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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : June 25, 2012

LGBT: $790 billion buying power but what are their favorite brands?

The total buying power of the LGBT U.S. adult population in 2012 will be $790 billion, according to latest figures. Which brands tick their boxes? A new survey from YouGov reveals the top brands among the gay community, with Android topping the list.

by Helen Leggatt

YGZlogo_H60px.jpgA brand that didn't even make YouGov's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Top 20 Buzz Rankings last year has emerged as the leader this year.

Android rose straight to the top of the rankings with a buzz score of 38.2 compared with iPhone's 35.6 and iPad's 34.2. The results were collected by YouGov who polled 5,000 consumers each day for a 12 week period, filtering responses from those who identified themselves as part of the LGBT community.

Target and Starbucks are also newcomers to the rankings, probably in light of their recent support of LGBT rights. In fact, the rankings are markedly different from last year with other newcomers including Samsung, Aleve, Kindle, Advil, PBS, LG, Comedy Central, and Skype.

Recent research from Catalyst found that most members of the LGBT community (87%) prefer companies that offer equal benefits for LGBT employees and almost half (47%) prefer brands that create ads tailored to their community. Even if a brand was more expensive, 71% would continue to be loyal if that brand was in favour of LGBT issues.

Witeck Communications estimates the total buying power of the US LGBT adult population in 2012 will be $790 billion.

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  • Mudd

    This is stupid. There is no difference in how gay people spend money. We do tend to boycott places  like Chick-Filla (or whatever its called) that explicitly promote homophobia, but so do a lot of straight people!

  • Hfxguy

    790 billion my butt  how could they calculate any number

  • answered

    because when they conducted the survey they probably asked what the average gross income was for the individual(household)!!!

  • raycomfort

    ...and then served it to us to suck up and believe!



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