Tax Preparation Service In Canada 2024: Reviewed & Ranked

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EY TaxChat

EY TaxChat

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Tax Preparation Service In Canada

Tax preparation is a complicated process that requires knowledge and expertise. With tax season approaching, taxpayers across Canada are beginning to prepare their taxes. The task can be daunting, and it pays to have an expert handle all your taxes.

Tax preparation services in Canada are increasingly becoming popular among individuals and businesses who want to minimize their tax burden as much as possible while staying compliant with the law. Today, we’ll look at the best tax services in Canada for 2024 and provide insights on choosing the right one.

What Is Tax Preparation Service?

Tax preparation services are professional services that help individuals and businesses prepare their taxes. They provide a comprehensive range of tax-related activities, from filing the necessary forms to advising on reducing your tax burden. 

Many tax preparation firms employ certified public accountants (CPAs) or other professionals such as bookkeepers, lawyers, and financial advisors. They offer various billing options and packages for taxpayers in Canada, depending on their needs. 

Alternatively, many self-service and online tax preparation solutions are now available. These tools let you file your tax and receive your return as a person or business.

The Tax Preparation Services Process

The most critical step in the tax services process is to collect your income information. This includes wages, investment income, and other taxable benefits or losses. You can send it to your tax preparation office via email, or upload it through their online portal. Once this is done, the accounting services will use it to compute your taxes and ensure all applicable credits and deductions are applied correctly. 

You may also need to send or upload additional documents, such as receipts for charitable donations or medical expenses incurred during the year. You’ll also need to submit financial statements if you’re a business owner. 

Once all your paperwork has been collected and processed, an accountant can file your return with the CRA.

Self-service accounting services or tax preparation software like TurboTax, on the other hand, guides you through filing your taxes. The software will prompt you to enter information related to each form and provide helpful tips along the way, ensuring accuracy and compliance with CRA regulations. When using tax services software, you may contact a customer support representative with questions or reach out for professional assistance for a fee if needed. 

Top 5 Best Tax Services In Canada 2024

We have extensively researched several tax preparation tools available in Canada, and below are our top five picks. 

  • TurboTax: Editor’s Choice as the Best Overall Tax Preparation Service in Canada
  • H&R Block: Most Affordable Tax Service
  • EY TaxChat: Most Complete Tax Service
  • Jackson Hewitt: Most Streamlined Tax Filing Experience with a Flat Rate
  • Liberty Tax: Most Personalized Tax Filing Support

Top 5 Best Tax Services In Canada June 2024

Tax Preparation Service In Canada


TurboTax by Intuit, a CRA-compliant tax service software, is the best overall tax preparation platform for individual and corporate taxes. The platform lets you prepare your tax files and assists you with on-demand support from experienced professionals and CPAs. 

  • Assisted and do-it-yourself tax and returns preparation services
  • On-demand professional help to prepare tax return
  • Guaranteed live assistance from qualified CPAs while preparing returns
  • Expensive if you have multiple tax returns to file
  • Not possible to meet consultants in person for preparing tax returns

TurboTax offers a range of software features to ease your tax and return filing. Its packages include free tax, business tax, personal, and family tax software, each with features tailored to user type.

TurboTax also shows you over 400 tax credit options to apply deductions and fewer tax payments. At the same time, if you ever face difficulties filing or preparing your taxes. TurboTax’s professional accounting services are only a phone call away.

One of the most stand-out TurboTax features is its compatibility with any device. You can access the platform’s full functionality by using the mobile app on the go or prepare your taxes comfortably using the web portal or desktop app from your computer.

TurboTax lets you quickly transfer your records from the previous tax years, ensuring excellent ease of use. If you subscribe for full-service tax and return filing, TurboTax can handle everything on your behalf, including preparing tax files and collecting your CRA tax slips.

H&R Block

H&R Block is a well-known tax preparation service in Canada. It offers high-end services to both individuals and organizations. You can rely on the company’s expertise and experience in handling complex taxation matters, from personal income tax filing to small business taxes.

  • Convenient drop in and drop off services
  • Virtual and in-person help from qualified tax professionals
  • Highly transparent pricing with no hidden costs
  • Tax file extension requires specific software
  • Sluggish support over phone related to tax returns

The platform supports all the standard features of an online tax preparation system; however, H&R Block has some additional benefits, like its ‘Tax Pro Review’ feature that provides an expert review of your return before you file it with the CRA.

H&R Block offers guidance for complicated tax situations through its network of professionals. The platform also supports multi-level income tax filing, meaning you can have different returns for each province and territory. H&R Block provides a wide range of software packages to cater to your needs based on the size and income of your business or family. All their packages include helpful features like TurboTax’s Tax Pro Review and access to an expert network if required.

EY TaxChat

EY TaxChat

Visit Website

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EY TaxChat is a tax filing and preparation platform by Ernst & Young, one of the world’s most prominent accounting firms. EY TaxChat is available in Canada for both corporate and individual users. 

  • Separate tax services for individuals and organizations
  • No-obligation, flexible fee structure for preparing tax return
  • Support extension to your customers and filing their income tax returns
  • Not one of the affordable options. Expert assistance is available from $199. 
  • Not suitable for self-guided tax filing without professional help

EY TaxChat emphasizes on providing the most streamlined and error-free tax return filing experience possible. Just fill out a detailed questionnaire on their mobile app or website, and EY’s leading CPAs and tax professionals will provide help with your unique tax situation. 

The tool automatically recommends a few tax options and connects you with a tax consultant over phone with the most optimal service charges based on your need and budget.

If you are a tax professional, you can still use EY TaxChat to support your customers’ returns through EY’s industry-leading consulting services and tax filing system, which will also authorize you to use the EY logo. 

Similarly, businesses in Canada can also support their employees through EY TaxChat by integrating the tax support service within their employee benefits program.

Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt

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Jackson Hewitt is another leading name in the Canadian tax preparation industry. The low-cost tax filing service, available from only $25, is an excellent option for individuals and businesses with limited budgets. 

  • Professional support through local tax and audit consultants
  • Flat rate with no hidden payments
  • 100% calculation accuracy guaranteed for income tax
  • No free options

Jackson Hewitt provides expert advice from experienced professionals to assist you with filing taxes and maximizing tax credits to apply for deductions. It also implements robust security protocols to guarantee your online privacy and protect you from any online threats. You’ll automatically receive alerts regarding suspicious account activity.

Customers can access the online portal or desktop app on any device. From the beginning of the tax preparation process until they receive confirmation from the CRA, they’ll receive personalized support via email or phone call.

The platform offers additional services, such as tax planning and debt management. Further, the 3-year price lock feature lets you pay the same price for online tax filing for three consecutive years.

Liberty Tax

liberty tax

Visit Website

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Liberty Tax is one of Canada’s oldest tax services, providing impeccable support to Canadian taxpayers since 1997. 

  • In-person and online tax preparation services
  • Free tax and audit advisory support from CPA-qualified professionals 
  • Drop-off service and physical office
  • Not an extraordinary user experience
  • Limited supporting resources to learn taxation system

In addition to the regular online filing system, you can also reach out to Liberty Tax for in-person support. They operate physical offices in major provinces, including Ontario and Quebec.

Liberty Tax has supported over a million clients file income tax with the CRA. You can also book a free income tax advisory service at your nearby Liberty Tax service office. 

Small businesses and corporate users may also find the bookkeeping services offered by Liberty Tax highly convenient. Powered by Xero, the bookkeeping service can provide clients with a smoother experience in future tax seasons.

Benefits of Tax Preparation Services

Tax Preparation Service In Canada

Tax preparation and filing can be an overwhelming experience for most individuals and businesses. With the help of tax preparation services, you can save a lot of time, effort, and money while ensuring that your taxes are prepared accurately. Here are some advantages of using these services:

Extensive Professional Knowledge

Tax preparation services can provide you with the expertise of a tax expert. A professional tax preparer has extensive knowledge and experience in understanding complex financial matters, such as audit and returns filing, which helps them provide trustworthy advice on maximizing your eligible deductions and minimizing your taxes.

Complex tax situations

Many taxpayers face complex circumstances when filing their tax and return. For instance, those who own multiple businesses or have high incomes must consider additional factors such as capital gains, investment income, international taxation, money flow, real estate purchases, etc. A reliable tax preparation service will know how to navigate these complexities accurately so that you don’t overpay or underpay your taxes and maintain a clear audit trail. 

Guaranteed Accuracy

Tax services guarantee accuracy, so you can rest assured that your tax returns are accurate and complete. The professionals have the knowledge to spot errors or discrepancies in your tax filings. This helps you avoid costly mistakes that could lead to hefty fines or penalties.


With the guidance of a tax expert or tool, you’ll have an easier time going step-by-step through the deduction criteria. You’ll be better poised to take advantage of deductions and credits to minimize your tax burden. 

A tax preparation service makes it easy and straightforward to complete your taxes. They understand all the forms and processes involved in filing your taxes, so they’ll make sure it goes smoothly for you.

How To Choose The Best Tax Preparation Service?

Although choosing the most suitable tax preparation service for your income tax or corporate tax filing can be difficult, the following factors should play a role in your decision:

  • Online and offline availability: Most tax services in Canada offer online, phone, and offline options for clients. You can either use their website to file taxes or visit a physical location for consultations. 
  • Experience and knowledge of the consultants: It’s important to ensure that the tax preparation firm you choose has knowledgeable staff who are well-versed in Canadian taxation laws, rules, and regulations. They should have experience filing taxes for different types of clients, including corporate tax for businesses and income tax for individuals.
  • The necessity of physical locations: Some taxpayers may prefer to visit the tax preparation firm’s office to consult with a professional and get their taxes done face-to-face. Others may be comfortable doing it online. Determine what kind of service you need before choosing a particular tax preparation firm.
  • Service price: Tax preparation firms offer varying prices depending on their services and packages. Make sure that you compare all the available options before making your choice. This way, you can avoid overpaying for unnecessary services. 

Lastly, the tax filing process should be straightforward. Make sure that the tax preparation service provider you choose has an organized and well-structured filing system that makes it easy to file your taxes.

Cost of Tax Preparation Services

The cost of tax services in Canada for 2024 depends on the complexity of your return, the number of returns, and whether you will need any personalized review or consultation. Generally speaking, fees can range from zero to over $1,000, depending on the documents, expertise, and strategies required.

Additionally, suppose you are running a business or have investments that must be reported for taxation purposes. In that case, you may pay more because you require additional documents and forms.

Compare Tax Preparation Service & Tax Preparation Software

Tax preparation services and tax preparation software are valuable tools for filing taxes. While tax preparation services involve a professional or service provider, such as a CPA who does the work on your behalf, tax preparation software allows you to do it yourself with minimal guidance. 

Tax services can help you maximize deductions and credits while minimizing your overall tax liability through various strategies. Tax preparers also have extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations around filing taxes in Canada. They often advise reducing your tax burden to remain compliant with the law without overpaying taxes. 

On the other hand, self-service tax preparation software is suitable for those who are confident in their knowledge, want more control, and don’t mind spending time on the task. Software packages include step-by-step instructions that guide you through the process of filing your taxes. They often come with tips and advice on making deductions and credits, but they lack detailed guidance from a qualified professional.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it – the best tax services in Canada for 2024. When it comes to preparing taxes, having an expert handle the forms for you is a great way to ensure you remain compliant with the law while minimizing your overall tax burden. 

When choosing a service provider, check their credentials and experience carefully. Moreover, compare services and software to find the one that fits your needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which tax service line is best?

It depends on your specific needs. For instance, it pays to have an experienced accountant from EY TaxChat handle the task if you’re a small business owner and in need of succession planning. For individual clients and families, self-service tax preparation solutions such as TurboTax and H&R Block are often cheaper than hiring a CPA or other professional.

How do I find a good person to do my taxes?

The best way is to ask around friends, family members, or colleagues who have used tax preparation services before to file income tax. You can also use review sites to read reviews of online income tax service providers and contact them directly for quotes.

Who is the cheapest tax company?

TurboTax is one of the cheapest income tax and corporate tax filing companies in Canada. It lets you prepare and file one simple personal income tax return for free. The paid plans with maximized deductions start from as low as $20.99 per return. 

Can H&R Block get my T4?

Yes, H&R Block can get your T4. Simply visit one of the many physical service offices of H&R Block and ask them to download your T4. 



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