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BizReport : Advertising archives : July 26, 2018

Study: Martech advances won't push humans from jobs

There has been much talk over the past few years of robots taking over more human jobs. But, according to one report, marketers aren't worried about this trend. That's because 56% feel their jobs require a human element to better engage customers.

by Kristina Knight

Walker Sands 2018 State of Martech Report found that most marketers (61%) don't believe martech is threatening to their jobs, and nearly three-quarters (70%) don't think the perfect marketing stack will ever exist. I asked a Walker Sands executive to dive further into the findings.

Kristina: Fewer than 1/3 of marketers believe their company has advanced in their use of martech as quickly as martech advances have been made - is this wholly because of budget or are there other reasons businesses haven't implemented more advanced martech?

Jennifer Mulligan, Marketing Technology Account Director, Walker Sands: Budget is the top reason preventing organizations from further investing in martech, but it's not the only factor. For 27 percent of marketers, internal resistance to change prevents them from adopting new tech, and difficulties with implementation are also a significant factor for over a quarter of marketers. This tells us that martech vendors need to better demonstrate ROI and ease the burden of implementing their solution for businesses and marketers.

Kristina: Most marketers surveyed say they aren't worried about AI taking their job - why will martech never fully replace human marketers?

Jennifer: Despite advances in technology, marketers are feeling optimistic about their job prospects. Sixty-one percent feel that advancements in martech will never threaten their jobs, and if we look at the state of martech today, that's a fair assumption. While technology is becoming smarter, anyone who has been frustrated by a Google search or Siri interaction can attest that tech still has a long way to go before it replaces marketing professionals. Instead, marketers' roles will expand as tech becomes further integrated into marketing processes.

Kristina: How can marketers and businesses better use martech that exists today and in the future?

Jennifer: There are nearly 7,000 martech solutions out there today, and that number keeps growing each year. It's impossible for any marketing organization to implement every solution that makes sense for their business. By the time they finish vetting and implementing one solution, a new innovation surfaces. Instead of trying to use all the right tools at once, I recommend marketers start with a simple solution -- like social media management -- and gradually grow their martech stacks by implementing more complex solutions over time. A slow and steady approach will set marketers and businesses up for success in the long-run, particularly when they're looking to adopt new tech like VR and IoT.

The full Walker Sands dataset can be accessed here.

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