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BizReport : Advertising archives : January 11, 2016

How dirty data hampers brands

"Dirty data" is nothing new, either online or offline, but according to a recent Integrate poll upwards of 40% of data in the B2B space is "poor quality". As we move forward in 2016, brands need to be not only aware that dirty data is out there, but of ways to work around the issue. Here are our top 3 tips.

by Kristina Knight

Consistent rise in data usage will exacerbate today's dirty data problem

"In 2016, most organizations will be looking to expand their prospect pipeline, which will result in an increase in data usage. As more and more data becomes available through the growing number of MarTech systems, tools and data partnerships, marketers must be more diligent in ensuring the data they capture is of good quality," said David Crane, Marketing Tech Strategist and Content Marketing Manager, Integrate. "If they fail, not only will customer personalization efforts fail, but their marketing automation and CRM costs will skyrocket (since they're based on data usage models). Eliminating inaccurate, duplicate or dated information will be pivotal if marketers are to keep audiences happy while preventing their budgets from exploding."

Successful marketing orchestration will depend on quality data

"This year will surely see further expansion of marketing technology's capabilities, which will coincide with a much-needed emphasis on "marketing orchestration": the precise, harmonious coordination of all marketing elements (people, tech, etc.) that comprise your marketing efforts. Marketing orgs will need to orchestrate specialist and specialized tech much like a symphony, since the MarTech landscape has become increasingly complex and requires deeper commitment to coordinating each tool and system effectively - so the that the whole equals more than just the sum of all their tech investments," said Crane. "It's critical to understand how exactly each technology communicates and contributes to the overall customer experience and business value. But just like the Los Angeles Philharmonic relies on correct sheet music, marketers rely on accurate data to ensure their marketing orchestration efforts will succeed. Otherwise, billions of dollars will be wasted engaging the wrong audiences, through the wrong media channels, with the wrong messages, at the wrong time."

Outbound marketing on the rise

"2015 witnessed a substantial resurgence in outbound B2B marketing efforts. Marketers are realizing that you can't expect to capture your entire audience by trying to pull traffic to your site simply through inbound methods alone. You need to expand your strategy to include relevant channels that cultivate a balanced combination of both inbound and outbound initiatives. Marketers will continue their efforts to make outbound initiatives more like their inbound marketing programs (integrated, automated and personalized). This effort, however, requires greater data integrity since outbound programs inherently involve more moving parts and often third-party involvement as well. Increasing the quality of data will be pivotal if marketers hope to see these efforts boost demand production," said Crane.

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