Benefits Of An LLC 2024: Free Guide

Benefits Of An LLC 2023: Free Guide

Many small business owners and small proprietors look to move their enterprises to the next level.  This step often takes the form of incorporating a Limited Liability Company, or LLC.  This business entity is easy to set up and operate, but also provides liability protection the same way a corporation does.  Owners protect their personal assets from liability.  You will find many services available to help file LLC paperwork, provide register agent service, and assure annual compliance.  In this article, we present our findings about the top providers available through online portals.  We considered the quality of services, affordability, return on investment, customer support, and customer experience as told in reviews to analyze the competitors for you.  We present the top 5 of the choices and describe their value propositions.

What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are a special type of business entity.  Many economists and business experts consider the LLC to be the “best of both worlds”.  Like a sole proprietorship, LLCs are easy to set up and maintain compliance with – but they don’t have the drawback of the sole proprietorship which is personal liability.  And though the LLC has liability protection like an S-Corp or C-Corp, LLCs do not require boards of directors or complex paperwork.  Thus the LLC may just be the perfect choice for the majority of business owners.

What are the Benefits of an LLC Compared to Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships & Corporations?

Other commonly employed business structures, including corporations, general partnerships, and sole owners, provide many advantages, but the LLC entity combines the advantages of both structures.

Personal Assets Protection

The primary purpose of the LLC business structure is to protect the owners’ personal assets and provide personal liability protection.  The business debts or lawsuits are enforceable only against the business entity’s assets.

Pass-Through Taxation on Profits

Single LLC owners can find tax advantages because there is complete flexibility.  You can decide if you want to be taxed as a sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation all while retaining the LLC designation.  For example, many LLC single members elect to pass through.  Profits are taxed at their personal rate right on their 1040 instead of receiving a double tax from the company and then their own.   

Management Flexibility

In contrast to a corporate structure, LLC owners have the option of deciding which type of management and ownership suits them the most. An LLC can offer the ability to operate within one or more member-managed entities. What about a meeting at a coffee shop and no phone call? Can you make a video call at an oceanside café? It is a prestigious luxury enjoyed by LLC owners, but rare for a company’s officers.

Fewer Paperworks

A corporation offers limited liability but requires certain requirements that are not suitable for a small, informal enterprise. The company also holds shareholder meetings, writes annual reports, and pays state taxes annually. They often require considerable record-keeping. LLCs are generally not obligated to conduct yearly meetings. In many states, LLCs don’t require an annual report.

Inexpensive & Easy to Form

Although sole proprietorships have been the easiest to set up, to begin with, the creation of an LLC is relatively simple. In most states, the filing requirement for LLCs is regulated by state statutes. Generally, every state will require you to choose the names of the businesses you want to file articles for their filing with the state company filing office, which is sometimes the State Secretary. The creation of the LLC requires less paperwork than filing an S corporation or corporation’s constitution.

How to Start an LLC?

Benefits Of An LLC 2023: Free Guide

Choose a Name for Your LLC

Begin by choosing a name and then checking with the state registration database to make sure it is unique. LLCs should end with the initials LLC or the words Limited liability Company.

Choose a Registered Agent

LLCs must designate a location and person to receive official correspondence such as tax documents, lawsuits, or regulatory notices. This registered agent is designated at the formation. 

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File Organization Paperwork With the State

Proper LLC formation paperwork called the Articles of Organization must be submitted to an official – such as the Department of Treasury.

Prepare the LLC’s Operating Agreement

Operating agreements are a form of bylaws where the LLC members agree to the procedures for the company and how the business will be run.

Obtain an EIN for Your LLC

As a separate business entity, LLCs need their EIN – or Employer Identification Number.  This is used by the federal government for taxation purposes and to identify the LLC.

Annual Tax

Of course, LLC members and the entity itself may be responsible for a number of different taxes.  The most prominent tax benefit of LLCs is flexibility.  You can elect to be taxed in the manner of any of the other corporation styles.  Many single-member owners use this to avoid double taxation.  However, remember that it is necessary to pay self-employment tax in those cases. 

How Much Does It Cost to Start an LLC?

Owners will find that LLCs are easy to start and much less expensive than corporations.  To start an LLC, you will pay for formation charges, state filing fees, registered agent service, and any annual compliance assistance you need.  Many providers have low-cost options that even start at $0 plus state fees (though you will get many upsell attempts).  For a rough average, state LLC fees may be around $100 to $300 and a moderate LLC formation package from a provider may cost $200 to $300 per year.  All in all, a good selection of LLC services and all the associated fees will be under $1000 to start up.

Why Should You Form an LLC?

Many small business owners should start an LLC. The purpose is to separate personal finances from business dealings to have limited liability protection. This protects personal assets in the event of business debt defaults or lawsuits. Note that there are limits on liability protection such as in cases of fraud or if you commingle funds. 

How to Choose The Best LLC Formation Service?

As we have presented, each LLC service provides slightly different value propositions. Thus, it is key to match your business needs to the service.  Business owners would consider their budget, their need for more or less comprehensive services, the level of ongoing support needed, and the reliability of the service.  In the end, make a decision on the return on investment for your money and time.

The Top 2 LLC Services

ZenBusinessNorthwest Registered Agent
AwardBest OverallMost Affordable
DetailRead Review Read Review

Visit Website

Visit Website


Consumers praise ZenBusiness‘s simple UI and affordable bundles. The most user-friendly web portal in the industry is contemporary and clear. Consumers also value the affordable, transparent pricing and socially focused PBC aspect.  With everything most small businesses need for a great price at any package, we find Zenbusiness to be the Best LLC Formation Package.

Users immediately find a current. Sleek, and intuitive user experience at ZenBusiness.  Forming an LLC with one of their affordable packages is so easy that you can be finished in just minutes.  They provide LLC formation, operating agreements, worry-free compliance, registered agent services, and tax consultants to name just some of the key features. They are a deservedly hot name in this field – amassing over 10,000 positive reviews in just the last few years of business.  Their model is aimed primarily at this simple LLCs who want fast and affordable services.  If you need more personalized attention or ongoing legal services, a few other competitors may be better suited to your needs.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent provides personal service that harkens back to a slower-paced time when service providers took the time to make phone calls and get to know clients.  This helps them provide trusted, secure, and reliable LLC formation and registered agent services.  Not surprisingly – as alluded to in their name – we are most impressed with their secure and dependable agents.  This they are our choice as Best Registered Agent Services.

With its LLC creation service, Northwest, a mid-sized firm, effectively blends the capabilities of a large corporation with the friendly, intimate atmosphere of a small business. Here, you won’t ever use a chatbot or an automated call system. Instead, “Corporate Guide” agents take your call and walk you through the LLC formation process step by step. Northwest also specializes in registered agent service, which is discreetly handled by their own staff and confidential couriers. When the specifics of the complete LLC services are taken into account, total fees may end up being slightly higher than average but are still a wonderful deal.  If you prefer a service that is lightning fast or up to date on the latest technology trend you may want to look at other competitors.

Final Thoughts

Many business owners would benefit from increased peace of mind by moving to the LLC business entity – knowing that their personal assets are protected. This is a fairly easy process, made easier by the plethora of excellent LLC formation companies that make it affordable to have professional help.  Whichever one of the competitors we presented today you choose, you are sure to find excellent formation, registered agent, and compliance services.  This frees up your time and focuses to concentrate on growing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to hire a lawyer to register an LLC?

Business filings to start an LLC are fairly simple. Thus, some owners file themselves, some use a third-party service, and others retain an attorney.

Is it possible to set up an LLC for free?

No. LLC formation comes with a cost (usually between $100-$300) in state fees.  However, there are LLC formation companies that offer promotions and basic packages where they handle everything else for free.

Is an LLC different from having liability insurance?

Yes. The LLC structure actually separates the business dealings from the owner’s personal assets.  While liability insurance may pay some or all of a judgment against an individual.  Liability protection from the corporate veil actually means the judgment is only against the company.

Do LLCs pay taxes?

LLC members may decide if they want the company to be taxed itself like a corporation or for the taxes to pass through to the individual income tax return like a sole proprietor.

Are online LLC formation services legit?

Yes. Many millions of LLCs have been successfully formed using online LLC services.  Make sure you check professional ratings, customer reviews, and the Better Business Bureau to verify the reliability of any service on or offline.



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