GoDaddy Website Builder Review 2022: Pros, Cons & Alternatives

Reviewed by Jazmin Castello
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Cost Value


Customer Service


Ease of Use



  • Very simple tool to create a website
  • Great telephone support


  • Not advanced SEO controls
  • Provides social media tools
  • Has impressive marketing tools
  • Has a fast support team
  • The dashboard is easy to use
  • Founded in 1997
  • Headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ
  • Deals in internet media and services

About The Brand

GoDaddy has stood out as the best in terms of domain registration and hosting your website for a long time now. Most people might not have seen that the company would also help you build your business website with the GoDaddy website builder. 

If you want to come up with the best business website, GoDaddy has several tools you can check out and start using right away. It comes with simple tools that even beginners will generally find easy to use. 

There are also various plans to choose from if you are curious about the GoDaddy website builder review. If this is something that interests you and you want your business online already, continue with the guide to learn more.

GoDaddy Website Builder Advantages

  • The platform is easy to use, even for beginners 
  • You can access many marketing tools to promote your website
  • The SEO tools help in improving overall website performance 
  • Email marketing tools and social media tools are highly valuable 
  • Multiple customization options are available

GoDaddy Website Builder Disadvantages

  • The website builder is best suited for small businesses 
  • Basic plan does not have much to offer 

GoDaddy Website Builder Overview


5.0 stars

Best Overall Value

  • Provides social media tools
  • Has impressive marketing tools
  • Has a fast support team

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GoDaddy Website Builder Packages

Are you interested in trying out the GoDaddy website builder? If that is the case, you need to understand each GoDaddy website builder plan and GoDaddy’s pricing. Below are the plans you will get on the GoDaddy website. 



The GoDaddy free plan is for those who want to build simple websites. For this free version, an ad will be displayed on all the pages. This is part of the requirements since the company has to recuperate the costs somehow. 

You may also get that some account features may be limited. Anyone who does not want account limitations should definitely consider opting for the paid versions. 


Although it is a paid version, this will be the cheapest for you to get based on GoDaddy pricing. Do not worry about the name “basic” because it still comes with a wide range of features too. One of the most important features is the SSL certificate. This will be vital for building your website credibility online. 

You will also like that it comes with a custom domain option. Since there will be no GoDaddy branding, it will be nice to use the company for domain registration. 

Other notable features include email address, online appointment, 24/7 support, custom guidance, and insights. 

We cannot forget to point out its social media marketing platform. We recommend that you use the company’s social media tool for creating social media outreach. As much as the functionality is somehow limited, it is good enough to get your website more social media presence. 


If you spend a little bit more, you can get more tools under the standard plan. This plan, it will have the basic plan features plus more. The additional features you get here are more on the marketing side. 

You will get Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, tools vital for optimizing your website for better search engine ranking. If you are a beginner to SEO, you will like how easy it will be to set up your website. 

Other than the SEO tools, you will also come across the expanded email and social media marketing tools. This package gives you access to 500 marketing emails each month. With more email marketing opportunities, you should definitely consider the plan. 

This is a plan that will be best for small businesses. Looking at the price of the package plus the kind of benefits you get, you will definitely enjoy using it more often. 


The GoDaddy premium plan costs twice as much as its cheapest plan. Even with such a cost, people always go for it. Well, many features accompany the premium package, making it worth the struggle to get to it. 

One of the most popular features is recurring appointments. Such is best for those who might be running a business and tend to have the same type of customers more often. Getting this feature makes their use of your website easier. 

Payments for appointments is another feature you will like. You can now integrate a payment processor with ease and bill your clients directly. 

You also get email and text appointment reminders. Anyone who runs a company knows the importance of such. The tools will make it easier to manage your company. 

Anyone can easily see that such a plan would be ideal for businesses requiring frequent customer appointments. Also, it comes with email marketing packages to boost how you promote your business to a larger audience. 


GoDaddy offers a website builder tool that can help you run an online store. The GoDaddy eCommerce plan is a bit different from what you get with the other plans mentioned above. This plan aims to give you all the tools you need to have your online store up and running. 

You will come across features such as product listing, flexible payments, social and marketplace selling, flexible shipping options, discounts, and promotions. 

This plan competes with what you get with Shopify. We always recommend that you consider what each plan offers and pick based on your needs. We can recommend that you use this plan if you have a small operation for a business. 

GoDaddy Website Builder Review

GoDaddy is no stranger to us. Most people want to know if the website builder is worth the money and why you should get it for yourself. Here is a quick review of the website builder. 

Review of GoDaddy Website Builder

Overall Pricing and Value
Cost Value
Customer Support
Ease of Placing an Order
Included Features

Who Is GoDaddy Best For?

The GoDaddy website builder is a great tool most people would want. However, we recommend it mostly for small and local businesses. Before you can decide to scale your business, this will be a great place to start. 

The product is also good for real estate agents, restaurants, businesses that mostly have to set appointments with their clients, and those new to making websites. 

Hidden Costs To Be Aware Of

A GoDaddy website builder review might not always tell you that there might be some hidden costs. It is vital to take the time to understand them to avoid losing money. 

One of the hidden costs is that GoDaddy will always advertise its prices on an annual basis. The moment you switch to a monthly basis, you get that the price is almost 50% more. 

Also, its discounts do not last for long. You should always take note of the discount expiry time. GoDaddy will also make you start with the free plan so that you can see the limitations before you just find yourself upgrading to a paid plan. 

You should also note that the business email addresses will expire after a year. You now have to keep renewing to maintain your business email address. It will cost you more if you want better storage. 

GoDaddy Support

When you are looking at GoDaddy’s website builder, you have the hopes of finding good GoDaddy customer support. Considering you will be working on creating a business website, an amazing support team would be ideal. Not to worry, as the company will give you the best support you ever need. 

From the “Help Center” tab, you will come across different options to use as a way of finding answers to your queries. 

As part of the support team, you can get 24/7 chat and phone support. So, you will always get an answer to the questions you might have. Most GoDaddy reviews show that the users were satisfied with the level of support they got from the company. 

Ease Of Use

Anyone who is looking for a website builder wants it to be easy to use. That is exactly what you get here. You can now make your own website from the GoDaddy website builder dashboard faster than before. 

Many people find it easy to set up their business websites within a couple of hours. You can even edit the website from your mobile device. So, you can be anywhere and continue working on your website. 

Included Features

The website builder platform stands out for having multiple features. To start us off is the option of getting a custom domain connection. The custom domain will be suitable to set up a website for your business. You could purchase this domain name from GoDaddy or transfer it from another company. 

The website builder plans will help you access widgets too. Widgets are small tools that will give you extra functionality while using the platform. The widgets help you improve functionality such as integrating website popups, messengers, embedding media, and so much more. 

How about when you want to monetize your website? That is possible since you can use Google Adsense. It is possible to link it to your website for the best earnings. 

Search engine optimization is easy with the platform. However, we recommend going for the higher GoDaddy paid plans if you want to experience more SEO tools. Since these tools are easy to use, go ahead and try them out. Beginners generally have an easier time using the tools. 

There is also the option of understanding the numbers with Google Analytics. You simply have to integrate the tool with your website, and that is it. Now you will have an easy time tracking the behavior of the visitors to your website. 

You can see that other than being a hosting service provider, GoDaddy will be a nice choice for building your website too. You get other benefits such as password protection storage space, backup and restore, improved support team, marketing tools, and more. 


GoDaddy’s website builder can be a good choice even for those who might want a WordPress website. It features a user-friendly platform that allows beginners to set up their businesses fast. It also comes with a wide range of SEO tools, marketing tools, and so much more to help boost the overall performance of your business website. 

Even those who get stuck while using the platform can get help faster. Simply contact the support team. As you can see, it can be a good platform to offer value for money. 

2 Top Alternatives to GoDaddy Website Builder

FeatureBest OverallBest for EcommerceGreat for Creatives
Fee$6.99+/month (30% discount)$29+/month$14+/month
DetailRead Review Read Review Read Review

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If you want an alternative website builder, consider Wix. The company has helped people get good site speeds and customize their websites better for a long time. The interface is quite intuitive in the sense that you enjoy the drag and drop functionality. Since it also has a good customer support team, you can have the website running smoothly in less time. 


Shopify stands out for being a great website builder for those who want to get into the eCommerce space. Even if you are a beginner, the platform has many tools to get started with your online store. We would mostly recommend it for those who want to run online stores and not business websites. 


Like other website builders, GoDaddy’s website builder will do a good job of helping you set up your website and have it running smoothly. It comes with some amazing features, including improved overall performance and making it easy for beginners to build websites. You can also improve your SEO capabilities with marketing tools as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you get a free plan on GoDaddy?

Yes. You can find a free plan that will get you started. However, it will have limited functionality that makes you just want to get a paid option.

Who should not use this tool?

The tool is not recommended for medium to large businesses, businesses that need advanced websites, and perfectionists.

Is the support team reliable?

Yes. There are various ways you can contact the support team for help. Ensure you check out the help guides first to get quick information.

Can you customize your website on the platform?

Absolutely. Customization is quite wide so that you can have the website running efficiently just as you want. Also, the speed is quite impressive.

Should you connect your social media accounts?

Yes. If you want to reach a wider audience, these are the tools you should use. With social media marketing available, make sure you utilize it.




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