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Are you looking to file a doing business as (DBA) online but aren’t certain how to get started? Unless you’re willing to handle the unsurmountable amount of paperwork yourself, using a DBA filing service can save plenty of time and effort so you can concentrate on the company’s core competencies.

In this review of the top DBA filing services in 2023, we’ll discuss 10 of the best options in the industry as well as the DBA filing service cons and pros. By the time you’re done reading this article, you will be able to make an informed decision on which company is ideal for you to register your DBAname.

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10 Best DBA Filing Services 2023

Features Of The Best LLC Service – ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness makes direct legal filings convenient and inexpensive for small business owners. Here are some of the features that you get with this filing service.

  • Doing Business As (DBA) name registration
  • Federal tax number (employer ID number)
  • Preparation of annual business reports
  • Registered agent services
  • DBA business name availability search

Top 10 Best DBA Filing Services May 2023


With ZenBusines, you can prepare your DBA business names, registration documents, and relevant details and file a DBA name for your business entity without the need for lawyers or other costly professionals.

  • ZenBusiness offers the best prices in the market
  • The process of DBA name registration is quite fast
  • There are plenty of add-on products such as web hosting, registered agent services, business credit cards, and more
  • ZenBusiness’s structure has a direct pricing model with no hidden service fees
  • They sends automatic alerts to business owners to help them schedule the completion of particular recurring filings.
  • ZenBusiness offers several features that are not quite helpful

ZenBusiness provides clients with several noteworthy services such as; DBA registration, filing amendments, certificates of good standing, filing of annual company reports, and much more.

For DBA registration services, ZenBusiness provides three service tiers – Starter, Pro, and Premium. They also offer a suite of additional services and add-ons like receiving a complimentary assessment from an accountant to assist you in bookkeeping, tax considerations, and accounting during your first year in business.



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BetterLegal is a DBA filing service and LLC formation company that also provides state compliance, research, registered agent, assumed business name registrations, and corporation formation services.

  • They include numerous services in the filing plan
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Easy and convenient user experience
  • An informative and useful website
  • There’s no free package
  • Its services are highly priced as compared to its counterparts

Their business filings cover several company documents, and they also help companies file their trade name.

Established in 2016, BetterLegal has made a name for the business by offering reliable and distinguished services, including DBA name registration. They don’t provide any upselling services, and they have a myriad of positive customer reviews[1]. They have swift turnaround times and their website is rich with useful information.


If you’re a new business owner in Los Angeles county and are uncertain which DBA business registration company to use, then take a look at LegalZoom.

  • High longevity and popularity, which makes it reassuring
  • You get a satisfaction guarantee
  • Highly secure platform
  • Their prices are affordable
  • Acts as a law firm as well
  • Most of DBA online customer reviews are negative

They have served more than three million companies since they launched their business 18 years ago. They also offer services that would be hard to find at other DBA filings.

With LegalZoom, clients have the option to choose the standard package ($99) or the premium package ($119) plus the state fees. In addition, LegalZoom’s site is very secure and protected by Norton Web Security. Their user experience is outstanding and their safety guarantee makes them a worthy service.


CorpNet is quite a great filing service to help with your DBA because of its impressive customer reviews and satisfaction guarantee.

  • Outstanding online customer reviews
  • CorpNet offers flexible DBA filing packages
  • CorpNet allows a 100% satisfaction guarantee for their fling services
  • They’re a family-run organization and have a personal touch  – it makes clients feel valued
  • The Basic Package is quite costly given that it doesn’t come with any extra perks

It’s the price is slightly less than LegalZoom’s even though their features are the same.

CorpNet comes with overnight shipping, a business license package, obtaining EIN, and more. This filing service is ideal for people who are looking for a DBA registration company that offers impressive customer support. Also, its customer feedback is consistently positive. CorpNet has been in the industry since 1997, their longevity in the market is quite assuring, especially to new clients.

Inc Authority

Inc Authority is a DBA filing service that has been supporting small businesses and sole proprietor businesses since 1989.

  • Fast DBA registration
  • Elegant and easy-to-use user interface
  • Responsive customer support
  • Clients receive one year of registered agent service for free
  • Numerous upsells
  • The premium subscription is costly for a business name registration service

Besides offering DBA filing services, Inc Authority allows its users to form their businesses online for free and provides them with outstanding customer support.

Inc Authority provides a plethora of resources to guide customers through the process of assumed name registration – this is perfect for beginners. The user interface is also friendly and ensure that the registration process is quite short.


BizFilings charges an industry-standard price except they charge an additional filing fee for DBA registration services such as business name checks, which are offered for free by the majority of their competitors.

A major benefit of using BizFilings is their customer support. Representatives are knowledgeable, experienced, and polite.

  • BizFilings provides expedited orders which is a rare find
  • Their website and systems are highly secured
  • Incredible customer support representatives
  • The company provides plenty of information in the form of articles
  • There isn’t a substantial amount of positive online reviews
  • There are additional charges for assumed name search and publication in a local newspaper

BizFilings offers a Business Owner’s toolkit which comprises every sort of information. Their customer support staff are usually available during business hours. They also employ Norton web security to encrypt their data.


MyCompanyWorks offers some of the lowest service fees in the market, therefore, it doesn’t have to offer any additional features to be seen as a bargain.

  • They have a strong pricing structure
  • The company has several positive online customer reviews
  • It offers satisfaction guaranteed
  • The company is very responsive to customer concerns
  • They do not provide many other services

It has a relatively fast turnaround time and does the basic DBA filing services quite efficiently.

Besides having an impressive customer support team, MyCompanyWorks boasts having a vast amount of experience in the DBA filing industry. Established in 2001, they have plenty of longevity, which explains why they have specialized customer service.

Swyft Filings

The main aspects that distinguish Swyft Filings from the rest of the competition are their impressive customer reviews and the allocation of a business specialist to every customer. 

  • Excellent customer feedback
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Appealing pricing model
  • All clients are allocated a personal business specialist as part of the business advisory plan
  • They don’t provide additional features such as publication service

The 10-year-old company has been growing at a significantly high rate since its inception.

They provide a 100% refund guarantee where they refund all your cash in case you are displeased with their services. They provide ongoing support to ensure that their customers’ issues have been addressed.


IncFile is a reliable DBA filing online service because they will file your DBA trade name with the necessary state authorities at a flat fee.

  • Cost-efficient and unbeatable filing fee
  • Simple to use
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Effective online filing dashboard
  • Excess addons and upsells
  • Mixed online customer reviews

They also provide a great website with an elegant design and great graphics which beginners will find to be quite useful.

IncFile is a corporation formation and DBA filing service that is based in Texas. It offers low prices for filing the DBA names of your company as well as for obtaining certificates of authority and business license research services.

IncFile also offers a swift turnaround time for your DBA filing documents. Its website is also simple and has a handy dashboard.

Harbor Compliance

The best part about Harbor Compliance DBA services is that they assign you a compliance specialist to guide you through the process of registering a DBA name.

  • Clients are assigned a compliance expert
  • Harbor Compliance’s information center is filled with plenty of learning resources
  • They have a robust security system
  • Their prices are quite high
  • They are not very experienced in the industry

The specialist will help you navigate through the registration requirements, prepare a DBA registration and file it. They also perform a name search availability and file your renewals.

Harbor Compliance is very detailed and will ensure that they provide a list of requirements to register a DBA depending on the state. They also have an A+ rating on BBB as well as a 5-star customer rating.

When To File a DBA 

There are several reasons why you might want to file a DBA. First, if you operate multiple businesses and don’t want each business entity to transact under your personal name. Second,  if you’re looking for a more distinct or specialized legal business name. Perhaps a name that speaks more to the products or services the business provides.

There is also the event where your bank requests a DBA be filed before you open a business bank account. This happens mostly for sole proprietorship or general partnership. Many people also file DBAs to enhance the credibility of their business. Lastly, you can file a DBA to get a trade name that’s more memorable.

DBA Filing Service Pros

  • DBA is a cost-efficient way of setting up your company
  • There helps to protect your privacy
  • Having a DBA makes it easier to set up a business checking account in your assumed name
  • DBA is applicable to all business structures, including sole proprietors
  • DBA helps you to comply with established state and county regulations

Which Service Should You Choose to File a DBA?

The ideal DBA form filing service for registration of a DBA name should provide a cost-efficient bundle yet be filled with handy features. All of the DBA filing services, on this list, are capable of accurately and reliably helping you file a DBA.

Generally speaking, we prefer ZenBusiness as the best DBA filing service because of its excellent customer support, satisfaction guarantee, exciting features such as expedited filing, and the range of other products and services.

Final Thoughts

The majority of business entities providing online business formation services offer DBA filing services with low filing fees. These companies try to make the process quite convenient and simple. All a business owner has to do is provide them with a couple of the basic details of your company and the owner’s personal details.
The DBA filing services mentioned above are recommended as the best filing services in the industry based on aspects such as price, features offered, add-ons, customer support, and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to have a DBA if I have a corporation or LLC already?

The majority of states require you to have a DBA name if you intend to use a trade name that differs from the name of your corporation or LLC.

Can my DBA expire?

Yes and no. In the majority of counties and states, you’re supposed to renew your DBA after five or ten years. However, DBAs in states such as Indiana, New York, and Lowa never expire.

Can a DBA offer me protection against personal liability?

No, it can’t. You must establish a corporation or limited liability company, or a nonprofit to obtain limited liability protection and asset protection.



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