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  • Cost Value
  • Customer Support
  • Ease of Placing an Order
  • Included Features

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Zenbusiness is an emerging name in LLC formation, annual compliance, and registered agent services.


  • Intuitive UI/UX
  • Transparent pricing packages
  • Socially minded mission


  • Still new
  • Add-ons can add up
  • LLC formation
  • Registered Agent Service
  • Annual Compliance
  • Related Business Services

Users find an intuitive, easy, and fast way to get business documents completed and filed with their state authority.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Reviews

Small business owners trust Zenbusiness for LLC formation, annual compliance, and registered agent service. The company is still relatively new to the market – founded in 2015 in Austin Texas – but has burst onto the small business service scene. ZenBusiness is a Public Benefit Corporation that provides a wide range of services with the intent of democratizing access to LLC formation and ongoing assistance. They offer LLC formation packages, registered agent services, annual compliance assistance, and a variety of related support for the small business owner. Know for fast speeds and ease of use, ZenBusiness has made many take note of their excellent ratings from thousands of customers. 

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Advantages

Small business owners can find a variety of excellent services on the ZenBusiness portal. ZenBusiness provides comprehensive LLC services from formation to a registered agent to compliance. 

Offers Both LLC Service & Registered Agent Service

Zenbuinsess can help you start a business entity with swift and easy formation paperwork including LLC registration and operating agreements. Additionally, ZenBusiness offers registered agents and annual compliance LLC services. This gives you a platform to receive official correspondence and file annual reports

Inexpensive LLC & Business Formation Services

Customers choose from three levels of LLC formation services, each providing excellent value. They start at free plus state filing fees and range only up to $349. These provide excellent ROI for the business formation process.  

Annual Report Service

ZenBusiness offers worry-free annual report services for the first year and has some optional choices. 

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Zenbusiness offers peace of mind with a money-back guarantee for the first 60 days. Though we did find a handful of customer reviews who had trouble with charges continuing after cancellation. 

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Service Packages

You will find three packages for LLC formation services – the Starter, the Pro, and the Premium. Note that premium comes with extremely fast formation speed if that is an important feature for you. These are the best values offered by ZenBusiness, all featuring a reasonable price and a collection of services. A la carte services purchased separately will add up to much more. Do note that ZenBusiness does charge $199/year for a registered agent, while we find many competitors give a free year. This can add up if you need agents in multiple states

Formation Fees$0 plus state filing fees $199 plus state filing fees$349 plus state filing fees
Formation Turnaround Time2-3 weeks1-2 days1-2 days
Registered Agent Fee$199/year$199/year$199/year
Online Document AccessAccess through an easy-to-use online portalAccess through an easy-to-use online portalAccess through an easy-to-use online portal
Worry-Free Compliance1 year free (optional)IncludedIncluded
Annual Filing ReportIncluded for the first-yearIncluded for the first-yearIncluded for the first-year
Extra FeaturesWorry-free compliance-free first year (optional)Employer ID Number (EIN)Business Document Templates

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Starter Package

 The starter package includes a tremendous value for the free price tag. Customers receive LLC formation and an operating agreement. Additional features include a reasonable 3-week timeframe, expense, and deduction tracking, and a 100% accuracy guarantee. With the formation and an annual report included,  this is a truly comprehensive service for a free price.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Pro Package

The pro package adds a few additional features such as worry-free compliance and a customizable operating agreement.  Processing times are in the 4-6 day range. This is the most popular plan on the platform. 

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Premium Package

 If you level up to the Premium plan, you are paying for speed. Formation occurs in as little as one day. You also get a few extra perks like a business domain name and email address. You can access a customizable business website as well.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Quick Overview


4.5 stars

Best Overall Value

  • Good free plan
  • Quick filing speeds available
  • Intuitive user experience

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ZenBusiness Registered Agent Customer Reviews

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Reviews (2)

 About 85% of users rated Zenbuesinss at 5/5 stars.

I loved the ease of use, the constant communication to let me know the progress of the formation of my company and the great user experience on your website. Essential add-ons are clearly defined which made handling this whole new process super smooth for me!


I had a great experience with ZenBiness. I am a mom who decided to take advantage of the free LLC that they offered. The customer service and communication was excellent. I received my LLC entity documents in 3 business days. I would recommend their business to anyone.


Your company made everything really easy Answered a few questions and everything was taken care of in just a few days My LLC is formed and I’m a happy customer Will definitely recommend your services to friends and family


Made forming a business real easy , especially since my state requires a registered agent. Plus I got the notification my entity was ready 2 WEEKS before the estimated timeline. Easy peasy!!


ZenBusiness Registered Agent Services Review

Review of ZenBusiness Registered Agent

Overall Pricing and Value
Cost Value
Customer Support
Ease of Placing an Order
Included Features

ZenBusiness has racked up over 10,000 5-star reviews over the last few years. They are frequently praised for their intuitive platform, fast filing speeds, and comprehensive available services. They have a well-deserved reputation as a hot name in the business. Like most companies here – they do push numerous upsells and truly premium service will cost quite a bit in add-ons.

Is This Brand Right For You?

Zenbusiness is a strong competitor, and will likely work for almost any small business owner. They offer what may be the best registered agent service and LLC service combination. We find that they are the choice for anyone who values a value deal, a fast online platform, or a socially conscious mission. 

Cost Value 

All of ZenBusiness’ plans are excellent values.  They compete at the lower price points in the field of competitors while providing good quality. We recommend either their Starter Plan for a good free service or to level up to either of their transparently prided Pro or Premium plans if you want a faster filing time.  On the downside, their registered agent fee of $349/year starts in the first year which is provided free of charge for a year by many competitors. 

Customer Service

About 90% of reviewers lavish praise on the friendly customer service provided. They want to help and treat customers politely.  However, there is some variation with about 10% of reviewers reporting problems.  We think that it varies based on the employee you reach. Thus they have an overall good, but not perfect reputation. 

Ease of Use

We think that Zenbusiness is the best in the field for this element.  Their modern, sleek, and intuitive portal is the best in class.  Some consumers report filing for their LLC in just minutes. 

Included Features

Business owners will find just about everything needed to start and operate an LLC. In addition to formation and registered agent service, ZenBusiness has other features either included in packages or for individual purchases. They offer formation, worry-free compliance, operating agreements, registered agent service, EIN, and a business document library. 

Overall ZenBusiness Registered Agent

Most small business owners will find everything they need at ZenBusiness.  Their free plan is ideal for someone who just wants the basic filings, while the more advanced packages come with an impressive range of features.  Their portal is easy to use and all their processes are modern and efficient. If they fall short in any respect, budget-conscious customers may look for an alternative where the registered agent is bundled for free instead of ZenBusiness at the $349 price point.  

2 Top ZenBusiness Registered Agent Alternatives

Northwest Registered AgentIncFileZenBusiness
Basic Formation Free DIY Forms – self filedSilver Package $0 plus state fees$0 plus state fees
Full Formation$225 plus state feesGold Package $199 plus state fees
Platinum is $299 plus state fees
$199-349 + state fees
Registered agent feeOne year freeFree for one year$199/year
DetailRead Review Read Review Read Review

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Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent has a long track record, helping form over 3 million businesses.  They provide formation service and top-notch and data-secure registered agent service. Compared to other registered agent services, they provide the most personal customer service. 


Customers have found Incfile among the most reliable LLC formation companies. They have a classic and easy-to-use website and all the basics are provided.  Their plans all include a good selection of services. 


Small business owners can often use help forming an LLC and keeping up with compliance. That’s where an abundance of online LLC formation and registered agent platforms come in.  They can help take care of the formation and operating agreements for your company, as well as keep all your official correspondence.  We find that ZenBusiness is an excellent and hot company in this space, while Northwest Registered Agent and IncFile provided additional trusted options. No matter which of these companies you utilize, you will find excellent support for a reasonable investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a registered agent and what do they do?

Every business must designate a registered agent as a person to receive and sign official correspondence from the government.  These documents include tax forms, lawsuits, regulatory notices, or subpoenas.

What are the registered agent’s responsibilities?

The registered agent serves as the point of contact between the state and federal government and the company.  Since the company is a business entity and not a human being, someone has to receive and sign for things like tax documents or lawsuits.

When should I appoint my registered agent?

Almost all states require the registered agent to be appointed as part of the formation paperwork.  It is often the second step after choosing a name.

Are online LLC formation companies legit?

Yes, millions of small business owners have successfully utilized online LLC formation companies and registered agents.  Make sure to use professional reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and customer reviews to check on any single company you consider.

Can I be my own registered agent?

Yes. A member of the LLC can serve as their own registered agent.  However, this is often inconvenient since the owner is not always on-site all day long.



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