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  • Registered Agent Service
  • Worry Free Compliance
  • Ongoing Document Access
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee


  • Excellent Prices & Features
  • Socially Conscious Company
  • Thousands of Positive Reviews


  • The pricing fees are annual
  • Registered agent services
  • Business formation services
  • Customer support
  • Customer feedback
  • Founded in 2015
  • Origin in Austin, Texas
  • Available across all US states

You cannot form a business entity in the U.S. without appointing a registered agent. A registered agent, also known as resident agent, statutory agent, or service of process in some states, is your business’ point of contact with the state and for the service of the process.

The state requires you to have a registered agent to ensure your business maintains a reliable way to be contacted. While you can be your own registered agent or hire another individual, hiring a company formation service like Zenbusiness to serve as your registered agent comes with several advantages. These include masking your identity, saving you the time of being in an office all the time waiting for updates, and offering you peace of mind. 

Read on and find out if ZenBusiness can be a great registered agent service. 

Zenbusiness Advantages

  • ZenBusiness registered agent pricing is one of the best you will find in the market. 
  • The company offers affordable LLC formation packages that include 1-year free registered agent services.
  • The company offers two registered agent packages, something you cannot find in other services.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Service Packages

ZenBusiness could be the only service that will offer you two registered agent packages to choose from. The two packages include the Standard and the Complete packages. 

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Standard – $99/year

A Standard package is a great option if you are only interested in the registered agent service. It is one of the cheapest you will find in the market but includes more features that you will not find in other services. 

The features offered by this package include:

  • Registered agents 
  • online documents access
  • access to Zenbusiness business formation
  • Compliance experts.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Complete – $149/year

The top package offers only one additional feature on top of what the Standard package offers. The additional feature is worry-free compliance.

With this feature, ZenBusiness will help you file your annual report and regain your good standing with your state if you ever miss a deadline.

ZenBusiness Quick Overview

zenbusiness review-1

5.0 stars

Best Overall Value

  • Low prices and great value for money
  • Great Customer Service
  • Orders are processed quickly

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ZenBusiness Customer Reviews

ZenBusiness enjoys a great reputation among the customers. Out of more than 7,000 reviewers on TrustPilot, the company boasts an average rating of 4.7/5.

Most customers are impressed with the included features on their registered agent packages, outstanding customer support, and affordability.

Customer Service Ryan, F. stayed on the phone with me for an hour to help with filing of documents for compliant and certificate of good standing. Although, this employee was new to the company we learned a lot about the process together. Thank you for listening.

Felicia Moses

Very efficient. Helped us through the process of starting our LLC with no issues. Would highly recommend


Very good experience so far. LLC set up ahead of forecasted date (state plays a part in that) and ready to rock. Only reason for not giving 5 stars is all the “add ons” that are promoted. Those get a little tiring, but may be useful for other customers.


ZenBusiness Registered Agent Service Review

Review of ZenBusiness Registered Agent

Overall Pricing and Value
Cost Value
Customer Support
Ease of Placing an Order
Included Features

Here is a comprehensive review of Zenbusiness registered agents. 

Is This Brand Right For You?

Zenbusdiness Registered Agent is among the cheapest you will find in the market. Even if you are not interested in forming a business, their Standard package will offer you a registered agent service and several other features. For those interested in forming a business, you will have the registered agent service for one year free. 

Cost Value

Looking for value in registered agent service, ZenBusiness is hard to beat. The provider is not only cheap but includes a lot of features on their registered agent packages that no other service includes. 

Their customer feedback is outstanding. In addition to the included features and affordable services, most customers praise them for their great customer support. 

Customer Service

ZenBusines offer great customer support. For business formation, ZenBusiness will collect and file all the necessary business documents and several other paperwork with the state on your behalf.

The company offers both phone and email communication channels.  You can reach out to the support team via phone Monday – Friday from 8 am – 8 pm Central time or Sunday from 10 is – 7 pm Central time.

The email address response is also fast and detailed. In just 24 hours you will have their feedback via email. 

Ease of Use

ZenBusiness website is user-friendly and placing orders is pretty quick. However, you may encounter a few upsells, particularly when you choose the lower package. The service tends to convince you to subscribe to their higher plan. But they are not pushy and you can simply ignore such upsells and carry on with your application.

Included Features

Zenbusiness Registered Agent services plans offer great features. The Standard plan includes the registered agent to keep your business in good standing and compliant.

In addition to the regular registered agent service, the standard plan also offers Registered agents online documents access, access to Zenbusiness business formation, and compliance experts. 

Zenbusiness Registered Agent Complete plan offers everything that the Standard package offers plus worry-free compliance. If you want Zenbusiness to file your annual report with the state on your behalf, then this plan is ideal. This feature will also help you stay in good standing with the state in case of a filing error. 

Overall ZenBusiness Registered Agent

If you are looking for affordable registered agent services, ZenBusiness Registered Agent service is simply the best in the market. This is particularly when you go for their Standard package. It is hard to find a service that will offer you registered agent services at such a low price.

Things even get better if you are looking to form an LLC with ZenBusiness. They include the registered agent services in all three LLC packages. You will enjoy the services for 1 year free before you start paying for their Complete Plan. 

Overall, Zenbusiness registered agents offer a fast, low-cost, personalized service for everyone.

Recommended ZenBusiness Registered Agent Service Alternatives

IncFileNorthwest Registered AgentsZenbusiness
Basic Formation149$225$39$
Full Formation149$225$39$
Full Formation + Website249
DetailRead Review Read Review Read Review

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IncFile Registered Agents

IncFile was founded in 2004 and has carved a name for itself in the industry. The provider offers one of the most affordable registered agent services at only $119. But I largely recommend their registered agent services to someone interested in forming an LLC. Their Silver LLC package is free with only state fees to pay and still includes the 1-year free registered agent service. Once the one-year offer elapses you start paying their regular registered agent services fees.

Northwest Registered Agents

Northwest was founded in 1998 with a lot of focus on registered agent services. This company is actually a registered agent service and therefore the most reliable you will find in the market. It guarantees registered agents in all 50 states.

It offers a single LLC formation package that is among the cheapest in the market but includes the 1-year free registered agent services. Once the one-year offer elapses, you start paying for their $125 annual registered agent service charges.


ZenBusiness is simply the best-registered agent service out there. I recommend ZenBusiness Registered Agent service due to their pricing, transparency, features offered, easy-to-use interface, and the fact that they stand by their promise to our users. 

If you are only interested in registered agent service, you can consider their Standard plan. If you are planning to form an LLC with them, the Complete plan is included in all their LLC packages and it is offered for a year free. That said, you can get ZenBusiness Registered Agent online in 5 minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is ZenBusiness a good registered agent service?

ZenBusiness registered agent service is praised by many customers for its great customer service and affordability. The company boasts great customer feedback with a 4.7 average score on TrustPilot. Their representatives are knowledgeable and reliable.

Is ZenBusiness worry-free compliance worth it?

ZenBusiness provides a worry-free guarantee on their pro-premium package at no cost. The worry-free warranty is essential for filing annual reports with your state and therefore helps you stay compliant with the state.

Why do I need a registered agent service for my LLC?

Registered agent service is a mandatory requirement when forming an LLC in the U.S. A resident agent is your business point of contact with the state. It helps receive official mail on behalf of your business and inform on legal notices or sending annual report filing reminders.

Can I serve as my own registered agent?

Acting as your registered agent is possible and will save you a lot of money. But hiring a formation service like ZenBusiness to serve as your registered agent comes with an advantage. First, it will save you the time you would have spent waiting for mail updates in your office. Besides, it keeps your personal information out of public records.

Is it possible to change a registered agent?

While changing your registered agent is a possibility, the process varies depending on your state of operation. Make sure to check and find out your state requirements.



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