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  • Cost Value
  • Customer Service
  • Ease of Use
  • Included Features

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Coinrule is based in London and started in 2017 as a crypto trading system that accesses over ten different leading crypto exchanges.


  • User-friendly automated trading
  • Ability to backtest with a Coinrule account
  • Access to many different exchanges


  • No mobile app unlike other trading bots
  • Create automated rules
  • Backtest strategies with historical data
  • Access to multiple exchanges

Backed by crypto and blockchain enthusiasts who wanted to make crypto trading more automated and simplified.

coinrule reviews

Coinrule has been around since 2017 and is currently headquartered in London. The Coinrule team believes that crypto traders faced an unnecessarily complicated system for trading, so they have built a system that is much more straightforward and user-friendly.

Coinrule makes automated crypto trading simple and gives investors access to over ten different exchanges. 

Overall, it’s easy to trade cryptocurrency using Coinrule and set up your cryptocurrency trading strategy so it’s executed by trading bots automatically. 

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Coinrule Advantages

Let’s go over some of the main reasons why users like the automated trading they can get from using Coinrule’s trading platform. 

BackTesting for Trading Strategy

Other automated crypto trading platforms don’t always allow you to backtest your trading strategy with historical data to see how you would have performed. However, Coinrule makes this possible. Both experienced traders and newcomers like this feature, as it gives them helpful information about popular trading strategies and other data. 

Create Your Automated Trading Rules

Traders can create their own automated trading rules, or choose from the hundreds of rules that already come with the platform.  

Advanced Security

Some users may have concerns about the security of crypto trading, though Coinrule users can feel confident that their information and assets will be kept secure while using the platform. Since it isn’t an exchange, you don’t ever share your dedicated private keys with them, and your assets will never be at risk of loss or theft through Coinrule. 

Their site still has many great security features even though they don’t have your private keys, like two-factor authentication, payment protection, and high levels of encryption. 

Professional Trading Bots

The professional trading bot used on Coinrule is another great advantage of the site, which can benefit people with many different trading strategies or goals. Using an automated trading bot isn’t always simple, easy, or provides the same results, though advanced traders and newcomers alike find the trading bots on Coinrule preferable to others. 

Coinrule: Plans & Features

Here are some of the main plans and features that you can find on Coinrule:

Live Rules271550
Demo Rules271550
Template Strategies740UnlimitedUnlimited
Connected Exchange135Unlimited
Monthly Trade VolumeUp to $3kUp to $300kUp to $3MUnlimited
Leverage StrategiesNot included
Live Telegram NotificationsNot included
Free Access to Trader CommunityNot included
Advanced Indicators and OperatorsNot included
TradingView IntegrationNot includedNot included
PriceFree$29.99/mo ($359 billed yearly)$59.99/mo ($719 billed yearly)$499.99/mo ($5,399 billed yearly)

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is free and includes two live rules, two demo rules, seven template strategies, one connected exchange, up to $3,000 a month in trade volume, three conditions per sequence, and 30 executions per rule. 

Hobbyist Plan

Next is the Hobbyist Plan at $29.99/month, which includes seven live rules and demo rules, 40 template strategies, three connected exchanges, up to $300,000 a month in trading volume, leverage, live telegram notifications, free access to the community, advanced indicators, 100 executions per rule, and the same amount of conditions per sequence as the Starter Plan. 

Trader Plan

The next tier is the Trader Plan, which is $59.99/month and includes fifteen live rules and demo rules, unlimited template strategies, five connected exchanges, up to $3 million in monthly trade volume, leverage strategies, live telegram notifications, one-on-one training sessions, free access to the community, advanced indicators, TradingView integration, six conditions per sequence, and 1,000 executions per rule. 

Pro Plan

Finally, at $449.99/month, the Pro Plan includes 50 live rules and demo rules, unlimited template strategies, unlimited connected exchanges, and trade volume, live telegram and text notifications, leverage strategies, access to the trading community, trading lessons one-on-one, ultra-fast execution, a dedicated server, advanced indicators and operators, TradingView integration, six conditions per sequence and 10,000 executions per rule.

Coinrule Quick Overview


4.8 stars

Best Overall Value

  • Easily set your own trading rules
  • 10+ supported exchanges from Coinrule
  • Professional trading bot use

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Coinrule Customer Reviews

Untitled design (1)

Our Coinrule review has shown the great features that this platform offers, though customer reviews on Trust Pilot also show that there is overwhelming support for the tool. 

A robust platform for automated trades. If you know when the conditions are right for your trades, then Coinrule is very good for making sure that the trades occur without you having to watch over the charts. The Demo Exchange is good for testing as well, providing you understand its limitations. The support staff is great at helping you with any challenges that you have in the setup or with the outcomes.


One of the things I really appreciate about Coinrule is its simplicity – the interface is intuitive and straightforward, making it easy for users of all experience levels to get started. Another thing I like is the wide range of integrations it offers. The platform connects with multiple exchanges, allowing users to trade on multiple platforms from within a single interface. I have had a positive experience with Coinrule and am looking forward to using it more in the future, especially as the bull market returns.


Automated rules make it so easy to trade crypto on Coinrule. Highly recommended.


One of my main problems with trading is that I get emotional and don’t stick to a plan. I also don’t have time to monitor charts all day. Using an automated trading system is a great way to work around these issues, and Coinrule makes it so much easier. Would strongly recommend.


Coinrule Review

Review of Coinrule

Overall Pricing and Value
Cost Value
Customer Support
Ease of Use
Included Features

Let’s take a final look at Coinrule to help you decide if it’s a good fit for you. 

Is Coinrule Right For You?

With a great platform that supports multiple trading strategies and is conducive to both experienced traders and newcomers, Coinrule is a good option for automated trading platforms for crypto. If you want a mobile app, Coinrule isn’t the right fit, though both technical traders and beginners show favor to Coinrule. 

Cost Value 

There is a lot of value that users can get from their Coinrule subscription, especially since there are multiple options for pricing depending on your needs. If you need access to unlimited exchanges, you will have to pay for the top tier, so features like these may be a drawback, however, most find that the different pricing tiers are great to fit their unique needs. 

Customer Service

Many customer reviews show that they have a great customer support team to help active traders navigate issues on the trading software. So if you want to use a platform that has a great customer support team, Coinrule could be a good option. 

Ease of Use

Coinrule is simple to use and set up, including its demo exchange feature, technical analysis, and more. So, users don’t have to be professional algorithmic traders in order to use the portfolio management tools and implement trading strategies on the platform. Approaching automated trading can be fun and simple when using a site like Coinrule. 

Included Features

There are many great features on Coinrule, including a demo account for beginners or more experienced traders, one-on-one training, leverage strategies, access to over ten different exchanges, and more to help you automate your crypto trading. It’s easy to access your exchange account on other sites, monitor market conditions, execute range trading, and more all from Coinrule. 


Coinrule is a good option for crypto traders that want to access templated trading strategies and don’t have the time to build up their own fully from scratch. The tiered structure of their platform may not be conducive to all if they want to access just some of the more advanced features without having to pay for them all. However, the Starter Plan being a free account with free trading signals makes it easy for you to try it for yourself risk-free before fully committing. 

Coinrule Alternatives

Forex FuryForex Gump EACoinrule
DetailRead Review Read Review Read Review

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Forex Fury

Forex Fury is an automated trading system for the Forex markets, created by Rypax Inc., which also developed Forex Stream. Many see Forex Fury as a good match for traders at all levels, with great features both for beginners and seasoned traders. Many point out their high win rate and a great number of features. 

Forex Gump EA

Forex Gump is an Expert Advisor of automated trading robots based on trendy candles and News Filters. Their platform supports a wide variety of different currency pairs, and will automatically protect the value of a trader’s portfolio to conserve profits. 


With a good amount of supported exchanges, the ability to create your own rules, and access to automated and advanced trading systems, Coinrule is a great tool for both an experienced trader and a beginner. Crypto trading bots aren’t always simple to use, though Coinrule makes it easy to navigate the trading bot landscape and create a free account to test out the trading platform beforehand, too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Coinrule have detached data storage for private keys?

Yes, they do this for enhanced security of the site.

What are API Keys as it relates to cryptocurrency?

API keys are unique code that is used by an integrated API to authenticate and verify users of an application. An exchange account API is often used when logging into an account on a cryptocurrency exchange.

What is a golden cross trading strategy?

This happens when a short-term moving average crosses a major long-term moving average, while on the upside. Many view this as a good sign that there has been an upturn in the market.

What is scalping trading in crypto?

This involves acting on small price movements to make a profit. This is a short-term strategy that is implemented over and over again, rather than over the long term.



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