go for one with a solid reputation in the industry when selecting a decent property management firm. The terms of the contract and management fees should have been stated in detail. Only consider management firms with the necessary insurance and licenses to manage in your state and local asset management experience. Finally, they should have a clear procedure to rectify any problems.

How do property management companies charge?

The industry average for property management fees is between 8% and 12% of the monthly rents received. However, the cost also depends on the services the company provides for you, such as evictions and tenant relations. Additional requests like asking the property managers to take care of the legal proceedings, evict the tenant, prepare and clean the apartment, post a vacancy notice, and interview potential new tenants will raise the charge schedule.

Is a property management company necessary?

Yes, it is very necessary to have a property manager. For an investor to manage by themselves, the numerous laws and maintenance duties of property ownership and leasing may become too complicated or time-consuming. The 8% to 12% charged on rent payments is a worthy investment in the knowledge, professionalism, and trade skills they provide in dealing with renters and maintaining the rental in excellent working order.

Are property managers regulated?

Yes. Although the licensing requirements may vary by state, local real estate boards must provide licenses to property management firms in most places. Real estate owners should confirm the licensing status of the companies they hire.



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