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Monday, January 25, 2021


Forecast: Look for media usage to slow post-pandemic

While most advertisers and content creators saw a sharp uptick in growth from the consumer side throughout the initial months of the Coronavirus pandemic, one new forecast warns that a deceleration is likely on the horizon as more people are vaccinated and businesses begin to reopen. >>

Top 4 ad trends to watch in 2021

As we move through January 2021, it is clear that many things that changed in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic will continue to impact the overall digital advertising space. Things like the amount of time people are spending online, how consumers are finding out about new products, and how they are engaging with businesses to buy necessities. Here are four trends brands must become familiar with for success this year. >>

Report: 1/3 of people don't want to return to the office full-time

People have adapted - and want to continue - working from home. That is a key takeaway from a new On Blind poll, which finds that about half of those responding 'will quit' if required to return to the office for more than half of their workweek. >>


Top 3 tips to use performance data to improve campaign optimization

With the end of the cookie and changes to Apple's IDFA making user targeting a challenge, marketers and agencies are looking for new ways to enhance ad targeting. One data source which marketers can tap into is improved creative intelligence. BizReport caught up with autonomous and omnichannel ad buying solution Madgicx to understand how creative intelligence can help marketers and agencies. >>

Email Marketing

Top tips for brands 'going wide' with email

More brands moved back to email as their mail connection point with consumers in 2020 because of the pandemic. People weren't going to physical stores, many worried what sanitizing efforts were in stores, or needed to know how to get the products they needed faster. And, while email did serve brands well, the trend of communicating all information via email has had its stumbling blocks. Here are three ways brands can build a better strategy for their communication efforts. >>


Deloitte: Retail, tech to break out in 2021

Look for substantial growth in key areas throughout 2021. That, according to new reports out from Deloitte, which is suggesting several key tech and retail areas that are expected to see significant growth this year. >>

Mobile Marketing

Report: 11 billion hours spent on mobile

Mobile growth is going through the roof. That is a key takeaway from App Annie's 2021 State of Mobile report. According to their data 2020 saw incredible growth for mobile usage, with the highest increases happening in Q2, during the height of coronavirus lockdowns, when global consumers spent more than 11 billion hours with their mobile devices. >>


Despite shipping delays, shoppers happy with 2020 holiday season

Despite an untold number of packages delayed in shipping and many not arriving on time for various holiday celebrations, most consumers are calling the 2020 holiday season a win. That is a key takeaway from a new consumer survey out from Convey. >>

Email Marketing

Expert: How to improve email connection with shoppers

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic many businesses pushed heavily into their email lists in an effort to connect with their shopping base. According to reports email volume increased aby about 25% in those initial weeks, and even months later many brands continue to send additional communications with their customer base. Here's how to keep those email campaigns fresh. >>


4 Data trends to watch in 2021

Changes to privacy laws, an increase in overall digital usage because of the continuing global pandemic, social media connection. These are just a few of the areas advertisers are looking at to help them connect in 2021. Here are four ad trends that could make or break merchants' year. >>

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