Consumers happy to be reminded with retargeted advertising

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Bizrate-Insights-01.jpgWhen Bizrate Insights asked consumers how they felt about seeing ads for products or services that they’d recently looked at online, 85% said they were neutral (60%) or liked it (25%).

Just 15% did not like retargeted display ads.

The goal of behavioral retargeting is to remind consumers of their previous interactions and prompt them to revisit a website and reconsider a purchase. According to Bizrate’s results this is exactly what those ads are doing.

When asked what their primary reasons were for clicking on a retargeted display ad the main reason among both men and women was “I liked the product shown in the ad”. However, the second most-popular reason was because it was a convenient way to visit a website they already intended to visit followed by wanting more information on a serviced referenced in the ad.

For 11% of men and 14% of women, retargeted display ads reminded them to revisit the product or service shown in the ad and for 9% of men and 11% of women it was a convenient way to revisit the website that the ad reminded them to go back to.

Overall, the study revealed that women are slightly more responsive to retargeted display ads.

“Display retargeting is an effective way to reengage with customers who have shown a direct interest in specific products,” said Hayley Silver, Vice President, Bizrate Insights.

“Our recent study shows that when executed correctly, many consumers find display retargeting to be a useful and convenient way to find their way back to the sites and products they intended to revisit and purchase.”



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