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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Social Marketing

Reports: Social, search spend trending back up

After many brands and marketers pulled digital ad spending in the wake of the COVID- 19 pandemic in the first half of the year, that spend is now trending back up. That's the word from new Kenshoo data which finds that ad spending on social media sites is up 16% for Q3 and search spending is up 25%. >>


Expert: Why hypertargeting is more important than ever

It's been a minute since hyper-targeting took center-stage in the digital marketing space, but thanks to consumers and businesses being locked down in a pandemic, more attention is being given to the phrase. We asked one expert what is different, this time around, for the marketing effort. >>

Social Marketing

Study finds more brands trust social to deliver customers

More and more businesses are turning to social networks to reach their customer base. That is a key takeaway from new Altimeter Research and Hootsuite data which finds, among other things, that 80% of brands believe social media helps them reach their customers. >>


How to use IP data to connect

There are many different kinds of data that can be used to target consumers, giving them a better digital experience whether they are shopping for holiday gifts or looking for entertaining content. But one type of data - IP data - isn't what most marketers think of when they consider revamping their data strategies. That, according to one expert, is a mistake. >>


Reports ID important trends in lead-up to holiday season

According to new data out from Barclaycard UK consumer spending increased by about 2% for September, the largest increase since coronavirus lockdowns began. Spending was up across the board from grocery to travel, a sign that consumers are beginning to once more have confidence in the economy. And timely, too, as the holiday season approaches. >>


Top 4 mistakes B2B sales are making and how to correct

B2B salespeople have gotten much more attention in light of the Covid pandemic because so many businesses have gone to digital connections with one another. But that doesn't mean the transition to online digital sales has been simple. We identified four mistakes many B2B sales people are making so that brands can get back on track. >>

Law & Regulation

Experts: What government filing against Google means for digital space

This week word came that the United States Justice Department was filing suit against Google in an antitrust case, perhaps with the goal of breaking up the digital giant. The filing has many in the digital space what this could mean not only for Google but for other digital giants like Amazon and even social networking brands like Facebook. >>

Loyalty Marketing

Study finds hackers targeting loyalty programs

New data out from Akamai finds a growing number of attacks on brands' loyalty programs. Since 2018, in fact, their data shows more than 63 billion credential stuffing attacks in the hospitality, retail, and travel industries, and they are no longer only relying on the most recent password combination lists. >>

Internet Marketing 101

Social Media Proxies for Marketing at Scale

Social media platforms place strict limits on the number of accounts users can operate from a single IP address. If users exceed this limit, knowingly or unknowingly, they face potential account and IP bans. >>

Social Marketing

Expert: How live events can work with digital strategy

One of the biggest buzz phrases for 2020, other than lockdown, has been digital transformation. But, as more and more people turn online for shopping and entertainment because of coronavirus lockdowns the digital transformation of brands has become even more important. We asked a digital expert how brands can use live-but-online events to strengthen their digital performance. >>

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