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  • Cost Value
  • Customer Service
  • Ease of Use
  • Included Features

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Zyro is a newer website builder platform for e-commerce stores. They offer a great number of helpful features, all at competitive prices to other platforms.


  • Track Facebook ads with Pixel
  • AI branding tools and logo maker
  • Easy drag-and-drop templates


  • Can be tricky to add product descriptions
  • Can’t switch templates after launching the site
  • Website builder for online stores
  • Drag and drop style
  • Logo maker
  • E-commerce website builder
  • Founded in 2019
  • Based in Lithuania
zyro review (1)

Zyro is a great tool that has affordable packages and an intuitive interface so small eCommerce businesses can build websites. Even those who are looking to make some money by creating websites and selling them on the side with being pleased by the features and capabilities of Zyro.

So on a smaller scale, Zyro is a great platform with plenty of features, though it may be limiting for larger shops that are trying to scale up their business with advanced features and offer website-building services solely as their main source of income.  

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Zyro Advantages

Let’s take a quick look at the features Zyro offers and what the great benefits are of using it.

Excellent uptime

Something that you should look for when comparing website builders is the uptime they provide, which can impact your SEO ranking, customer experience, and many other factors when running an eCommerce site. In our Zyro website builder review, we see that they have great uptime, which not all site builders have. 

Extremely simple

One of the main draws of using Zyro editor to build a website for your online store is that its drag-and-drop features make it extremely easy for anyone, even beginners, to create their own website. Zyro offers simple-to-use tools with their site builder, even having eCommerce capabilities to help support online sellers. 

Running an online store can be a hassle, but with a convenient website editor, you can create an online store plan with ease for high eCommerce functionality.  

Modern AI tools

Zyro’s AI tools are very convenient and help you build a modern site to thrive in today’s markets. They have an AI writer tool to help you write SEO-driven copy, which is a great resource, especially for eCommerce websites. Plus, they have an AI logo creator to help owners with the creative side of things when they’re tackling a number of other tasks.

These AI capabilities are a great advantage for store owners who need to be more efficient with their time, and can’t spend a lot of resources writing blogs or website content. So, the capabilities of Zyro include a blog title generator, an AI business name generator, and the Zyro AI writer that any online business can benefit from using.  

Every package includes unlimited storage and bandwidth

Other website builders don’t have unlimited storage and bandwidth included with all packages. However, each Zyro website plan does include these features, which is a great benefit of choosing this website-building tool. This is great as your store grows and your site becomes more sophisticated. 

Zyro Packages

Here we will review the Zyro website builder packages you can choose from.

Monthly fee$2.59$3.59
Unlimited Monthly Data Transfers
Blogging tools
AI tools
Domain name
Free hosting
Security with SSL
Basic eCommerce featuresNot included
Advanced eCommerce featuresNot included

Zyro Website

There are many great features included with the most basic plan Zyro offers. This includes marketing features and advanced marketing tools, 24/7 customer support, a free domain for a year, free email for three months, unlimited bandwidth and storage, a web hosting service for free, SSL security, an AI writer for SEO, access to website templates, a Google Tag manager, and a number of other helpful business tools to help you grow your business. 

Zyro Business

If you’d like an upgraded plan beyond the basic features offered by Zyro Website, Zyro Business is the way to go. It has all the same features as the other plan, but with more advanced capabilities for eCommerce stores like inventory management and other commerce capabilities. 

With Zyro Business, you can accept online payments, So if you run a more advanced store rather than just a personal website, you’ll likely need an advanced store plan for your website.

Zyro Quick Overview


4.7 stars

Best Overall Value

  • AI tools
  • Simple to use interface
  • Quick integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

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Zyro Customer Reviews

zyro review (2)

Zyro has garnered great customer reviews on Trust Pilot. Let’s take a look at what some of them have to say.  

With Zyro has been a great experience so far. The customer service is excellent, very professional, courteous, friendly, and multilingual!!. I can speak to them in English, Spanish and Portuguese!! The builder is simple to use, and they are always placing new features. Thanks!


You can’t do anything… You can’t copy and paste, your can’t put your Youtube channel or your podcast on here. It was a waste of money. Don’t use!


Prior to signing up with Zyro, I was using another popular photographers website for my business. It was good, but not nearly the quality of Zyro. At first I thought Zyro was a less expensive place to land to save money, not true! Zyro customer service is by far the best, so helpful they go way above and beyond other platforms for you. Easy to use and if you get stuck their online chat is there to help you within minutes. I highly recommend Zyro to anyone, it is the best!


Just cannot understand the negative reviews. I have used many website builders this is easily the best. Great value for money and a great product.


Zyro Service Review

Review of Zyro

Overall Pricing and Value
Cost Value
Customer Support
Ease of Use
Included Features

Let’s do one final review to see if Zyro is the best website builder for you. 

Is This Brand Right For You?

So is creating a Zyro account a good option for you to build an entire website? For those who are looking for an affordable platform that’s easy to use, Zyro is a great option. It has many of the features you need to get a website put together, while still looking great and high quality. 

Advanced users may find that Zyro is a good website builder, but lacks some of the more advanced features. In this case, Zyro is the best fit for a small business website or small online store. 

Cost Value 

Many customers like Zyro because of its affordability. So if you want to sell online but have been intimated by the costs of creating and running an eCommerce site, Zyro can help you with its great features, all at an affordable price. 

Customer Service

There is a great customer success team at Zyro, with live chat and email customer support available 24/7. Even if there are wait times to speak with a representative, they are very helpful most of the time and can help you get the answers or resolutions you need through Zyro support. Plus, their team speaks multiple languages, which is very helpful for clients around the globe. 

Ease of Use

Zyro’s largest advantage is that its site builder is very intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners. This is largely due to the Zyro templates that make it easy to build a test site and use the drag-and-drop builder to create the site that’s best for you. 

Most site builders can get pretty complex, though the drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for small business owners to create their websites quickly and easily. 

Included Features

Users are impressed by the amount of features that are included with Zyro at such a low cost. There are many eCommerce functionalities to help online sellers better manage their stores, plus all the design features that help users create a website simply and effectively.  


All in all, Zyro is a great platform to build a website if you’re newer to the space. So whether you’re creating a website for yourself or plan on selling the service to other eCommerce stores, you don’t have to be a major expert in order to be successful on the site. Plus, it’s massively affordable and should fit in anyone’s budget. However, if you’re looking to scale up a site-building business, you may find some limitations with Zyro. 

Top 2 Alternatives Of Zyro

Basic FormationFree16$$2.59
Full Formation$10-26$23$3.59
RewardMost AffordableBest DesignsBest Value
DetailRead Review Read Review Read Review

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Similar to Zyro, Weebly is a good site designing platform that’s meant for beginners. However, unlike Zyro, Weebly has a free version that makes it very affordable no matter what your budget is. You don’t need any coding knowledge to create a site on Weebly, and there are functionalities whether you want to create a personal site or an eCommerce store. 

They also have a designing tool which makes it very easy to use, even with little background knowledge. 


Squarespace is one of the most well-known web designing platforms out there today, and they shine above the competition with their high-quality designs and templates. While they are not as cheap as the other two options here, they are seen as one of the industry leaders and do have more advanced capabilities to warrant the higher price tag. 

Even still, it’s still an affordable price and an easy-to-use site so you can create an eCommerce store or personal site in no time. 


There are many reasons why you would choose to build a website with Zyro, mostly given its great value offered. They have excellent features at a low cost, so you don’t have to compromise on functionality just to find a site builder that fits your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Zyro cheap? How much does Zyro cost?

Zyro is very affordable at less than $4/month but still offers high-quality services. 

Does Zyro do shipping and tax management?

Yes, they do. 

How many plans does Zyro offer?

Zyro has two plans: Website and Business.



Bizreport - Bailey Schramm
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Bailey Schramm is a writer based out of Jackson Hole, WY, primarily covering topics and trends in financial services, business, and the blockchain. With a background covering stock market developments for a major FinTech company, she now provides SEO and content strategy services to financial service companies and tech startups.


He is an organized and creative thinking sales management professional with experience in outside and inside sales in various markets. Working as freelancer in the Greater Boston Market, he moved to St. Louis and became an Account Executive, then a Sales Manager managing and coaching 12 sales reps covering a nationwide territory. He has developed his team with a combination of consultative selling and value before price coaching mindset which has won him a President’s Cup and many other financially rewarding awards at RICOH. His most recent role as a Continuous Improvement Manager provided insight into the importance of delivering a quality product in alignment with the value and reputation of his organization. It further enhances the aspect of selling on value as opposed to price.

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