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Friday, December 3, 2021


Reports: Consumers shopping early, shopping online

Leading up to Cyber Monday, traditionally one of the most-days for e-tailers, merchants are seeing an 18% increase in sales. This despite fewer discounts and is likely led by the growing supply chain issues facing businesses around the world. >>


How non-traditional holidays can boost revenue

Christmas is a big money-maker for many merchants and brands each year, but between November 1 and January 15 there are more than twenty different holidays celebrated around the world. Here's how brands can use non-traditional holidays to boost revenue this time of year. >>


Reports: Holiday season off with a bang

While many consumers began shopping earlier than ever due to the global shipping crisis, the official holiday shopping season has just begun and is off with a bang according to new reports. Here's how things are shaking out for merchants and brands as the holiday season unfolds. >>


Top 3 tips to a stronger ecommerce content strategy

A strong commerce content program may lessen the post-holiday slump. Retailers can gain actionable insights through commerce content, which can inform content strategy for the months to come. Here's how to incorporate the approach to retailers' 2022 plans. >>

Internet Marketing 101

4 Qualities You Want from Your Email Marketing Agency

An exemplary digital marketing strategy should always explore all potential avenues of communication with customers. >>

Mobile Marketing

Study: Mobile-first new norm for businesses

Nearly half of consumers say they are no engaging with brands through mobile devices. That is a key takeaway from new AppsFlyer and Adobe data which indicates that mobile is where more brands need to be. >>

Loyalty Marketing

Three trends to watch in 2022

Strategizing the best ROI for your business has never been harder. With consumers distracted by multiple screens, supply chain disruptions, ongoing fears about the global pandemic, it is hard for the most experienced of experts to predict how 2022 will shake out. These three trends may help your business build a better 2022. >>


Report: Digital to lead physical store sales by 2026

Over the next four years brick-and-mortar retailers can expect more sales to come via online channels. That is a key takeaway from new Edge by Ascential data which predicts that nearly half (40%) of traditional chain store sales will come through digital channels by 2026. >>


Study: Shorter work week to decrease burnout?

The pandemic changed many things about the American work place, not the least of which is the number of people now working from home at least part time. One drawback has been elevated burnout because many people weren't able to 'log off' from work even during their down time. According to one new report this burnout is causing some employees - and employers - to consider another change to the American work schedule. >>

Content Marketing

Expert: What content shoppers are looking for this holiday season

Content has become a larger piece for marketers' strategies during the course of the COVID pandemic. As people avoided crowded malls they turned to digital to find new products, product information, and even brand policies. Here's how brands can turn consumers' thirst for content in to a stronger marketing strategy. >>

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