Study finds phone addiction real, loyalty moving mobile

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AppDynamics has released a new report which, among other things, identifies just how attached to phones consumers are. Researchers found that most consumers believe their digital services reduce stress (70%) and improve their productivity (68%). But it also shows a reliance upon digital devices. Consider this: more than half (55%) say they can’t go more than 4 hours without their phones.

Moving forward, AppDynamics researchers believe this reliance on devices will have a big impact on digital businesses. The report also shows that more than three-quarters (85%) of consumers say they’ll begin choosing brands based on the variety of digital services offered to them. And even now consumers are losing tolerance for mistakes – 49% will choose competitors because of a single issue and 63% say they’ll ‘discourage others’ based on one bad experience with a brand.

“In The Era of the Digital Reflex, consumers will no longer forgive or forget poor experiences. A great digital performance is now the baseline for any business, but the real winners will be those that consistently exceed customer expectations by delivering a flawless experience,” said Danny Winokur, General Manager, AppDynamics. “Cisco and AppDynamics help the world’s best companies achieve greatness with their applications by providing critical real-time data on application and business performance to pinpoint bottlenecks and enable immediate action.”

These changes, suggest the experts from AppDynamics, are why brands need to begin upgrading their overall digital performance – especially those mobile and app experiences – now by focusing on the performance of the app or mobile site.

More data from AppDynamics can be accessed here.



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