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  • Cost Value
  • Customer Service
  • Ease of Use
  • Included Features

Visit Website is a free to use online lending marketplace where you can compare peer-to-peer loans, bank loans and installment loans for whatever need you have.


  • Free to use
  • Quick lending decisions
  • Flexible terms
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Personalized offers


  • You will be added to their mailing list
  • Can’t access bank-specific loan offers
  • Comparison site 
  • Access to multiple lenders
  • Founded in 2001
  • Based in Houston, TX
  • One of the oldest online marketplaces for personal loans
personalloans review (2) connects borrowers to personal loans in a quick and efficient way. Oftentimes, finding good personal loan lenders who will approve you and get you the money you need quickly can be a hassle. 

With, compile all your relevant information and process it in a way to help you find the loan that’s best suited for you from reputable lenders through their online marketplace that compares peer-to-peer, bank, and installment loan options. Advantages

Let’s consider some of the main benefits of finding a personal loan through service is Free to use

For one, is a free comparison site where you can compare lending partners all in one location to find the personal loans best suited for you and your needs. 

Get funding fast, directly to your account

Another great part about is that the lending decisions are made quickly and go directly to your bank account. In some cases, customers even get the money within one business day. 

Request a loan for any occasion

The great news is that you can borrow money for any loan purpose. Whether you want to pay for a family vacation, cover bills, or pay for a home improvement project, you can have that flexibility by comparing the personal loan options on 

Competitive Rates Available

By giving you a personal loans comparison tool, you can easily see which lenders offer the best rates and loan terms to find the best deal. You don’t have to contact the direct lender themselves individually; rather, you can see it all in one location. Review: Features & Prices

Let’s review some of the top features of finding bank personal loans through connects you with a lender

After submitting a request and online form with all your important information, the site will connect you with different lenders to find the best online personal loans for your credit history, your uses for the loan, and other important factors. This is important because not all lenders are willing to work with borrowers who have bad credit or other unique scenarios. shows you additional ads or offers for lenders and/or other credit-related products or services

Because it’s a free service, you may also notice some additional ads for other financial products and services that are targeted at credit monitoring, credit repair through on-time payments, debt consolidation, financial literacy, or other debt relief services. also adds you to their marketing list

Again, it’s a free service, so you will be added to their mailing list to get frequent marketing updates and other promotional emails. Quick Overview

personalloans review

4.5 stars

Best Overall Value

  • Wide network of lenders including peer-to-peer, banks, and installment lenders
  • No hidden fees
  • Connect borrowers to personalized offers from the lending network

Visit Website Customer Reviews

personalloans review (1)

Let’s take a look at what some of the customers have to say about their experience with the company on Trustpilot.

This is a legit site! Easy to navigate and the process is very easy and hassle free. I was approved in a matter of minutes and had options to choose from. I highly recommend to everyone and would certainly come back again.


The site was easy to use and worked great from my phone! I was connected to a lender who was able to get me a large portion of the money I needed. My bank could not help me so I’m thankful for what I was able to receive. I would recommend this site and use it again in the future.


Convenient and very easy to use. Approval process was timely and was matched within moments of completing the application. Will definitely use again in the future.


I was skeptical at first but overall I’m very satisfied with the product. It’s very easy to use and navigate and best of all, it’s secure. Unlike most places or products I review, I do not have any complaints and have nothing but praises. Karen approves!!!

Karen Service Review

Review of

Overall Pricing and Value
Cost Value
Customer Support
Ease of Use
Included Features

Now we’ll take a final look at whether is a good fit for you or not. 

Is Right For You? is a great option for anyone searching for a personal loan, whether it be personal installment loans, from a traditional bank, or other options. Upon making the loan request with your personal information, you’ll receive personalized offers. 

Cost Value 

The site is free to use, and you’ll never face any hidden fees from the platform or the loan providers. While you may pay applicable fees like an origination fee or any other additional fees the lender charges throughout the rest of the loan process, this won’t be imposed by the comparison site itself. So, it offers a lot of cost value to users, no matter the loan amount they’re after or their credit score. 

Customer Service has convenient support options should you need help. They are available on the phone from 6 am to 7 pm PST on any business day and are always available over email. 

Ease of Use

The online process of comparing loans is much easier when using You put in your relevant information to the online form and receive the loan agreement and loan amount that best suits your situation and credit score. This is highly valuable and cuts down on the manual time you would spend doing this. Plus, they’ll provide the funds directly to your active bank account upon approval. Then, you’ll make the monthly payment to the lender directly.

Included Features

Not only does the platform connect you with the direct lender willing to lend money to you given your unique credit score, use for the funds, and other application details, but they also have other features like showing you advertisements for financial products that could help you in other ways.  


Overall, comparing various lenders on is very worthwhile. So while they don’t offer loans themselves, the site helps you be more efficient to make a loan request with various lenders and compare the loan offer that they each provide for you. They show options for a range of loan amounts and will help you find the lender loan terms with the monthly payments that are right for you.

Alternative to
Loan AmountUp to $10,000$100 – $5,000$500 – $35,000
Interest Rate5.99% –  35.99%By lender5.99% –  35.99%
Loan Term3 to 36 monthsup to 90 days3 to 72 months
DetailRead Review Read Review Read Review

Visit Website

Visit Website

Visit Website


As the name suggests, Bad Credit Loans is a free service to help borrowers find lenders that will work with borrowers with poor credit. This includes a soft credit pull and no obligation to accept the loan offer with loan amounts up to $10,000. 

Clearviewloans helps consumers get access to the money they need, quickly. They have simplified the process to find a lender in the case of emergencies, and have lending partners to give you the cash you need. They are not a lender themselves, but like other third-party networks, they will help connect you to the lenders with the right loan amounts in a timely manner. 


Checking out the loan details that various lenders will offer is a great use of No matter what your credit score is, you can find the right match for you using this online comparison site. Through your information, they’ll be able to provide you with a personalized loan offer that’s built just for you and your needs and quickly deposit the funds you need to your checking account. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

No, they are not BBB accredited, though they do show great customer reviews on Trustpilot.

Can you access bad credit lending options on

Yes, even borrowers with a bad credit score can find solutions with reasonable loan terms on So if you’re worried about your credit check or credit report, you can be sure that the site will show you options for lenders that will lend to applicants with poor credit scores.

What is the minimum repayment term for the loans that suggests?

The repayment terms for the loans will differ based on the specific financial institution. However, most repayment terms will be between 3 months and 72 months for longer-term loans. 



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