LA Mayor’s Directive Boosts Small Business Growth

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LA Mayor's Directive Boosts Small Business Growth (1)

In a move that has been applauded by the Los Angeles Business Council, Mayor Karen Bass has issued Executive Directive No. 4, aimed at supporting the creation, development, and growth of small businesses in the city. This initiative is part of her broader commitment to making small businesses a top priority, a promise she made during her campaign.

The directive sets up a steering committee responsible for providing practical suggestions within a 90-day timeframe to encourage investment and foster the expansion of local businesses. This move is seen as a significant step towards creating strong policies that support small businesses and increase investment in diverse communities throughout the city.

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The Impact of the Directive

The directive comes at a time when small businesses in Los Angeles are experiencing a resurgence. The arrival of summer has brought a boost to small businesses in areas such as Newport Beach, and initiatives like the LA Region Small Business Summit are connecting thousands of local small businesses to free, on-site support.

The directive is expected to further enhance this positive trend by reducing barriers that small businesses face. The Thrillist’s guide to small business shopping in Los Angeles highlights the diversity and creativity of small businesses in the city, from queer-owned retail shops to Black-owned body care businesses. The directive aims to support these businesses and many others by creating a more conducive environment for their growth and development.

Challenges in the San Fernando Valley

While the directive and other initiatives are a step in the right direction, small businesses in areas like the San Fernando Valley are still grappling with significant challenges. A report by Spectrum News highlighted the struggles of small businesses in the Valley, many of which are dealing with crime.

Mouses Bislamyan, owner of Sherman Way Market, shared his experience of being a victim of arson and burglary. Similarly, Noe Martinez, owner of Yum Yum Donuts, was the victim of a smash and grab crime last year. These incidents underscore the safety concerns that small businesses in the area face, in addition to the economic challenges.

Despite these hurdles, there is a sense of hope among small business owners. Mayor Bass’s pledge to increase support and build a dedicated team to aid small businesses has been met with cautious optimism. Bislamyan expressed his hope that the Mayor will take their experiences into account in her efforts to protect and support small businesses.

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The Road Ahead

The directive is a significant step, but the journey towards a more inclusive and supportive environment for small businesses in Los Angeles is far from over. The city’s vibrant small business scene, as highlighted by the Thrillist’s guide, is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of its residents. However, these businesses still face numerous challenges, from access to capital to navigating complex regulations.

The LA County Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) has been proactive in addressing these challenges. During the National Small Business Week, the DEO hosted a series of events, community engagement sessions, and panel discussions to empower and celebrate the contributions of small businesses. The DEO also launched the Shop Local LA County initiative, which encourages residents to support local small businesses and provides resources to support their digital and economic growth.

The directive signed by Mayor Bass is another step in this ongoing effort. By reducing barriers and creating a more supportive environment, the directive aims to ensure that the city’s small businesses continue to thrive and contribute to the local economy.
In the words of Mayor Bass, “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we need to do everything we can to support them”. The directive is a clear indication that the city is committed to doing just that.



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