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Northwest Registered Agent

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Having the right people in charge of the right opportunities is key to your business starting out with a good reputation. In Kansas, a resident agent and a registered agent are the same things – they have a business address, operate during normal business hours, and can accept legal documents and filings. Kansas resident agent services are in place to make sure all of the necessary documents for your business entity are in place before your doors open. 

An Overview of Registered Agent

A resident agent or best-registered agent service is designated by the Kansas Secretary of State as the legal representative for your business. This is the person and location where all formal business documents are sent, and where any legal documents will be served to or for your Kansas LLC. For this reason, they need normal business hours. Kansas law requires that every business entity has a registered agent; this can be an employee or family member of the business owner, but in many cases, the owner will choose to contract with a Kansas resident agent service. The registered agent, in many cases, is the person designated to receive official mail, filings, and accept legal documents from a process server. These documents are taken to the Kansas street address of the agent. If the agent is an employee these could be sent to that individual’s local office or store, which could be embarrassing for the company, and is one reason many choose to work with external resident agents rather than acting as their own registered agents. Registered agents inc should offer great customer service. 

Why Should You Use Kansas Registered Agent?

A Kansas resident agent service or registered agent must be one of the following: the corporation, an individual with a Kansas street address, a domestic corporation, LLC, or business trust, or foreign business entity, limited partnership, LLC, or business trust. This registered agent service must be able to transact business within the state, operate regular business hours, and have a registered office address or physical street address. There are several benefits to having a Kansas registered agent service. These include having a location to receive official mail, provision of annual report reminders, business filing services, formation documents, tax notices, and an understanding of the official paperwork needed to conduct business in Kansas. Registered agent and resident agent services can complete online filings of all your documents using a secure online account. The state’s public records will include the physical location of the registered agent rather than the business address, adding a layer of privacy for the business owner in the case of a legal dispute. 

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Top 7 Best Registered Agents In Kansas in 2023


Northwest Registered Agent

  • Serves multiple states
  • Affordable
  • The free first year of service


  • Serves multiple states
  • LLC, Corp, Nonprofit services
  • Annual reports, tax consultations, and trademarking are available


  • Lifetime company support
  • Serves multiple states
  • 100% accuracy guarantee
Harbor Compliance
  • LLC, Corp filing options
  • Payroll and tax consulting
  • Foreign qualification, annual reporting, charitable registrations


  • Legal document creation
  • LLC, Corp, Nonprofit services
  • Tax consulting, foreign qualifications

Better Legal

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Lower customer service
  • Lack of flexibility

Inc Authority

  • Company coach support
  • Serves multiple states
  • Web domain, LLC filings, tax consulting

Top 7 Best Kansas Registered Agents That Suit Your Demand February 2023


Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest offers perhaps the most comprehensive Kansas resident agent in Kansas services, including access to a library of documents to be used for reference, and lawyer-created documents including company bylaws.

  • Filing for LLC Services starts at $39
  • Free digital and open-and-scan official mail services
  • Access to local “corporate guides” for questions and concerns
  • company documents library access
  • High level of customer service
  • Additional filing fees can be high

The access to additional documents and lawyer-created bylaws, etc., makes up for the higher cost of working with Northwest as your registered agent in Kansas. The agency also offers clients access to corporate guides, making for more accurate information exchange as the guides are familiar with state regulations and laws. Fees begin at $39 + applicable state service filing fee for an LLC filing.


Starting at $0 filing and fees, Incfile is the most affordable option for basic services, however, their pricing makes them very popular for professional registered agent service. However, once on board, you’ll have access to a range of options and a document library.

  • Free services with every package
  • Limited liability companies’ fees begin at $0
  • Unlimited phone/online support services
  • Tax consultation offered free of charge
  • Because of their pricing and popularity, you may experience a wait
  • Only Platinum Package includes expedited filing

Like other services, Incfile offers access to a library of prepared legal documentation, a free tax consultation, and ongoing customer support, which makes them a great choice for new startups.


ZenBusiness offers two services that set them apart from other Kansas registered agent services: Money Essential and Worry Free Compliance, both available with an online account. Money Essential tracks expenses and offers a tax deduction finder. Worry-Free Compliance is a service guarantee for filing deadlines.  

  • Affordable: Filing fees start at $49 + state fees
  • Can form a number of for-profit company entities
  • Money Essential & Worry-Free Compliance options
  • No non-profit filing option
  • Worry-Free Compliance is offered for only 1 year free in the Starter Package; for additional years, you will have to upgrade your package

ZenBusiness offers a variety of services and economical pricing. Filing fees range from $49 to $299, which is extremely affordable depending on company needs. 

Harbor Compliance 

Comprehensive support services set Harbor Compliance apart from many professional registered agent service competitors; this includes LLC formation service. They have expedited processing; for companies in a hurry to begin operation, this may be a key selling point, but their overall pricing structure for a registered agent may be out of reach of most business owners. 

  • Offer for-profit and non-profit filing options
  • Pricing begins at $99 + state fees
  • Comprehensive support services
  • Filing service
  • High fee structure
  • Difficult website navigation

Harbor Compliance has a good reputation and strong customer service, however, their filing fee structure for registered agent services is higher than competitors.


LegalZoom has a lot to offer new companies, from a documents library to a high level of customer service for a registered agent. Pricing begins at $79 + state filing fees, making them a very affordable option for most start-ups. They also offer a variety of law documents including wills, powers of attorney, and patent documentation that can be beneficial.

  • One-stop shop for legal documents
  • Affordable pricing plans for limited liability companies
  • Simple website navigation
  • Excellent customer service
  • Expensive service
  • Length of time to file
  • Add-on pricing

While LegalZoom offerings begin in the affordable range, they quickly grow with the top tier coming in at $349 + state fees; they also take up to 20 days to file documentation.

Better Legal

Better Legal’s services are comparable to the higher tiers of other service providers, however, their package, which begins at $299 + the Kansas filing fee, doesn’t have as many additional services, and does not include a registered agent in Kansas service. 

  • Offers additional document creation
  • Price is comparable to other tiered services
  • Only 1 LLC or 1 Corporation filing option
  • Packages do not include registered agent service

Additional services can be added on, but the price point becomes very high, very quickly, which may price this company out of many budgets.

Inc Authority

Inc Authority has a lot to offer new companies, including free LLC filing, customer support options, and free registered agent services. This makes the company one of our top picks for your service of process package.

  • One year of free services
  • Free limited liability company filing, pay an only a state service fee
  • Variety of customer support options, available 7 days per week
  • Upselling
  • EIN filing is not free
  • Overall pricing structure

While LLC filing is free, the overall pricing structure and add-ons at Inc Authority may put them out of the price range. Also, the lack of options within their packages means many things are at “add-on” pricing, which means a lot of upselling.

How Can You Start A Kansas Business with A Registered Agent?

The first step to starting a Kansas business with registered agent services or a resident agent is to choose the company name and address. Names can be searched on the Kansas Secretary of State’s website. Once a name is chosen, the business entity designates a Kansas registered agent. Once designated, the registered agent’s name and registered agent’s address, and Kansas physical address will become the official mail address for the business. All official paperwork, documentation, legal filings, and tax information will go through this local Kansas office. Kansas resident agents use the state’s online portal to file LLCs and incorporation papers with the secretary of state, receive legal notice, and utilize the agent form in online filings. Because Kansas has real-time online access, paperwork can be quickly submitted and your business can begin operation. The Kansas registered agent will also file the articles of organization, and operating agreements, and will file for the federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the business entity. You can find a Kansas registered agent online. If changes are needed, the agent can file a registered office amendment, provide a new registered agent’s address, provide service process information, and provide personal service. Registered agents inc will also serve as a statutory agent for business filings for a Kansas corporation, offer formation documents, and receive service for essential documents through a secure account. Law firms can serve as agents, and most provide premium service with additional lawyer-created documents including wills, merger paperwork, and essential documents for business transitions, and serve as the accepting service LLCs.

How Much Does A Kansas Registered Agent Cost?

Through the Kansas online portal, the state offers online filing and online access to your business account, but the registered agent will also provide the business entity with a physical address, can file registered Kansas office amendment documents, and Kansas LLC filing, and will accept service of process and accept legal notice from a process server at the local office. Outside of paperwork, registered agents will track official mail, send annual report reminders, and may file the annual report with the Kansas Secretary of State. Kansas registered agent services will cost the company between $49 and $300 per year, this does not include state fees which range from $15 for a trademark to $150 for a merger agreement. 

Final Thoughts

The online portal makes filing paperwork for your business simple, however, a Kansas registered agent service will be more familiar with all of the nuances of online filing, annual report requirements, service of process, and how a business can remain in good standing with the state. An entity can act as its own registered agent in Kansas, and at any time can change registered agents if the need arises, but a registered agent is mandatory for businesses operating in the state. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a registered agent service mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a Kansas registered agent service, but the registered agent does not have to be a Kansas registered agent service. An owner or employee can act as the registered agent for the service of process and legal matters.

Do Kansas registered agents need a physical address?

Yes, but the type of address can vary. All Kansas business entities need a company address as well as a Kansas registered agents inc name and address; these are filed with the Kansas secretary of state. The company address can be virtual such as a post office box. The agent’s address must be a street address that can accept mail delivery during company hours. This can be the post office box of the company owner and the physical address of the company.

Does a registered agent service have company hours?

Yes, the Kansas registered agent service operates during regular business hours; for most, this means between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. The services will be available during regular business hours to accept process notifications and will answer and forward them accordingly.

Where do I designate registered agents?

Kansas registered agents are part of the public record about your organization. When you file the LLC’s articles with the Kansas Secretary of State’s office, you will designate either a company owner or employee to act as your own registered agent, or you will designate a Kansas registered agent service to act on your behalf for legal mail, mail forwarding, local Kansas office, and domestic corporations work.

Can I change registered agent services?

Yes, at any time you can change the registered agent for your limited liability company through the secretary of state. Most business owners find changing Kansas registered agents simple once a new registered agent is found.



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