Best Online LLC Formation Services In New Mexico (NM) 2024

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Best Online LLC Formation Services In New Mexico (NM)

When you’re starting a new LLC, it’s an exciting yet daunting time. You probably have questions about how to make your business legitimate and successful. There’s so much information out there about how to start a limited liability company right now, but we’ve rounded up the 5 best LLC formation services for New Mexico businesses.

Best Online LLC Formation Services In New Mexico 2024

Here are 5 of the very best online LLC services you can find if you want to start a New Mexico LLC

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What Is An Online LLC Service In New Mexico?

If you live and work in New Mexico and desire to run your own business, forming a New Mexico business in the form of an LLC in New Mexico might be a great option for you. LLC stands for limited liability corporation, and it essentially means that you, as the business owner, will limit your liabilities associated with your new business when this LLC in New Mexico is formed. 

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Best Online LLC Services In New Mexico May 2024

Best Online LLC Formation Services In New Mexico (NM)


ZenBusiness‘s most compelling feature is their 100% accuracy guarantee that they offer to their customers. If you need an LLC formation service for your New Mexico LLC with a great track record and super low prices for the first year, ZenBusiness is perfect for you.

  • A plethora of features
  • 100% Accuracy guarantee
  • Moms file an LLC for free
  • Registered agent services offered
  • Prices increase after one year
  • Pay extra for EIN

Even with their low prices, free formation offered for moms, and accuracy guarantee, customers sometimes feed blindsided with the LLC cost and increase in fees after year one with ZenBusiness. They also have business owners pay extra for an EIN, which doesn’t happen with every LLC formation service.

Northwest Registered Agent

The best feature of Northwest’s LLC formation package includes the fact that they provide free registered agent services when you file with them. Their customers also rave about their awesome availability and helpfulness, which can come in handy if you ever have issues with your New Mexico LLC.

  • Great registered agent service
  • Awesome customer service
  • Pays fees to designate them as your RA
  • Family owned business 
  • Free registered agent service with filing for one year
  • More expensive at $225 plus state fees

Northwest has built an impressive name for themselves with happy customers and awesome legal services. Their services are more geared towards those wanting an excellent experience, and their prices might reflect that. In the end, we think it’s worth it to purchase a package from Northwest and get their superior customer support and peace of mind that your New Mexico LLC is being handled well.


With so many features offered from IncFile like free registered agent service, free LLC formation for your New Mexico LLC, and tax help, we can’t help but be drawn to their plethora of services. Their main draw for us is the super inexpensive option to form your LLC on a budget. 

  • Inexpensive services
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Help with income taxes and nonprofits
  • Just pay the state filing fees and no extras to file your New Mexico LLC
  • Free registered agent service for one year when you file with them
  • Customer reviews point to a lack of great customer service

Even with these cheap prices and many features, customers aren’t always happy with the services they receive. In being a jack of all trades, it seems that IncFile is a master of none. However, if you need to file your New Mexico LLC with the state for free in a pinch, they’d do the trick. 


TailorBrands has one of the most inexpensive and easy-to-use New Mexico LLC formation services, and we highly recommend them if you’re on a tight budget. New Mexico LLCs can expect to quickly form with their helpful services, and you won’t pay an arm and a leg in the process.

  • 49$ plus state filing fees to start an LLC
  • No hidden fees
  • Simple interface anyone can use
  • Some customers complain of difficulty getting refunds
  • No over-the-phone customer service

With their inexpensive services, simple steps to LLC formation, and no hidden fees, we can definitely recommend TailorBrands as a great option for business formation services. However, some customers do complain that their refunds were difficult to obtain, and they didn’t offer phone support to resolve issues.  


If you’re starting a New Mexico LLC and you’ve googled services, chances are you’ve come across LegalZoom. They’re a household name when it comes to LLC formation services. You can get your LLC formed for a small price of $79 plus state fees, and LegalZoom’s well-known name and awesome customer service is a comfort to their customers. 

  • Well-known name
  • Legal expertise
  • Great customer service
  • LLC packages start at $79
  • Helpful compliance calendar to stay on top of important dates
  • Slower processing times
  • Registered agent service is more expensive at $299

The legal expertise, excellent handling of legal documents, awesome customer service, worry-free compliance calendar, and cheap pricing all draw us to LegalZoom’s services, but they have a few downfalls. Customers say that some of the LLC formation services are slower with processing, and their New Mexico registered agent services are pricey.

How Much Does An Online LLC Service In New Mexico Cost?

To form an LLC in New Mexico, you might have to pay extra fees. Some of these services we mentioned before are around $50-$100, but some are also free. If you’re a New Mexico business and a New Mexico resident, it’s free to form your LLC. However, if you want a service to help you start and manage your LLC, you might choose one of the five services we mentioned above, some of which are free, and some cost a one-time or annual fee.

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How To Start An LLC In New Mexico?

To start an LLC in New Mexico, you’ll need to follow several steps:

  • Choose a business name and specialty
  • File your new business entity with the state of New Mexico
  • Obtain a New Mexico Registered Agent to manage your legal documents
  • File your LLC with other states if you plan to do business elsewhere as well

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for a New Mexico LLC formation service, there are plenty out there. However, some are better than others. Take our word for it and check out these 5 awesome New Mexico online LLC services that you can use to form your own LLC in New Mexico.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a registered agent to form my LLC in New Mexico?

Yes, the state of New Mexico requires a registered agent to be named for New Mexico LLCs. However, you can be your own registered agent if you don’t have a legal representative to name as your company’s registered agent.

Should small business owners always form an LLC?

No, not every business needs to form as an LLC. If you want to pay taxes separately for your business and LLC, it can be beneficial to separate all your business expenses by forming an LLC. This way, your personal assets will be separate from your business taxes. In this way, your limited liability company can protect you from any liabilities the business might have.

Where can I find LLC formation documents?

You can use New Mexico LLC formation services to obtain documents, or you can go directly to New Mexico’s state website to download these business documents. 

Do I need a separate bank account for my New Mexico company?

Yes, we recommend having a separate business bank account for your new business to keep financial records straight. You are not required to, but we would highly recommend it.



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