Best Online LLC Formation Services In New Jersey (NJ) 2024

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Northwest Registered Agent

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Best Online LLC Formation Services In New Jersey (NJ)

Starting a New Jersey limited liability company is much easier to do when you find the right New Jersey LLC formation service. But that can be tough to do, given how many different options there are in the state.

We’ve put together this guide to make it easier for you. You’ll find everything that you need to know about New Jersey LLC services and registered agent services to make the right decision for you as an individual or business entity.

So, without further delay, let’s get into it. Keep reading to find the best LLC formation service for your goals.

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Best Online LLC Services in New Jersey 2024

What Is An LLC Service In New Jersey?

These are companies that will help your small business become a licensed limited liability company in New Jersey. They help you fill out your operating agreement, set up a registered agent service, and figure out things like unemployment insurance tax and a physical street address for compliance purposes.

Many of these businesses offer other kinds of support. For example, you might be able to get help with legal documents, state fees, and even personal liability protection and business insurance if you need that kind of support.

Best LLC Services In New Jersey June 2024

Best Online LLC Formation Services In New Jersey (NJ)


ZenBusiness is the only company on our list that can help you create an LLC in New Jersey for free.

  • Free registered agent service and LLC options
  • Offers after-hours support for your New Jersey LLC
  • Can help your limited liability company with business taxes and accounting
  • LLC formation service doesn’t have a national reputation

When you use ZenBusiness, you have the option of creating an LLC in New Jersey at no cost, as long as you select the right operating agreement package. The company also offers some of the best-registered agent services out there and is one of the only after-hours customer service provider options.

If you value online LLC services that are affordable and help business entities with ongoing business licenses and legal documents, then filling out your LLC operating agreement template with Zen Business may be a smart move.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest is our top New Jersey LLC service overall thanks to its affordable, high-quality services.

  • Affordable LLC formation services
  • High-quality New Jersey registered agent services
  • Helpful customer service
  • Missing some premium registered agent service options

When you choose Northwest, you get an LLC formation company that just gets the job done. Whether you need help filling out your LLC operating agreement or setting up an employer identification number and business bank account, this could be the best LLC service for your goals.

The only real downside for small business owners to consider is that different LLC formation services may offer more premium services in different aspects of the business world, such as marketing and long-term legal services.


IncFile is one of the easiest services to use when starting an LLC in New Jersey and offers many helpful online resources at no additional charge.

  • New Jersey LLC formation services that are very easy to get started with
  • Affordable online business formation service
  • Offers helpful online resources for your New Jersey business
  • Customer service can be hit or miss

IncFile may be the right partner for your New Jersey LLC formation process if you want a smooth business formation process without having to expend a ton of effort. The company specializes in providing streamlined assistance to small companies in the state that just want to become LLCs as quickly as possible.

Just note before choosing this LLC and registered agent service that IncFile’s customer support team has been called inconsistent by customers.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands can help New Jersey LLCs get started, create websites, and get more branding support than most LLC services.

  • Can launch your website
  • Has a powerful AI-powered logo generator
  • Offers ongoing marketing and branding support
  • New Jersey LLC formation service can be more expensive than other options

If you’re looking for New Jersey registered agents and LLC support that can also help with marketing and branding, Tailor Brands is likely going to be the best LLC service for you. They have a drag-and-drop website creator, AI-powered logo generator, and other kinds of branding integrations and analytics tools to help your company thrive.

The main drawback to choosing this New Jersey registered agent service is that its enterprise services can be more expensive than other New Jersey LLC services.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer offers many kinds of ongoing business and legal assistance and advice, in addition to New Jersey division LLC creation.

  • Offers ongoing assistance with business and legal issues
  • Many premium services to choose from
  • Many helpful online resources are available
  • A credit card is required for free registered agent services

You can use Rocket Lawyer to get ongoing assistance from lawyers, helpful business advice, and in-depth analytical information to help with everything from personal assets to employee withholding tax.

Rocket Lawyer can also serve as your registered agent address during normal business hours to fulfill your compliance requirements and will make sure you have a certificate of formation to maintain your legality to do business in the state.

How Much Does LLC Service In New Jersey Cost?

Your LLC formation service charges will depend on state fees, your filing fee, and other factors, such as the company you choose and where your physical address is located. However, you can typically expect to pay between $50 and $199 for an LLC certificate of formation.

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How To Start An LLC In New Jersey?

The easiest way to launch an LLC in New Jersey is to go through one of the companies we’ve listed above. They’ll walk you through the process in a step-by-step manner so that you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, all of the options on our list can be good fits for different kinds of companies. Northwest is our favorite choice overall thanks to its customer support team and affordable, high-quality LLC formation packages.

However, ZenBusniess offers an entirely free LLC creation option, and Tailor Brands will get you set up with a business website and branding plan in addition to starting your LLC. Your best bet is to research the pros and cons of each of the options on our list and pick the one that best aligns with your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why would I start an LLC in New Jersey?

Most businesses do this to help with personal asset protection in the event of future financial difficulties.

Can I start an LLC in New Jersey on my own?

Yes, you can complete all of this on your own, but it could take up a lot of time and energy.

How much does it cost to start an LLC in New Jersey?

You should typically expect to pay between $50 and $199, but this price doesn’t always include state fees.



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