Reports: Shopping early and often for 2020 holidays

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Adobe’s researchers have found that both big brands and smaller mom-and-pop options are seeing an increase in traffic, either online or offline, with both seeing a more than 100% increase in traffic YoY.

Because of this early increase in traffic, Adobe believed more than $189 billion will be spent online during the 2020 holiday season.

More Adobe data can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, researchers with EZ Texting have found that more parents are multi-tasking and doing at least part of their shopping while also interacting – watching movies, etc – with their children. According to their Holiday Shopping Survey 21% of parents are shopping while watching movies with their kids, 20% while in the bathroom, and 13% while on Zoom calls.

As to what is engaging these shoppers, researchers say larger discounts (49%), in-store-only offers (40%), and new product availability (35%) were the top engagement factors in their report.

More EZ Texting data can be found here.

“The data clearly shows that consumers will engage via text anytime or anyplace,” said Norman Happ, CEO, EZ Texting. “As our customers know, texting is a highly successful way to convert sales and a retail best practice, especially during the critical holiday season, when sales become the make-or-break success metric for so many businesses. Texting provides the consumer-accepted edge needed to thrive in a very competitive market.”

But not all buys are for gifts or sweets for holiday parties. New data out from Loop Me indicates a growing number of holiday shoppers are prioritizing healthy holidays with 42% saying they are making healthier grocery choices this year than last and 45% noting that they ‘will pay more’ for healthier/organic alternatives to favorite past purchases.
What’s more most (78%) say they’ll be making their grocery purchases in-store this year despite pandemic fears, and 40% say they’ll spend more on holiday food because they are cooking-in more often.

Additional LoopMe data can be accessed here.



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