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Saturday, September 25, 2021


Top 3 tips to prevent ecommerce fraud

Each year fraudsters become more and more adept at hiding their crimes from merchants and brands until it is too late. However, despite the rush of shoppers to online stores during the pandemic, one expert says there are three things merchants and marketers can do to prevent e-commerce fraud. >>


Reports: What merchants can expect from holiday rush

Forecasts are beginning to hit for merchants and brands in the lead-up to the holiday shopping season and while most experts are in agreement that US consumers are ready to spend, just how they will shell out those hard-earned dollars may have changed compared to the recent past. Here's what merchants need to know. >>


Execs say experience now key to customer engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed, perhaps forever, the way that companies and consumers interact. In many ways the changes have led to a deeper understanding between the two entities However, data is key to finding the right balance between engaging and alienating the consumer. >>

Email Marketing

Study finds renewed interest, investment in email

The granddaddy of digital marketing - email - is getting renewed interest from several sectors. That is a key takeaway from new LiveIntent data. Their researchers are linking this renewed interest in upcoming changes in data collection, usage, and storage that make it more important than ever for businesses to own first-party data. >>

Content Marketing

Nielsen: Majority of impressions now coming through streaming content

Look for more ad dollars to be pushed in to streaming categories. That is one inference that can be gleaned from new Nielsen and PricewaterhouseCoopers reports which show significant increases in ad impressions and spending in the digital space. >>


Expert: How regulated brands can deepen engagement

There is a big struggle for brands in highly regulated industries to create messaging that is not only relevant to their core consumer but that is also engaging while not overstepping the bounds of regulation. We asked a digital expert how these brands can improve their strategies. >>

Internet Marketing 101

Why Businesses Must Adopt Managed Print Services

Most businesses have contracts from different service providers with multifunctional devices, software, printers, and supplies. >>

Internet Marketing 101

Advice On How To Generate More Traffic To Your Company

In today's world, traffic is everything. If you want your company to grow and flourish, then traffic should be one of your top priorities. >>


How shoppers are prepping for holiday season

Holiday parties, visiting families in person, and shopping. People are gearing up, but pandemic related changes to shopping habits and even loyalty will have an impact on many merchants' revenue lines this season. Here's what many can expect. >>


Survey: 7 in 10 businesses shut down office spaces

Large office complexes may be some of the strangest looking places in the US in a mid-pandemic world. That's because, filled with cars and lights pre-pandemic, many have now shuttered offices or in other ways changed how office spaces are used. >>

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