Top 7 Best BPM (Business Process Management) Software In 2024

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Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator

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Best Business Process Management (BPM) Software

What are the Best BPM Tools in 2024

As a business expands, the workflow can become complex.  With the expansion, business leaders may find it hard to organize and streamline various departments.  Many companies offer comprehensive process management software to integrate processes and data into an effective system.  We have reviewed the leading competitors and chosen 7 outstanding services. We analyze each to help guide you when selecting the right match for your needs and to optimize your business processes.

Top 7 Best BPM Software 2024

What is Business Process Management (BPM) Software?

Software for business process management assists companies in connecting and synching various siloed aspects of their work. BPM software organizes, manages, and optimizes your business.

What Does Business Process Management Software Do?

Business process management (BPM) software manages workflow, data, business processes, and logistics.  Automated applications analyze your data, forecast, integrate, and streamline applications into enterprise dashboards.  When deployed as part of a comprehensive plan, it takes away hours of manual effort, maximizes efficiency, and gives an organized feel to your business.

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Top 7 Best BPM Software April 2024

Best Business Process Management (BPM) Software

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As an elegant and streamlined process management package, Monday offers clients an agile adaptable platform with easy integrations.  Users will find it surprisingly easy to automate business process management. is the Best Overall choice for BPM software.

  • Streamlined
  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Quick learning curve
  • Does everything well, but lacks a singular outstanding feature

Users find Monday to be a supremely efficient and streamlined single-source workflow product.  Outstanding features include process automation, project management functions, and sales-facing features like CRM and marketing campaigns.  All aspects of the company can be automated and streamlined with process management. These features have helped the company receive over 10,000 reviews with a 5/5 Star average.  Customers praise the features, the 24/7 customer support, and the easy-to-use interface.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator

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As one of the simplest drag-and-drop interface platforms, Zoho Creator is a user-friendly choice with good value in process management software.  Flexible pricing including a surprisingly effective free plan.  Zoho creator is the Most Affordable

  • Low code
  • Best free version
  • Good analytics
  • Not as comprehensive as other competitors

This company bills itself as a low-code app development site.  The drag-and-drop functions are truly straightforward and workable, with excellent outcomes for IOS and android.  Though the free service is a draw to smaller businesses, the service does quite a bit including CRM and real-time business analytics.  Any small business can streamline business processes effectively with Zoho Creator. Their free tier offers solid BPM software, so bootstrappers may want to start here.



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With the top case-specific automation, Kissflow provides a simplified workflow with personalization on the internal and customer-facing aspects.  Thus, Kissflow wins our nod for Best Service

  • Simple workflow
  • Outstanding customer/end-user-facing services
  • Process modeling simulation 
  • Somewhat inflexible on internal processes
  • Bugs reported by some users

This is a great service for simplified workflow and customer responsiveness.  Managers can implement this software with no coding whatsoever with the help of the drag-and-drop studio with prebuilt tools.  Organizations can allow for personalization even within user classes in order to maximize effectiveness. Features such as helpdesks, service desks, and complaint management are effective in boosting satisfaction. Additional highlights include form builder and process modeling and simulation.  However, the internal processes are less comprehensive and fluid than some of the competitors, and the occasional bug is reported on reviews.



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Branded as a sort of innovator for innovators, Appian provides low-code business process automation and a mission to respond to changing industry needs. Appian is the Best for Market Demands.

  • Innovative workflow management
  • Customized solutions
  • Stays up to date on market needs
  • Report functions don’t match some other competitors

To stay competitive, businesses need software packages that optimize exactly what they do.  Appian understands this and offers tailored solutions.  They adapt to your needs.  Prominent features include data analytics, AI, bot optimization, and third-party automation – all wrapped into a seamless process.  Appian offers trending services such as data fabric architecture, DevOps, and process mining.

IBM Cloud Package


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With superior features and the connection with IBM’s iconic Watson AI, Cloud Pak is perhaps the most powerful solution in the field.  It offers high scalability on a Kubernetes platform.  Compared to our other selections, IBM offers the most capabilities.  However, it is tailored to larger enterprises. Companies need human and capital resources to make Cloud Pak work to its potential. Therefore, IBM Cloud Pak is Best for Large Enterprises

  • Comprehensive services
  • Scalability
  • Industry best AI and data analytics
  • Takes expertise and funds to implement and support

Watson AI powers state-of-the-art business analytics, data management prediction functions, and app modernization on IBM Cloud Pak. The service also offers an entire Security Pak as one aspect of the Pak solution. It’s hard to compete with IBM’s functions to manage process documentation and business process automation of large volumes of complex data in order to maximize business outcomes.  Cloud Pak deploys on Red Hat Marketplace to integrate more enterprise software tools.  However, there are downsides that make Cloud Pak a poor solution for some circumstances.  It is not a simple process to install the product and train staff to use it.  This is no plug-and-play option and is best for companies with a larger staff where there is technical and data analytic expertise in-house.  Cloud Pak can do more and more on a larger scale than competitors, but its complexity makes it better for larger enterprises.

Nintex Platform


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Nintex is one of the simplest BPM solutions.  Their platform is easy to use and works smoothly for routine needs.  It is not aimed at higher-end complex and customized needs.  We select Best Value Service, as it meets the needs well of its intended users.

  • Good mapping process
  • Robotic process automation
  • Easy to use
  • Weaker on customized use cases
  • Not as comprehensive as other competitors

Upon relatively easy implementation, Nintex helps users with mapping to identify processes, automate workflow, and optimize all your business apps. Highlights include robotic process automation for paperwork flow such as e-sign,  generating personalized documents, insights, and analytics.  To make the drag-and-drop interface even easier, Nintex provides horizontal offerings with Industry specific workflow templates or vertical categories by the department.  With flexible pricing, it gives a good value for the investment for most small businesses. Its effectiveness appears to break down at more complex levels when Nintex can’t offer the customization and scalable approach that some competitors do better.



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If your business needs an easy-to-launch and streamlined BPM, Process Maker is an excellent service. They offer a variety of services and excellent workflow management.  Therefore we judge it Best for Medium to Large Sized Businesses

  • Easy drag-and-drop platform
  • Excellent tracking and alert features
  • Excellent robotic automation
  • Some weakness show at smallest and largest sized businesses

Look no further for a drag-and-drop business process platform that is easily to set up yet still has good features.  And one bonus – ProcessMaker Integrates legacy systems making a change feasible.  This system works well for medium and large enterprises because it integrates complex business functions into a simple process.  Users cite its business activity monitoring features as a highlight.  Key players are alerted to metrics instead of actively hunting reports and charts.   Additional benefits include excellent robotic process automation out of the box.   The business analytics are excellent, and also Integrate your ERP and CRM for an all-around solution.  On the negative side,  at the smallest size, some of the debugging and integration programming may be too burdensome, while some features become too complicated at the large enterprise level.  Everyone in between should consider ProcessMaker as a straightforward and simple solution.

How to Choose The Best BPM Tools?

There is no one “best” BPM solution out there.  The key is to analyze the strengths and limitations compared to the needs of your business. We recommend considering the following factors.


Every platform comes with a different pricing structure.  Most offer flexible fees such as per-user pricing, organizational flat fees, or enterprise pricing.  Businesses need to ask what they really need and what value each potential solution brings to determine ROI.

Ability to Integrate with Other Software

You have existing business applications and software.  So how easy will your new business process management system integrate with these existing features?  This is key for workflow automation to actually function.  Otherwise, you can be in for a frustrating process.

Role-Based Access Control

In larger companies, the ability to create and assign roles to users in a way that helps workflow is necessary.

Being Highly Scalable

Some platforms are good for smaller uses while others function well on more complex and robust use cases.  If you are trying to scale quickly, make sure the platform can follow.

Analytics and Reporting Capabilities

The best process automation tool can offer incredibly insightful data analytics with easy-to-access reports.

Data and Document Management

Automation of paperwork processes is a key efficiency upgrade.  Do you need a platform to send, receive, sign, approve and manage document flow?


Business users can choose from drag and drop, to low code, to complex.  A fast learning curve and smooth user experience are helpful for your staff.  Smaller and medium-sized businesses usually benefit from simplicity while larger and or more complex businesses may have enough IT and coding capacity to get even more out of a different product.

Customer Support

Customer service varies greatly between business process management platforms.  Companies that are responsive and good at troubleshooting are at a premium.

Customer Reviews

[Almost any company in this space will provide an impressive list of potential features.  We recommend you pay careful attention to customer reviews.  This gives you a good indication of how the actual client experience works out.

Final Thoughts

Modern business can become complex with the array of data sets, software applications, and business functions to oversee and integrate  Business process management software can save an organization time, money, and energy with streamlined processes and powerful data analytics.  We reviewed 7 entrants who all bring strengths to the table.  We urge business leaders to review the features of each and determine which solution matches their challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Business managers may find it hard to organize and streamline various departments.  Many companies offer comprehensive business process management software to integrate.  These software services optimize business processes and organize workflow.

How do I streamline business processes?

Use software platforms to integrate various departments, applications, and work functions.  This can take the steps of identifying business processes, automating the functions, integrating applications, and then managing the workflow. 

Is online BPM software legit?

Yes, cloud-based business process management software has millions of users worldwide.  There are many reputable companies all of whom provide effective and secure platforms.  Use professional reviews, customer ratings, and your own analysis to determine the legitimacy of any particular company.



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