Best LLC Formation Services In Illinois (IL) 2023: Reviewed & Ranked

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Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

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Best LLC Services in Illinois (1)

If you’re going through the business formation process in Illinois, then you know how challenging it can be. From having to set up an employer identification number and filling out dense formation documents to setting up a business bank account and compiling annual reports, it’s a lot for anyone to do.

If you’d like assistance with the entire process, then consider hiring an Illinois LLC formation company. Many LLC filing services and business formation providers can also get your limited liability company set up with registered agents to ensure compliance with the Illinois Secretary of State.

Finding the right business formation service and LLC formation services can be a challenge, but we’ve together this guide to help. Keep reading to find our review of the best LLC services and registered agent service options in Illinois.

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Best LLC Services in Illinois 2023

Best LLC Services in Illinois June 2023

Best LLC Services in Illinois (2)


ZenBusiness stands out with best-in-class support and positive customer reviews for its LLC services and free registered agent service.

  • Starts at $0 plus state fees
  • Premium registered agent and compliances services
  • Affordable EIN and expedited filing options
  • Doesn’t have a national registered agent service reputation

ZenBusiness is one of the only LLC in Illinois companies to offer after-hours customer support, which will make it a good fit for a business owner that operates after normal hours. The company can get you set up with a basic LLC formation package that covers an operating agreement template, business address, and other online LLC services, such as help with business taxes and personal assets.

If you want to start an LLC in Illinois and you’re looking for registered agent services, you can’t go wrong with this provider. In addition, ZenBusiness will supply all the formation necessities with its $0 plus state fees and make sure you have everything you need to start your business.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest is our top overall pick for LLC services given its affordability and highly-rated customer support team.

  • Affordable
  • Helpful support team
  • Excellent online resource center
  • Missing some premium services

If you just want an Illinois LLC service provider that will get the job done for you at an affordable price, then Northwest may be the best online business formation service for you. The company will help you fill out an LLC operating agreement and articles of organization, then get them submitted quickly with its high-quality Illinois LLC formation services.

Northwest also has a free registered agent service that you may qualify for if you use its LLC formation service to set up your limited liability company (LLC). This can help you save money by ensuring you don’t have to pay separately for an Illinois registered agent – at least for your first year. 


IncFile stands out through affordability, helpful online tools, and ease of use.

  • Affordable
  • Great online tools
  • Easy to start using
  • Hit or miss customer support

IncFile offers Illinois LLC formation services that get the job done at an affordable price. The company also has different kinds of support for legal services, franchise tax payments, state filing fees, operating agreements, LLC formation documents, and premium registered agent service, among others.

The one downside to this provider is that its free LLC formation service and filing fee support don’t always have the best reviews due to hit-or-miss customer support.


Tailor Brands offers high-quality business formation services that can also help you create a logo, build a website, and market your brand online.

  • Logo generator
  • Website Builder
  • Integrated marketing tools
  • Registered agent service is expensive

Tailor Brands is an Illinois LLC formation service that also helps small businesses with their marketing. The company can get you set up with a registered agent in Illinois as well if you need one.

Small business owners who want the best Illinois LLC service and additional services may do best by choosing this professional service for their Illinois business. The company has a ton of great integrations and other LLC services that make it a good online LLC service for many different kinds of businesses.


LegalZoom has an industry-leading reputation and is a great choice if you need help with legal services in addition to LLC formation support.

  • Excellent reputation
  • Many add-on services are available
  • Highly-rated customer support team
  • Can be more expensive than other options

LegalZoom has the most recognizable business name in the industry. The company can help with formation paperwork, legal documents, unemployment insurance tax, operating agreements, state fees, business insurance, and more.

The only real downside to selecting LegalZoom is that company charges a bit more for LLC formation services and help with articles of organization than other providers.

What Is an LLC Service in Illinois?

Illinois LLC services help small businesses become limited liability companies. They’ll help you fill out your articles of organization, operating agreement, and all other paperwork and state fees that you need to pay.

You can do this on your own, but the process is time-consuming and can be challenging. It’s easier for most business owners to use one of the best LLC service options on our list.

How Much Does LLC Service in Illinois Cost?

Your charges will typically be between $99 and $199 to start an LLC in Illinois. However, only services rendered by the LLC company are included in this fee. You will also need to pay state fees, which can vary based on the kind of company you’re trying to start and the operating agreement you need to fill out.

How To Start An LLC In Illinois

Starting an LLC in the state of Illinois is much easier to do when you go through a professional service. They’ll handle the entire process for you. Here’s what that looks like:

  • Choose a provider
  • Visit their website and select the option to start an LLC
  • Fill out the requested paperwork and pay the required fees
  • Wait 3-4 weeks and the company will let you know if your application has been approved or if additional paperwork is needed.

Final Thoughts

Starting an LLC is a great way to reduce your personal liability while running a company in Illinois. Northwest is our top overall pick for this service given its affordability and quality, but you may also want to look at Tailor Brands for branding support or ZenBusiness if you value customer service highly.

Ultimately, each of the providers on our list can help, so it really comes down to your company’s preferences and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an LLC?

An LLC is a limited liability company. This means that your personal liability is limited if something goes wrong while running the business.

How much does it cost to start an LLC in Illinois?

It typically costs between $99 and $199 to start your LLC, but that may not include all of the state fees that you have to pay.

Can I start an LLC on my own?

Yes, it’s possible to start an LLC without hiring a professional service. It’s just a more complicated process that can be challenging to get through without guidance.



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