What Are 60-Second Binary Options Strategies? Free Guide 2024

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Binary options trading is becoming more and more common among traders, and many like it for the upward potential. Among the many different trading strategies that are out there for binary options, the 60-second binary options strategy is one that many traders employ for short-term profit gains. 

It’s important to understand that 60-second binary options strategies can be on the more complex side, plus the fact that trading binary options are already one of the more sophisticated trading strategies. So, it’s important to know the risks involved for binary options traders who want to utilize this approach.  

What Is Binary Options Trading?

Let’s first cover what binary options trading is before we dive into this clear strategy with our step-by-step guide. 

Binary options are a type of financial instrument that you can use to speculate on the markets. Compared to other types of investments, you don’t actually take ownership of a share of the underlying asset. 

Instead, binary options traders bet on one of two outcomes for a given scenario–think of this as a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to how the market will perform. In most cases, this means you’ll have to choose whether you think the market will be above or below a certain price at a given time. 

Binary options trades are always between $0 and $100 in value, and you’ll know the predetermined amount of possible profit or loss before you enter the financial contracts, which is something new traders like about binary options trading since they can take into account this calculated risk. 

What Is A Binary Options Strategy?

So, now that you know a little bit more about what binary options trading looks like, let’s go over what a binary trading strategy is. 

As you may be able to gather, a binary options strategy is the type of strategy that you make about how you’ll invest your money in this instrument. This can be based on your level of comfortability with the market, the tools you have on hand, the trading platform you use, and the amount of time and effort you can devote to your binary options strategy. 

There is no one strategy that is a ‘great’ strategy, as each trader will have to discover a good strategy for them. However, it is important to assess your abilities and resources when creating a binary options strategy so you are best prepared to invest and make informed decisions. 

Why Should You Have Binary Options Strategies?

You may wonder why you need to have a strategy, to begin with. Essentially, it’s technically not required in order for you to start trading, though it will give you good guidance on how to make trading decisions, and know when to time your entry and exit. 

This can go hand in hand with your money management and risk management strategy, helping you to protect your profits and diminish losses. 

What are 60-Second Binary Options Strategies?

Specifically in this guide, let’s discuss what a 60-second binary options strategy is. As you might be able to guess from the name, it’s a trading strategy that you utilize that takes just one minute. So, you will buy the binary options contract, then you’ll already know the result one minute later. 

Given the fast-paced nature of this trading strategy, the 60-second binary options strategy can be very profitable since you can take your profits each minute. However, this means that losses could also pile up just as quickly. So, it can be very valuable to have a strategy when you want to utilize a 60 seconds binary options strategy to get some more stability.

The 60-second binary options strategy often relies on trading signals and technical analysis. Plus, both beginners and expert trades can take advantage of this strategy. 

60-Second Binary Option Strategies: Pros & Cons

60 Second Binary Option Strategies

Let’s now go over some of the top advantages and disadvantages of using a 60-second binary options strategy. 


To begin with, traders like the 60-second binary options strategy because you can earn money in a short period of time. Thus, traders typically only need to analyze data from about the past hour in order to make informed decisions. 

So, 60-second binary options strategies are preferred for the short time and easy amount of work that is required. 

Another great part of 60-second binary options strategies is that many brokers and platforms offer helpful software and tools for this strategy, in addition to valuable bonuses. 


You can see there are great advantages to using a 60-second binary options strategy, though it’s important to point out the risks of this strategy as well. 

To start, you can end up losing your entire investment if you make the wrong choice with your trade and the price movement or price trend goes in the wrong direction, or if a major reversal occurs. 

The good news is that in such a short time frame this risk is generally pretty limited, though it’s still something to be aware of. Even still, nothing is guaranteed in the markets, even in a 60-seconds binary options trade. Plus, many still view it as a riskier type of trading compared to longer-period binary trading, as over-trading can occur since you’re working on such short time frames. 

Best 60-Second Binary Options Strategies

Now we can go over some of the strategies that you can implement with a 60-second binary options approach. 

Risk Management

You’ll first need to start by making a risk management strategy. This means you should assess what your risk tolerance is and how much you’re willing to lose before you start making trades. Be aware that with binary trading, you can cut your losses on a losing trade by entering a call option. So, part of managing your risk with this strategy is monitoring how your trades are performing, and avoiding over-trading in such a short time frame, which is easy to do. 

Candlestick Chart

Candlesticks can be very valuable to binary traders, especially those using 60-second strategies. In a candlestick, the top of the ‘candle’ represents the historically high price, while the bottom of the ‘candle’ represents the historically low price. Traders can use this chart to see patterns in price movements and predict where the trends are headed or anticipate market reversals. 

Support and Resistance Levels

Another frequently used tool with a 60-second binary options strategy is support and resistance levels. This is widely used by beginners since it’s easy to read these types of charts and understand what they mean. 

In this instance, when the price of a given asset is moving between the support and resistance lines, it’s time to implement this strategy. Once the price breaks out of these levels, you’ll want to wait until new levels are established before you trade again. 

The more experienced you become with this strategy, you can start to add in moving averages, which can help counteract some of the smaller variations and get a more clear picture of which way the price is moving and make more money in the market

Technical Indicators

Lastly, you can use technical indicators and trading charts with your 60-second binary options strategy. There are many indicators out there for forex trading like when trading CFDs or a currency pair, that can help you out and make better predictions for how the market will perform. 

One popular indicator is middle averages, though many traders also like monitoring the relative strength index (RSI), which will give you a number from 0-100, indicating an overbought or oversold field. It does so to predict price reversals, which you can then profit from in the short term. Because of this, the relative strength index is very helpful and provides you with concrete data that you can rely on. 

As a guide, an RSI between 0 and 30 means the market is oversold, and an RSI of 70 to 100 means it’s overbought. 

The Top 2 Binary Options Trading

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Pocket Option

Pocket Option is a segment of Gembell Limited, made up of trained and experienced investment professionals. They provide quality services to consumers and try to find the balance between making trading clear and simple, and beneficial to traders. All in all, Pocket Option is dedicated to having a unique trading experience that is stable for investors. 

Pocket Option is known for its wide range of investment types available, though it is still better used by experienced investors. 


Quotex is one of the non-regulated brokers specializing in binary options trading, and is a newer platform, having only been in operation since 2019. Traders can trade oil, metal, crypto, stocks, and currencies in the same way, with the potential to earn up to 90% of the value of the option. 

They have their own proprietary trading software, which can be customized by the user to best fit their needs. They have over 29 technical indicators available, and a low initial trade amount required to get you started. 

Final Thoughts

Our final word on the subject is that 60-second binary options trades are a strategy you can use that operates on a short time frame but could provide you with a number of profit wins in just an hour. Be aware that you can earn money more quickly, but this also makes it high risk as well. So, be aware of what’s going on in the market and what your risk tolerance is before making trades.  

Using moving averages, indicators, charts, and more to help you improve your win rate and earn more money on your trades, there are many resources at hand in order to help you with your 60-second binary trading. 

It’s important that traders find the right broker to use, and we recommend using only reputable and trustworthy brokers that you can depend on to avoid any scams or fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I use a demo account first to try out 60-second binary options strategies?

A demo account allows you to test out strategies using virtual money rather than your real funds. So, it can be a good idea to utilize a demo account before you feel comfortable trading in a live account. Even a good trader can use this to test out new strategies and is something most brokers offer.

What is the minimum amount or minimum deposit I’ll need to make in order to start trading a 60-seconds binary options strategy?

Each broker has their own guidelines for the minimum initial deposit they’ll require, so make sure you do your research to find the broker that will have a minimum deposit that fits your budget so you can start trading in the market.

What is a bullish divergence in the markets?

It is a pattern that happens when the price hits a new low point though the technical indicator hits a higher low. This could show that the market will pick up, and the price continues to increase over time to catch up with the indicator.

Can you enter multiple trades using a 60-seconds binary options strategy?

Yes, you can enter a single trade at a time, or multiple at once–whatever frequency of trades fits your approach best.

Is IQ Option a binary options broker?

Yes, this is a platform where you can trade and open up retail investor accounts, funding it either through a wire transfer or other method.



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