Top 3 IT checks for a successful holiday season

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First, check in with how your expanded workforce can connect

“[Brands should] implement technologies that help support an expanded workforce during the holiday season such as employee management and onboarding tools, temporary checkout stations, new handheld devices and more,” said Jeff Bradbury, Senior Marketing Director in Enterprise, Hughes Network Systems. “Make any necessary changes to network infrastructure as a result of new holiday store designs or rollouts.”

Second, check in with security updates and update protocols

“Carry out all essential IT application and security updates; operators should confirm that updates were successful and systems are fully operational afterward,” said Bradbury. “Integrate and test any new omnichannel and third-party systems that support holiday shopping; for example, retailers should troubleshoot all order processing and fulfillment operations to ensure they support the desired customer experience.”

Third, remember scheduling may need extra focus

“Finalize IT staff schedules needed to support extended store hours; retailers can consider several options like hiring additional IT staff, ramping up managed services partner support or refocusing existing IT workers to provide the needed coverage for the longer operating hours,” said Bradbury. “Ensure holiday training and digital signage content are loaded into media systems early enough to support pre-event training and ensure a successful go-live date.”



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