Low-Cost Business Ideas With High-Profit Potential 2024

Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit
You can try these business ideas to start your own business. Photo: GaudiLab/Shutterstock

Are you looking for low-cost business ideas with a high profit for in 2024 to start your own business? You can try many great business ideas today that will help you build a business and make money. One of the biggest motivations to open your business is to become a boss. Owning an existing business gives creative entrepreneurs the freedom to work when, where, and how they want, which is a dream life for many people. However, creating a home-based idea can be challenging for many small business owners. With many business ideas in 2024, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out the best idea to pursue. This article discusses a list of the 20 most profitable business ideas that’ll make you money in 2024.

22 Creative Small Business Ideas In 2024

  • Wedding Photographer
  • Vintage Reseller
  • Mobile App Designer
  • Blogger
  • Interior Designer
  • Airbrush Artist
  • Clothing Designer
  • Hair Stylist 
  • Makeup Artist
  • Graphic designer
  • Sell Illustrated Journals, Planners, and Calendars
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Social media influencer
  • Website Designer
  • Voice Artist
  • House Painter
  • T-shirt Designer
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Personal Stylist
  • Logo Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Food Truck Own Business

Low-Cost Business Ideas With High-Profit     

Are you looking for a creative idea to start a business?[1] Here’s a look at the best profitable business idea you can try in 2024.

Wedding Photographer

Becoming a wedding photographer is one of the most creative business ideas you can try. The demand for wedding photography has risen to unprecedented heights in the past decade. While wedding photography can have its challenges, it’s also very rewarding. Start advertising your services locally or build a catalog of stock photography you can sell online. You can purchase a good drone and deliver quality wedding photography for your clients. You can create a website and showcase your work if you have the correct equipment.  

Vintage Reseller

Thrifting, altering, and upselling vintage goods have become a hot profitable online business. Suppose you have an affinity for spotting diamonds in the rough. Grab some clothes from the local goodwill, make an eBay account, and start selling. You can be your boss, designer, or your own brand with vintage reselling. Opening an online vintage shop or your own online store doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise. If your idea of an awesome day involves hitting up an estate sale or scouring through thrift stores, this will be an amazing idea to do for a living. You can easily make it work by staying true to your unique style and putting in some legwork. Besides, you can also take an online course business and start your own business.

Mobile App Designer

Do you love to develop apps, code, or build interfaces? Consider becoming a freelance app developer. App development is one of the best profitable creative ideas for small businesses since many companies require a mobile app. The cost of becoming a mobile app designer has also drastically gone down because of the growth of trade and affordable developers. Freelance website development is in high demand with salaries fairly high. You can also choose a plethora of specialties. Learning to be a mobile app designer requires some personal training and upfront schooling. Today, you can use different software to create mock-ups before deciding to publish the mobile app. There’s also an opportunity to earn passive income by creating mobile apps for the general audience. This will require developing a monetization strategy that generates recurring revenue such as in-app purchases.


Writing is one of the flexible small business ideas you can do today. Photo: fizkes/Shutterstock

Writing is one of the flexible small business ideas you can do today. There are many ways you can start a writing business, including blogging. Today’s big opportunity for blogging is in content marketing as businesses look to add information to their websites. The key to successful businesses with blogging is finding a niche with little competition and practicing patience and diligence. Through travel, music, and personal and business finances, you can start a blog and make money through affiliate marketing or Google display ads.  In addition, if you know search engine optimization like growing traffic to add sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and display ads. You will eventually earn more money.

Interior Designer

Interior design is one of the creative business ideas you can start. It requires making new clients every day and marketing yourself to get more customers. You should have a passion for interior design to succeed in this business. Anyone who has an eye for decorating and enjoys playing with color, textures, textiles, and furniture can be an interior designer. This industry has become competitive and highly lucrative. You can specialize in many areas as an interior designer, including commercial projects, residential projects, or workplace projects. 

Airbrush Artist

You can earn good money working as an airbrush artist. Your work involves supplying paint, makeup, and other substances using special tools called airbrushes. You may need a state permit, though some states don’t require certifications. There are no degree requirements to become an airbrush artist. However, get a personal trainer or take an online course to impart skills, education, training, and practice to be perfect. Becoming a successful airbrush artist involves patience and persistence. Create a strong portfolio of past work to market yourself to your potential clients. 

Clothing Designer

Consider becoming a clothing designer if you have a great eye for fashion and can create a different style using any patterns. Your work will involve creating original apparel and accessories by drawing on fashion trends. You can specialize in high fashion, mass-market clothing, evening wear, sportswear, footwear, or ready-to-wear apparel. Your success depends on blending creativity with solid marketing, sales, and management skills. Some clothing designers work for major fashion brands on the wholesale and manufacturing sides. 

Hair Stylist 

It is possible to start a hairstylist business from your home. Many women place more trust in the hairstylist than they do in anyone else and rely on them to keep their tresses looking great. Your role as a hairstylist involves looking after a client’s hair and safety. This can be a great career choice if you have a good sense of style, excellent manual dexterity, and great interpersonal skills. Hairstylists need a state license and an education. Learn all the technical skills needed to do his job and create a portfolio to market yourself.

Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is a successful home-based business available today. Try this idea if you know how to create magic lipstick, shadows, and powders. This is a lucrative business idea that provides flexibility unknown season market. Start by building your portfolio with makeup photos and other visuals to showcase your talent and creativity. Also, learn new makeup styles and network with people in the makeup industry.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is one of the best creative business ideas today. It’s a creative business opportunity that involves creating everything from posters, product packaging, logos, and animations. So many businesses hire graphic designers for their marketing and relevant advertising efforts. You need a solid understanding of the principles of graphic design and learn key tools. Once you have the skills, develop a portfolio to showcase your design work. Look for clients on a design-related job board and create materials for them. 

Sell Illustrated Journals, Planners And Calendars

The digital product is growing every day. Today, one of the most creative business ideas is to sell illustrated journals, planners, and calendars. This is a relatively new industry and a great potential business opportunity for online retailers to make money from home. Find the type of printables people are willing to buy, create them, and list them for sale. You don’t have to pay for the product until after sending it. 

Affiliate Marketer

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer and start their own affiliate marketing business. The business is ideal for 9-5ers, stay-at-home moms and dads, and anyone looking for passive income. It involves earning a commission to promote another company’s product or service online. The goal is to drive traffic and conversion for the client’s website. Find physical or digital products you would like to promote, drive traffic to that product, and hope it makes a sale. You’ll be hosting a website and advertising offers on behalf of a business or brand. You can take some ways to prepare yourself to become an affiliate marketer. 

Social Media Influencer

Influencer marketing has become a mainstream market tactic, which means you could offer your services as a social media marketing professional Almost all industries have seen a rise in influencers and are leveraging them more than ever. Becoming a social media influencer has become more lucrative. Marketing continues to grow as a real and effective way of advertising corporate events and keeping your target audience engaged. You can become an influencer and advertise local events as well. Start by selecting your niche, consistently creating content about it, and working towards building a loyal follower base. 

Website Designer

In today’s digital world, every company has its own website. There is a huge demand for quality web designers, making it a great business idea. Businesses continually revamp their website design to look fresh and impressive. If you have acquired skills, a web design business is one of the best creative ideas you can start in 2024. It has worked well for many people with many clients available. You need the technical prowess to make a functional website, alongside the artistic ability and design sensibility to create an experience that clients will love.

Voice Artist

As the world becomes more global, there is more need for translation services and blues artists. A voice artist is one of the most rewarding careers for creative people who love to use their voices. You can succeed in this business through practice and marketing your skills. You will need to build your voice acting techniques, gain experience in the industry, and then find clients through sites like Speechpad. You can work in public service announcements, audiobooks, video games, animated films, documentaries, computer programs, or commercials as a voice artist.  

House Painter 

House painting is another idea you can try without too much experience. The skill is easy to learn through online courses and can be profitable from the first job. It’s an example of a business you can start with low startup costs. One key to success is meeting your client’s expectations. Anyone renovating their homes will require a house painter. The payment for a house painter varies depending on the type and length of the job.

T-shirt Designer 

T-shirt Designer
T-shirts with creative designs and unique logos are always in demand. Photo: fizkes/Shutterstock

This can be a satisfying creative job you can do today. T-shirts with creative designs and unique logos are always in demand. The industry has room for new players who can innovate and think outside the box. Depending on your skills, you can design t-shirts and take orders from multinational brands or local companies. This idea for a business allows you to work on your terms and gives you the freedom to choose your business’s time, place, and scale.

Portrait Photographer

Taking pictures can be more than a hobby. You can turn it into a business and make a little money. If you can capture great candid moments or did a portrait shoot of a friend, you can become a stock photographer by registering a sole proprietorship under your name. Different companies like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock are open for image submissions. Start by listing a few existing photos on these platforms and wait for people to download them. The stock photography websites will pay you a royalty for every download on the platform. Alternatively, you can now launch your own website and sell images directly to people. For example, you can create a social media page where you can tag your clients and gain popularity. 

Personal Stylist

Do you think you have an oil that can make other people look great? A career as a fashion stylist may be a good business idea for you. Politicians, actors, musicians, and even business executives work with professional fashion stylists to look exceptionally sharp. Your business will coordinate all aspects of a person’s visual aesthetics to make them look fashionable and appealing. You can work in many industries or as a freelancer and find clients who want to look good.

Logo Designer

Logo design is one of the interesting and exciting parts of the graphic design industry. It is also becoming popular in the digital age. The thought of creating a logo that millions might see of people is alluring and explains the increased interest in this field. You can work as a logo designer if you have an eye for creative and attention-grabbing design. You may need a degree in graphic design to work as a logo designer. Focus on creating a strong portfolio as a way to build a  business.


You can work as a copywriter without a degree, though some employers and clients look for operators with a bachelor’s degree. This idea involves writing or copying words for businesses on a contract basis. As a freelance copywriter, you will perform several activities such as speech writing, blogging, social media content, website content, or digital advertising. As a copywriter, your skills will determine whether or not you succeed. You need to select the services you’ll offer your clients and market them to make your business profitable.

Food Truck Own Business

This is an easy business idea you can try. It’s cheaper than owning a restaurant which requires enough funding during the initial stage to make it work. You only need to buy a food truck. Prepare quality test meals at home and then deliver them to your customers at work or in their homes. 

Final Thoughts  

When looking for the best business ideas in 2024, try to find something viable and interesting to you. Choose an idea that allows you to capitalize on your skills, talents, and experience. Many small business owners need helping hands to get the business going. Strong growth trends support these low-cost business ideas with high profits, some not needing a formal business education to start. The best chance to succeed is to focus on one idea at a time until you find one that aligns with your abilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you determine the best idea to start a business?

The most successful business solves a problem for a specific group of people. When starting a small business, look for a niche in which you are the best person to step in, build a business plan, and start operations.

Can anybody start a consulting business?

Those with a high degree of expertise in a particular field can leverage their knowledge to build a profitable consulting business. Whether you’re in between jobs or looking to make a change, learning how to start a consulting business is the first step to making great use of your skills.

Is a dog-walking business or a pet-sitting business profitable?

The average dog-walking business pulls in ~$236k in revenue per year, per Census data. And on an individual level, salaries can be surprisingly robust. Among a sampling of independent dog walkers surveyed by The Hustle, the average rate for a 30-minute walk was ~$22 per dog.



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