What Are Articles Of Organization For Limited Liability Company


If you want to start an LLC, then you need to file various legal documents with the secretary of state’s office. One of the most important business formation documents is an LLC’s articles of organization.

If you’re wondering why filing articles of organization matters, how your LLC members can do it, or why the state government requires this legal paperwork from a new business LLC, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to learn more about this important document and how to file articles of organization with the state agency that manages these kinds of state records near your street address.

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What Are Articles Of Organization?

Articles of organization are legal documents that contain basic information about your limited partnership and the company’s purpose.

When you create articles of organization, your managing members must include:

  • Your company name and business address
  • The nature of your LLC’s business
  • The name and street address of your business’s registered agent
  • The names of company owners of the business entity and potentially some information about what each LLC member will be responsible for (such as member titles and organization structure)

The state takes this document and puts it on the public record as long as your business and its indefinite LLC owners are engaged in lawful activity and don’t face legal inquiries in other countries.

How Articles Of Organization Work

Articles of organization aren’t necessarily binding contracts. You can change to a different process for running your business, and most states allow single-member LLCs to add new business owners to the limited company.

However, this is a public document that must be accurate. If you ever decide to change your LLC name, hire a new statutory agent, or alter your registered business entity in some other way, you’ll need to file an organization form with the state to register those changes.

Basically, LLC articles are public instead of internal documents. So, although you’re free to change your company’s articles at any time, you have to make sure you update your LLC’s operating agreement with the state so that people can get the information they need.

How to File Articles of Organization

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The process for filing articles for an organization always involves filling out some paperwork and paying a filing fee. But the details of this document can vary based on the state where you want to form your professional limited liability company.

With that in mind, here’s a general look at the process for turning sole proprietorships into a series LLC that’s in good standing with your state.

Visit the Secretary of State’s Website

The first thing you need to do is visit your secretary of state’s website. This is where most states keep important business documents and their own rules for filing LLC articles, business articles, and an LLC bank account. To find your state website and locate the LLC articles form first.

Gathering LLC Information

Next, you can gather the information that you’ll need to include when you file articles of organization. This is everything we detailed in the earlier section, including your business name, the nature of its business, and your company’s registered agent, among other details.

Make sure you have all of this ready to go so that you can get your articles of organization filed quickly and your business license and business banking account or business checking account set up as soon as possible.

Answer Questions

If you have any questions about things like a business name, organization articles, or becoming your own registered agent, you can typically find answers on the state’s website. There’s usually a comprehensive guide with rules available and an effective date for LLC changes on the secretary of state websites.

If you’ve taken a look at those and still have questions about your organization and its LLC articles, then you can contact the state directly to get those questions answered.

Submit the Form

Now, all that’s left to do is to submit your LLC articles to the state, which you can typically do online. Once the state has your articles of organization, they’ll review them to ensure there are no issues and then give you something like a general business license so you can move forward (the approval process varies from state to state).

If there are any issues with something like your business name or articles of organization, then the state will let you know what those are and ask you to update your articles of organization to complete the process.

Start a Limited Liability Company 2023

Starting an LLC has never been easier. You can file articles of organization and complete most of the process online. Here’s a closer look at how to do it.

Choose a Name for Your LLC

First, make sure the articles provide a name for your new company that fits all of the state’s requirements. You often need to have some variation of a limited liability company or LLC in the organization name.

Choose Your Registered Agent

Next, you can choose the agent you will list in your articles of organization. This is a point of official contact. You can do the job yourself or hire a professional company to do it for you.

Filing Articles of Organization

We’ve already covered the process for submitting articles of organization above, so you should be all set on those. Just make sure you look up the specific rules for this on your state’s website, which is where you’ll also find the form.

Create an LLC Operating Agreement

At this point; you’ll likely submit an operating agreement. This provides additional information that goes beyond what you’ve submitted in your articles of organization. It’s also a document that can vary based on the state you’re located in.

Obtaining an EIN

Now, all that’s left to do is to set up your EIN. This nine-digit number is important for state and federal taxes. The good news is that you can set yours up entirely online in as little as 10 minutes by visiting the IRS’s website

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Zenbusiness also offers after-hours customer support, while many of its competitors don’t. This makes it a great fit for companies that tend to operate at odd hours.

Final Thoughts

Submitting articles of organization is a key step towards forming a limited liability company, regardless of the state you’d like to do this in. We hope our guide has helped you understand why this document matters and the type of information that you’ll need to include in your articles to complete the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are articles of organization for an LLC?

An LLC’s articles of organization is a document that contains basic information about the business, how it’s going to be run, and who will be in charge of it.

Does every LLC need to submit articles of organization?

Yes, every LLC must submit articles of organization to the state in which they plan on establishing headquarters.

Do articles of organization change from state to state?

Yes, articles of organization vary from state to state, so it’s important to visit your state’s website when looking for this form.



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