Top 7 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software In 2023

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SE Ranking

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What is the Best Rank Check Software?

Whether you are a business owner, a manager of a content agency, or an individual SEO writer – keyword rank tracking is vital to monitor your effectiveness.  Your rank on major search engines means more products sold, more monetization of your ads, and more views of your important content.  With rank check software, you can monitor your pages for keyword ranking.  Many services also provide additional comprehensive SEO tools.  We have analyzed seven of the top competitors.  We determined which are the easiest to use, most cost-effective, most comprehensive, and most accurate.  Let’s see how the best keyword rank tracking software.

What Is Rank Check Software?

Freelance writers, eCommerce entrepreneurs, and content creation teams all need to optimize search engine rankings in order to reach their intended audience. A rank tracker tabulates a webpage’s position for when websurfers type in a particular keyword search. These software solutions help you track keyword rankings for your pages.

How Rank Tracking Tools Work

At its basic function, rank tracking software simply checks your page’s SERP – or search engine ranking position for various keywords.  It’s basically like typing a keyword into a search engine and seeing where your page comes up – a bit at a powerfully automated scale.  The results are tabulated into ranking data which can be tracked over time.

Top 7 Best Keyword Rankings Tracking Software 2023

7 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software In September 2023

Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software (2)

SE Ranking

se ranking

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For most users, you do not need to look further than SE Ranking for top-quality service.  This platform is easy to use, effective with audits, and accurate on keyword ranking data. SE Ranking is our Best Overall rank-tracking tool.

  • Comprehensive tools
  • Multi-engine rankings
  • In-depth analytics
  • Database lacking emerging keywords

SE Ranking is easy to get started with, perfect for smaller writing teams or individuals who do not want a large onboarding process – yet still powerful.  Users find their keyword rank software to be highly accurate.  Highlights include in-depth website audits, backlink checking, keyword research, and social media analytics.  There is a white-label service for digital agencies to customize and utilize.  As one small problem to be aware of, a number of users find those quickly emerging keywords are not included in the database fast enough.



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Run with a simple, modern,  intuitive user experience – SERPWatcher is easy to use an effective rank tracker.  We award SERPWatcher as the Best user Experience of all rank-tracking software.

  • Easy-to-use rank tracker
  • Alert system
  • Precise location data
  • Need to be integrated with the rest of the Mangools suite

SERPWatcher itself is a rank tracker made for daily use.  It shines in frequently updated data from search engines and an alert system that keeps you aware of all your rankings.  SERP Watcher is the rank-tracking tool part of Mangools comprehensive software offerings. Mangools other products specialize in keyword research, backlink analysis, and SEO metrics.  Bundled packages bring a strong ROI with all options reasonably priced.



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Much more than a keyword tracker, SEMRush is perhaps the most mature service in the field.  In addition to rank-tracking software, they provide marketing, competitor research, and social media marketing.  SEMRush is our choice for the Most Comprehensive Tracking Features

  • Over 50 SEO tools
  • Social media tools
  • Competitor analysis
  • Slow data updates

You simply can’t go wrong with SEM Rush.  This service has been used for many years and is well-vetted. Their rank-tracking tools prove very effective for blogging and eCommerce.   Additional highlights include powerful competitor research, analysis of organic and paid traffic, content marketing analysis, and the ability to optimize social ads and specific campaigns.  SEMRush is comprehensive and a great choice for any larger enterprise. On the downside, some users wish that the databases would update more frequently to provide the most current results.



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Read Ahrefs Review

Crawling as fast as any of the competitors, Ahrefs stands out for its real-time data and easy functionality. Because of this, Ahrefs is our choice as the Best for Website and Backlink Analysis.

  • The powerful site audit function
  • Compares organic and paid search
  • Large content index
  • Complex
  • Expensive

Ahrefs web crawler analyzes the internet up to 4 times per hour, giving the utmost current data for your use as a rank tracker tool.  This makes it an excellent tool to give real-time ranking results for your webpage and backlinks.  They also provide excellent competitive analysis and help you craft your strategy.  It seems to have a polarizing UX, with some finding it impressively detailed and powerful, while others found it too complex.  As Ahrefs is also priced higher than most competitors, we think it’s a great option for an agency or business, but it may not be the best fit for an individual.



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Read Seobility Reviews

If your agency or content business needs a large number of websites analyzed, we recommend the consideration of Seobility.  They focus on on-site audits, rank tracking, and backlink checking and can handle many sites.  We award Seobility the Best for Large Volume Analysis status.

  • Internal and external link audit
  • Rank checking
  • Backlink monitoring
  • Not the most user friendly
  • Lacks tools of some competitors

Seobility is a good keyword ranker, which shines when used to analyze sites for rank and backlinks.  Large website audits, keyword ranking, search volume analysis]

This service also allows you to track competitors and optimize your link-building strategy.  Seobility is a good platform, especially as a website keyword rank tracker.   Another entrant in the field is excellent at some features, although it may not offer as many features as other competitors.



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Read Nightwatch Reviews

Nightwatch differentiates itself with an elegant user interface and a focus on hyper-local results.  Thus we award it the trophy for Best Local Rankings

  • Best local search rankings
  • Great API
  • Flex scale pricing
  • No focus on social media or marketing

Users find Nightwatch to be easy to operate, intuitive, and elegant. This service is at the top of the class for accuracy.  Results from major search engines are calculated at the hyper-local level.  This provides the most local areas to rank giving the most advanced web ranking data. We think the choice between Nightwatch and the other competitors comes down to the balance of super local and accurate results compared to more comprehensive features offered by competitors.  If simply the best local keyword accuracy is your selling point, then Nightwatch deserves serious consideration.



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Read Wincher Reviews

Though perhaps too basic for the most demanding users, Wincher does all the basics well and is straightforward to use. It is the Most Affordable in the field.

  • Quick access to key data
  • Unlimited users
  • Notification system
  • Less advanced functions than competitors

Wincher boasts an impressive array of features.  You can identify target keywords, use the keyword tracking tool, discover related keywords, and receive reports and alerts.  The service is wide and comprehensive, although the results are not as super granular nor the additional services as large as some competitors.  We consider Wincher SEO made easy, not SEO with complexity. We recommend their low-cost starter plan as a great place to begin as an individual or business option for a small agency.

How Much Does Rank Tracking Tool Cost?

SEO keyword tracking software can range in price depending on the use case.  Individuals can usually get a free trial followed by low costs plans averaging $20-$50 per month. Business plans for multiple users and additional services may cost hundreds of dollars per month, while large enterprise fees may be custom quotes.

Final Thoughts

Our review convinced us that many rank checkers provide outstanding ROI and that many choices will help your business.  Overall, we think users value ease of use, the accuracy of data, and comprehensive tools.  Thus, we find that SE Ranking is the best balance of those considerations today and is the current best rank-tracking software. However, it is such a tight race between all the competitors, make sure to review the features offered and find the best match for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I track my SERP?

Content providers, marketers, and agencies rely on their search engine ranking placement to acquire customers or monetize advertisements.  They can use keyword tracking software to monitor where they rank on major search engines.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is prized traffic to your website. Organic visitors are those who direct to your website from free sources such as links or searches.  Inorganic traffic is from paid sources such as advertisements.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is an analysis of target consumers of your content – what words are they using to find your product, service, or content?  By conducting keyword research and ranking analysis, webmasters can drive organic traffic.

What is the Google search console?

Google search console is a dashboard for webmasters to view analytics and rankings of their webpage.



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