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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Content Marketing

Report: Podcast listenership on the rise

2020 may go on record as being one of the most disruptive years in the world - with children schooling from home, adults working via Zoom and other digital platforms in hastily-assembled home offices, and many physical businesses shutting their doors because of health concerns raised by the coronavirus pandemic. But as disruptive as the year was, people still found ways to engage with content. One of those ways: the podcast. >>


How the use of SPACs are changing publishers' business

SPACs may not be a new iteration in the online space, but over the past year they've gotten much more notice from digital publishers in their efforts to reach consumers through lockdowns related to the pandemic. But, are SPACs really making a difference? We asked a digital expert for input. >>

Social Marketing

Study: More merchants choosing Facebook ads

A growing number of retailers and brands are pushing their ad dollars to social networking giant Facebook. That is a key takeaway from new MediaRadar data which shows that retail now accounts for about 17% of the ad spend within the social network. >>


Reports: Shifting loyalty, better information key to shopper engagement

Three new reports find that in a pandemic world, making things simpler for shoppers is key to making shoppers happy and building crucial brand loyalty. >>


Akamai finds fraudsters targeting tax filings

Consumers have another reason to be wary of the upcoming tax deadline in the US: fraudsters. According to new data out from Akamai, there has been a significant increase in the number of phishers and other fraudsters targeting consumers and using tax season to do it. >>


Reports outline importance of connected TVs to brands

Two new reports may have more merchants and brands looking at smart and connected TVs as ways to reach an increasingly online consumer base. According to Hub Entertainment Research about half of all televisions in America are now smart TVs and they are found in 7 in 10 homes. >>


Top 3 tips to create a stronger AI strategy

By mining internal and external data about consumers, merchants can gain insights about the likely preferences of individuals, allowing them to create offers, incentives, and a shopping experience that is more appealing. In the world of retail marketing, AI is helping to build more personalized marketing campaigns, and to improve the product search experience -- among other things -- which can help deliver a better customer experience as well. Here's how to improve your AI strategy to better serve customers. >>


Expert: How CX can reimagine branded campaigns

Advertising doesn't just tell a consumer about a product. According to one digital expert, advertising is the first step of a good customer experience - and sometimes with the first interaction a customer will have with the brand. Which is why customer experience is a more important part of the advertising pie than ever. >>


Experts: A year after the pandemic, here's how we're coping

This week marks a year since much of the world shuttered it's doors and windows and moved non-essential contact to the digital space. From advertising and shopping to social contact to work, as the world dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic much of that dealing was done online. Here's where we are a year later. >>


How AI is helping solve pandemic problems

The shift to remote work and shopping online may have seemed seamless to many, but the problems going digital brought to businesses large and small have been large hurdles to cross. And, for many, the hurdles continue to crop up. Here's how AI is helping some businesses solve the problems highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. >>

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