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    To ensure integrity, we share information such as how we make money and adhere to editorial guidelines. And we do it all so that you can use our tools, advice, and recommendations with confidence.


Kristina Knight-1

Kristina Knight, Journalist , BA

Content Writer & Editor


Logan Nguyen

Project Manager

Sue Grace K

Sue Krokosz, MBA

Business Writer

Bizreport Project Manager

Young Pham

Editor Manager

Bizreport - Kaitlyn Bricker

Kaitlyn Bricker, MBA

Business Advisor

Bizreport - Kellan Jansen

Kellan Jansen, BA

Business Writer

Bizreport - Bailey Schramm

Bailey Schramm, BS

Finance Advisor

Christine Smith - Bizreport

Christine Smith, BA

Business Writer

Hannah Collymore

Hannah Collymore, MBA

Business Advisor

Brenna Major

Brenna Major, BA

Business Content Writer & Editor

Noah Edis

Noah Edis, BA

Business & Binary Advisor


Sally Akins, BA

Business Content Writer & Editor


Pedro Nunes , MBA - PhD Researcher

Business Research & Advisor

Vignesh Radhakrishnan

Vignesh Radhakrishnan

Sr Business Reporter

What We Do?

Biz Report is a premier online Business Newswire with our primary focus is to cover the latest happenings from the dynamic business world to help you keep abreast with the Latest Business News across the globe. Bizreport.com envisions itself to be a global leader and leading provider of Business news from their respective sources. Our aim is to provide cutting-edge, unbiased, real-time, timely, and dependable Business news with our primary focus on the quality delivered to you.

Bizreport.com provides freely accessible information through RSS news feed & newsletter subscriptions.

Technical Disclaimer

While we are not Technical practitioners, our blog is governed by skilled writers and specialists who only write well-researched and factual articles. We source our articles from business-leading writers, pro-cannabis activists, and researchers from across the globe.
Each post is backed by scientific evidence and reviewed by the hawk-eyed editorial team before being published to make sure nothing is misleading. Our content is intended for educational and informational purposes only; we don’t render medical advice.
Hence, our content isn’t intended to substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We cannot also guarantee that the information on here reflects up-to-date research. Please check with your physician if you suspect you’re sick.

NO LIABILITY SHALL BE ASSUMED FOR THE USE OF THESE POSTS. It would be best if you always discussed with your Tech Provider.

Our clients?

General audience plus all Technical professionals from across the globe. Due to our unique health research contents, we are attracting a valuable and influential visitors from across the globe, and you can reach them through our website.

Advertise Disclaimer

Bizreport receives funding from sponsored content, advertisements, and partnerships with affiliate programs. Funding from our advertisers allows us the ease to do more research and cover more topics and get input from a range of experts.

We never allow sponsors to influence our context, but they can give us input about broad topic areas. We have guidelines that help us ensure that advertisers never get in the way of our editorial integrity. We choose the ads, we don’t endorse any products, we distinguish all ads on our website from editorial content, and we clearly distinguish between sponsored and non-sponsored

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