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Rocket Lawyer
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  • Cost Value
  • Customer Support
  • Ease of Placing an Order
  • Included Features

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Rocket Lawyer has been around for over a decade now, helping businesses download online legal documents, form a limited liability company, and aid with other legal matters to help business owners get started. 


  • Free LLC services for members
  • Free seven-day trial
  • Discounts on legal services for members
  • Many ways to contact customer support


  • A la carte legal documents could be more affordable
  • Free LLC services only included with membership
  • It can be expensive if you just need a registered agent service
  • Business formation service
  • Registered agent service
  • Access to legal documents
  • Ask a Lawyer service
  • Online platform for legal help and other services
  • Founded in 2008 
  • Based out of San Francisco, CA
Rocket Lawyer Reviews

Rocket Lawyer offers legal services and advice to its customers in a number of ways, including business formation, legal forms, documentation access, power of attorney, and accurate legal advice from qualified professionals. 

There are many out there that offer similar services to Rocket Lawyer, but few offer free LLC business formation included in the monthly fee as Rocket Lawyer does. Additionally, Rocket Lawyer customers can create documents that are customized to their business, which can be downloaded and shared instantly.  

So when you’re starting a business, Rocket Lawyer’s services can help you get the business legal aid you need. Plus, they have a seven-day free trial where you can test out their online legal services to see if it’s a good match for your needs.

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Rocket Lawyer Advantages

Let’s cover some of the main benefits of utilizing Rocket Lawyer’s legal services. 

Free Trial

One of the main draws of Rocket Lawyer’s platform is that they have a free one-week trial. This isn’t offered by all of their competitors, which is a reason why they stand out in the industry. This allows customers to try out their services for themselves to see if it’s a good fit given the legal forms, registered agent services, and other services that are included in the membership. 

Refund Policies

Rocket Lawyer also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if customers go through the free trial and still aren’t satisfied after the first month, they can request their money back no questions asked. This is a generous offer that not all online legal service providers will provide, which is why it’s such a large advantage that Rocket Lawyer has aside from the free trial. 

Valuable Legal Services

Above all, Rocket Lawyer’s website gives users access to a wide range of relevant legal services when they run a small business. Whether you need to create custom legal documents for our business, get a registered agent, or have a qualified professional answer legal questions you have, Rocket Lawyer can provide the appropriate legal assistance for these matters. 

Ease to Use

Many users find that Rocket Lawyer has easy-to-use and intuitive services that are very helpful. Rocket Lawyer’s legal documents are easy to access on the site, so anyone who needs to create legal documents or store them can do so within the site. Plus, you can also easily access attorney services, pay state filing fees, and get legal help as needed with a Rocket Lawyer plan. 

Rocket Lawyer LLC Service Formation Packages

Now we’ll go over the various packages that Rocket Lawyer offers, including the monthly membership and a la carte services. Here is the Rocket Lawyer pricing: 

Premium memberNon-member
Create legal documentFree$39.99 per legal document
Document defenseFree$9.99 
Q&A with a lawyerFree$49.99 per question
30-minute consultation call with a lawyerFree$59.99 per consultation
Discounts when you hire a Rocket Lawyer On Call® attorney*Up to 40% offNot included
Setting up an LLC, corporation, and non-profitFree$99.99 not including state fees
Registered agent service25% off$149.99

Rocket Lawyer Premium member

With a Rocket Lawyer premium membership, you can access all the above services for free after paying the monthly Rocket Lawyer cost. Plus, you can get great discounts on additional services that aren’t included with the monthly membership. For businesses that need attorney services and a full-service option compared to hiring a law firm or local lawyer, the premium membership is a great option for legal help. 

Rocket Lawyer Non-member

If you do not create a Rocket Lawyer membership, you can still purchase all the services on Rocket Lawyer’s website a la carte. However, you will not be eligible for the discount when you hire a Rocket Lawyer On Call attorney like premium members. This is a great idea if you just solely need the registered agent service, Rocket Lawyer’s incorporation service alone, and not anything else. 

Rocket Lawyer Quick Overview

Rocket Lawyer

4.8 stars

Best Overall Value

  • Free trial offer
  • Downloadable legal documents
  • Free LLC formation with membership

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Rocket Lawyer Customer Reviews

Rocket Lawyer Reviews (1)

Let’s take a look at some of the customer reviews with the Better Business Bureau, where Rocket Lawyer has an excellent rating. As you will see, many highly recommend Rocket Lawyer, especially given their free trial period. 

I loved the site. It was well-organized and easy to use. It helped me a lot with the form I needed. As others have said, I would not use it enough to pay for a subscription.


I feel it’s a great site, but I wouldn’t utilize it enough to warrant the $40/month fee.


Had only one minor legal matter and Rocket Lawyer provided just the help we needed. Appreciate the opportunity to use the free trial.


Very pleasant when I had to cancel the service within 7 days because I was unable to use it. I was given a different option for a reasonable price, but was very nice when I was unable to use the offer. Thanks for professional service all the way around.


Rocket Lawyer LLC Service Review

Review of Rocket Lawyer

Overall Pricing and Value
Cost Value
Customer Support
Ease of Placing an Order
Included Features

Let’s take a final look at whether you should use Rocket Lawyer or not.

Is This Brand Right For You?

Rocket Lawyer offers a very comprehensive service for people with a wide range of legal needs given their premium membership. For those who just need a one-off service, their a la carte options can be a great resource to certain business owners. All in all, they offer exceptional service, a great customer service team, and a free trial that helps potential customers try out the platform risk-free.  

Cost Value 

Many customers agree that paying for the premium membership is worth it, especially for those who have a need for legal advice or a wide range of services that are included with the monthly fee. If you pay a la carte for the documents and other matters from the support team, the costs could add up, however. Plus, you will need to pay state filing fees on top of what they charge. 

Customer Service

Rocket Lawyer has a great customer service team, which is even praised by customers on the BBB website. They have a number of ways that you can access customer support, including through a chatbot, email, phone, and other methods. 

Ease of Use

The Rocket Lawyer site is easy to use, especially with its intuitive form builder where you can create custom documents. From the site, you can also easily access legal advice from attorneys, and go through the entire process of forming a business in an efficient manner. 

Included Features

Especially as a premium member, there are many great features included when you pay for Rocket Lawyer. This includes document defense, a discount on registered agent services, a Q&A with a lawyer, a consultation, and more.


We have found Rocket Lawyer to be very efficient and effective for people who have a range of legal questions, are facing a legal issue, or need access to Rocket Lawyer documents for business formation, power of attorney, and other reasons. 

Alternative to Rocket Lawyer

ZenBusinessNorthwest Registered AgentRocket Lawyer
Basic FormationFreeFreeFree
Full Formation$199$100Not included
Free business formation
Advice from an attorneyNot included$9/month$49.99/question
DetailRead Review Read Review Read Review

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ZenBusiness is one of the top alternatives to Rocket Lawyer, helping users with business formation services, and is known for its low-priced plans and great quality of customer service. The service hasn’t been around for too long, though it’s quickly becoming one of the top-used platforms for organizations needing business formation services and other support needs. 

One specialty of their site is that they have an invoicing app and operating agreement template.

Northwest Registered Agent

In comparing Rocket Lawyer to Northwest, you’ll see that both have great service, especially given the top-tier support provided by qualified professionals in their field. One of the great draws of Northwest is that they promise to never sell your data to third parties, which helps protect your privacy. 

Their specialty is being a registered agent, though they offer many other legal services to help new business owners go through the formation process and meet filing deadlines.


As you can see, there are many reasons why you would want to work with Rocket Lawyer to take care of your small business legal matters. They have a great team of customer support who are willing to help you with a wide range of legal topics. They offer a free trial that many love, so they can try out the platform risk-free, plus being a premium member, offers a lot of cost value that you can’t find with other competitors. 

However, you will still need to pay state fees on top of what they charge. So if you’re looking for an intuitive form builder for legal documents or need to send a demand letter for your business, Rocket Lawyer is an excellent choice. But if you’re only looking for a registered agent service, you may want to look elsewhere for a cheaper option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Rocket Lawyer handle a legal issue related to state law? Can they connect me with an actual lawyer?

Yes, they have offices based in all states to help you get personalized help given where you’re located.

How well is Rocket Lawyer rated by the Better Business Bureau?

They have a very good rating with the BBB at 4.85/5 stars.



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