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Our writers comply with standards and provide us the complete, thorough, well-researched factual information. We are dedicated to training writers to write a lot of articles, understand the structure of the content, follow the instructions very well and make their content rank high on the front page. Writers will always have space to create their own content based on a particular theme. However, they are strictly trained with standard guidelines and provide feedback to improve writing skills and quality.

Editorial Process
Editorial Process

Our Editorial Experts

Contents of Bizreport are created and checked by licensed professionals who have long experience in business fields. Each piece of information is reviewed and fact-checked to ensure all of them are accurate and exact.

Business Disclaimer

All content on our Bizreport.com website is created and published online for informational purposes only and is not advice to anyone. The content is not intended to replace any professional economic advice. No warranties apply to any economic information published on this website as circumstances are subject to change. In the event that the user is at risk due to over-trusting the information, the website owner will not be responsible for any damages.

We are not responsible for any claims of external academic citation.

Editorial Process
Editorial Process

Content’s Style & Voice

Bizreport strictly adheres to the style of the Associated Press (AP) to create consistent guidelines for a variety of publications.

Furthermore, Bizreport also follows a friendly and simple writing style that retains accurate content and thorough, current and comprehensive instructions. We always choose and use words that are suitable for economic topics, turning complex economic definitions into easy-to-understand concepts.

Our Working Process

All information is thoroughly researched and created by our professional sales team.

BizReport is constantly updated, providing readers with the most accurate and quality information. The primary resources for information research are always prioritized, from research, academic institutions and government organizations to business associations.

Bizreport expert authors create content based on deep academic research and personal knowledge after delving into the topic. Strict standards are set and applied in the writing process.

Finally, the content of BizReport will be thoroughly reviewed and checked by a team of business experts to ensure all facts and information are useful, accurate and comprehensive.

Editorial Process

General Content Evaluation Standards

Writers always meet the same standard even though they have different writing tastes. Our editorial team put much effort in developing the quality content gradually. 

We enhance the content quality based on three key features that can be used in business assessment including:

  • Be Readable & Comprehensive 
  • Be Accurate
  • Be Informative

Readable & Comprehensive Rating

When content is comprehensive, it is not difficult for the audience to consume and skim through. It supports the answer to the audience’s query and leaves them thoroughly understanding the topic. We always ensure to take a deep insight into the complexities of a topic in order to assure comprehensiveness. 

We write all content at a reasonable reading level, using succinct sentence structures and choosing suitable words, therefore it is accessible and interactive.

We focus on evaluating the quality of Readability & Comprehensiveness, depending on these requirements:

  • Focus on the short and precise ideas; 
  • Should answer the target question of the topic;
  • Focus on how the article is present, avoiding a wall of text; 
  • Convey clear meaning to the audience; cover essential and useful information; show deep research and personal perspectives of writers.

Informative Rating

Audiences can relate to the topics and trust your content. Also, give the content more personality with the writer’s knowledge and experience. 

Writers must show in-depth knowledge and personal perspective on the provided topic.   

  • The content must help to answer the audience’s queries. We always figure out what the audience is wondering about, and then try to find out the solution. We head up to the topic by providing the short and accurate answer right in the first or second paragraphs, then explain the further ideas with follow-up headings after.
  • Narrow the content focus – That way you can go in-depth and get useful information, and have a deep insight into various aspects of the topic.
  • Provide experts’ perspectives. This critical consideration shows that writers have a high academic level, but it automatically adds more interest and originality to the writing. 

Accurate Rating

Diligent verification is critical. We take great care to ensure that statements of fact in our content are both correct and in context, including:

  • Provide honest, true information 
  • The content will not misinform the audience 
  • The content will not affect the credibility
  • The content will not cause the audience to make wrong decisions based on the information given in the content

Editorial Evaluation Methodology 

As choosing the most suitable products and services is essential, we decided to build an Editorial Methodology to rank product usage. The Editorial Evaluation Methodology is also published in Bizreport’s editorial policy.

We take great care to ensure that statements of fact in the rating methodology are both accurate and easy to follow. Here is how we assess a product:

  • The Evaluation Methodology is divided into four features: Cost Value; Customer Support; Ease of Use and Included Features.
  • Each category can be divided into several features to evaluate. 
  • We set the maximum overall score at 5. The score can be different among products, depending on particular evaluated features. 
  • The score is given by our team of researchers and is double-checked by experts. 
  • The total score is the weighted average of the key features, which we have constructed below.

Cost Value

We evaluate the cost value of a product to ensure that customers understand the overall of the product and hope to give a better view of the industry. We will give a final score based on a 5-point scale through these methods:

  • The price of the product is compared to competitors to see if it’s higher, lower, or average to the competitors
  • All the included services and benefits are compared with the price of the product to the competitors
  • The requirements of the users are included in the analysis

Customer Support

The customer support score is based on the researcher’s own experience and information collected from user feedback and posted on the company’s website. We will give a final score based on a 5-point scale through these methods:

  • What is the attitude of the supporters? Are they welcome and willing to help?
  • How do the supporters understand the issue?
  • Are the supporters capable of addressing the issue from the customer’s viewpoint?
  • Does the supporter follow up with clients through phone calls or auto-mails almost instantly after transaction time?
  • Are the details of the service level agreement (SLA) clear and strong?
  • Is the provider’s accountability defined for each service/task and transparently communicated to customers?

Ease of Use 

We have a 5-score range based on the researcher’s experience using the product to calculate the ease of use. That’s why we choose to emphasize the friendliness and simplicity of the user’s understanding, selection, and use of services and products as the details stated below. 

The product’s ease of use brings the exact satisfactory and convenient level to users. 

  • Show the level of easy-to-understand information 
  • Perform the level of effectiveness at each score
  • Some errors appear based on the rank of the product’s ease of use 

Included Features

Users have the tendency to choose the company that can provide all services and products. Therefore, we indicate this below score to measure the variety and completeness of services and products that a company can offer to users.

  • Offer a diversity of products and services that meet the user’s demand 
  • Regarding the additional cost, we provide customized products and services and services fit with users
  • Has a wide range of products and services compared with others 

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