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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Mobile Marketing

Expert: What Google's lowering of App Store fees portends

Last week came news that Google would lower service fees within its App Store. The move, which will impact publishers and app developers more than consumers could incentivize more apps with in-app purchases and subscriptions. We asked a mobile expert what the move could mean moving forward. >>


Forecast: Holiday spending to top $207 billion

Worries about continued supply chain disruption may be pushing more people to shop early. That is one takeaway from a new Adobe forecast which predicts that the global holiday spend will top $910 billion; in the US, holiday spending is forecast to his $207 billion this year. >>

Email Marketing

Report: Increased focus on email

With several headlines this year that big tech names including Google and Apple are changing the way marketers can collect and utilize data, many have been looking for alternative ways to connect and target their core cases. One new way is actually and old one: many brands and executives are renewing their focus on email. In fact about two-thirds of marketers in a new LiveIntent report say they are 'actively investing' in email lists. >>


How to capitalize on shifting consumer priorities

The resellers marketplace is expected to have a huge holiday season thanks to supply chain issues that are keeping ships packed with goods from docking, offloading, and transporting those goods to local retailers. Here's how resellers may capitalize this holiday season. >>

Law & Regulation

Expert: What brands need to know about cybersecurity

During this Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we sat down with an expert in the field to talk about changes to the space and how businesses can prep for the year ahead. >>

Content Marketing

Expert: Content consumption has changed media buying, how to better strategize

Over the past 18 months more and more content, both video and written, has been consumed digitally. That consumption switch had been happening at a slower rate for years, but the massive shift means many media buyers need to change strategies, too. Here's how to deal with the changes. >>

Internet Marketing 101

Why Honest Online Marketing Wins Every Time

When done right, online marketing is more educational than promotional. >>


Expert: Why the supply chain has disrupted

Consumers the world over are quickly learning just how fragile the supply chain is. Ports in the US and on a global scale are backed up, there is a shortage of workers and equipment to offload and then transport goods, which means fewer things on store shelves. We asked an expert what is causing the disruption. >>


Reports: Holiday shoppers going online but not on expected days

Two new reports shed light on how 2021 holiday shoppers will be getting their goodies, and it may not be in the way many merchants expect. That is because while a majority of shoppers say they'll do more shopping online this year, nearly three-quarters say they won't be spending money on Black Friday or Cyber Monday - two of the most-shopped days historically. >>

Content Marketing

How content consumption is changing media buying

Digital content consumption has dramatically increased over the course of the pandemic, making it more difficult for media buyers to know what and where to buy time. This need to be more nimble and dynamic in media planning, at its root, means a better strategy. Here's what media buyers need to know. >>

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