Top 10 Best Website Builder For Your Business In 2024

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The dawn of the internet has transformed how the world does its business. These days you cannot survive without a small business website, in fact, this is the best way possible to build a strong online presence. 

However, building an online store for small businesses requires a lot of technical expertise and money. Not many small businesses can afford this. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to build an online store or a small business website. 

With a site builder, you can easily do this in no time. In this post, we are going to give you a list of some of the best website builders in the market including the GoDaddy website builder and others.

Best Website Builder For Your Business In 2024

Why Should You Need A Website Builder?

Using a website builder offers an array of incredible benefits. First, it means that you will spend very little compared to someone who hires a web designer to create the site from the start. There is also the fact that these builders are so easy to use. 

You do not need to be a seasoned web designer to get this job done. Anyone can in fact do it. Finally, web builder services are all in one package. You also get a custom domain name, SEO and web development, and even payment processing integration for eCommerce websites.

Top 10 Best Website Builders for Your Business in 2024

Now that we have given you a list of ten of the best web builders out there, it is time to go into the nitty gritty details about them. This section will give you all the info you need on how to use these platforms to create small business websites that tick.


Zyro is overall the best website builder for small businesses. The platform comes with a user-friendly interface and a series of additional advanced features that will deliver the best small business website for you. 

  • Best way to get your business online 
  • Offers state-of-the-art AI-powered analytics tools 
  • User-friendly design 
  • Reliable uptime
  • Does not have free website builder plans 

When choosing a builder software for an eCommerce platform or just completely custom websites, the most important thing is the ease of use, marketing and SEO tools, and low transaction fees. Zyro ticks the box in all these aspects.

From the reviews online, the drag-and-drop easy-to-use interface on Zyro gives users complete control of their business site. The additional business tools on offer including artificial design intelligence will make your experience with Zyro a great one.


Wix is by far one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to the website building world. The platform is responsible for so many free websites and it also comes with some amazing features as well. From easy drag and drop tools, SEO, and marketing tools, to some of the sleekest themes, Wix offers everything.

  • Great platform to build a simple website 
  • Offers a superb variety of website templates 
  • You get your own domain with paid plans 
  • Used even by web design business entities 
  • Ecommerce plans are not as comprehensive 

The Wix brand has a very solid reputation when it comes to website builders. The platform is also very easy to use and comes with an array of tools that will make it easier for you to rank in search results.

Wix will not only help you build a website that’s visible on search engines, but it will also give you additional tools to customize and brand it. The platform has earned a great reputation and continues to rank as one of the easiest places to get a site build.


Speaking of reputations, very few website builders can match up to GoDaddy. The platform is perfect for building an eCommerce business and comes with additional google analytics tools to ensure you get full value for money. 

  • Offers some of the best professional and performance plans 
  • Solid reputation in the industry 
  • Offers comprehensive hosting packages 
  • Too much upselling 

GoDaddy is one of the most versatile website builders. Whether you want to build an online store or just a blog, the platform has the eCommerce plans and tools needed. You will also get affordable pricing, reliability, and excellent bandwidth.

The GoDaddy website builder software is highly rated. The reviews we saw suggest that the platform is quite reliable and comes with so many exciting tools to build and launch the site. There is also reliable customer support and 24/7 uptime.


Squarespace is also a decent platform, that gives small business access to some of the most advanced builder tools in the market. There is also a great variety of exciting and sleek website templates to use.

  • One of the best website builders for small websites 
  • Has some exciting and sleek templates 
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Amazing pricing 
  • No advanced marketing tools 
  • You do not get phone support 

Although Squarespace falls a bit short in terms of support, it still offers some incredible business website builder tools that make it worth a shot. Be sure to check some of its sleek and well-designed templates as well.

Ideally, most people will prefer a small business website builder that offers the SEO and analytics tools to get to the next level. Although this one falls a bit shot here, you still get additional features including ease of use and great pricing.


Having started its business in 2002, HostGator is by far one of the most experienced and reputable hosting and web builder service in the world. It offers some of the most advanced builder tools with added SEO support. 

  • Outstanding reputation in the market 
  • Some of the most advanced hosting and site builder tools 
  • Easy to use interface and set up
  • Unlimited bandwidth and uptime
  • Relatively overpriced
  • The support team should do better

If you are looking for the best website builders in the market with a very decent reputation, HostGator is the right choice. Although you will pay extra for the service, at the end of the day it will feel worth it.

HostGator has over the years strived to give customers value for money. The platform also shows amazing versatility and continues to rank as one of the most advanced hosting and small business website builder.


Shopify is one of the most popular website builders for eCommerce websites. Millions of online stores have been built using this platform and you can get full access to its tools with the free plan. 

  • Best eCommerce builders 
  • Track record and success in the industry 
  • Reliable customer support 
  • Great user reviews 
  • Limited design customization options 
  • Very high payment processing and transaction fees 

Shopify is one of the major small business website builders for eCommerce. There are so many tools there including payment integration and email marketing as well. You also get a very easy-to-use interface.

Most website builders tend to be versatile. But Shopify has largely focused on eCommerce and it seems the platform has done quite well. The only challenges are the high transaction fees and lack of enough customization options.

This is one of the older website builders that offers a great track record and proven expertise. You also get a simple drag and drop editor and a superb variety of tools to expand your business plan to newer heights.

  • Easy to customize your site 
  • You get a free domain as part of the service 
  • Easy to use drag and drop editor 
  • Poor customer support 

The key selling point for this platform is the brand. This is a website builder that has been doing this for years. You also get a great variety of themes and such an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. is designed for folks who are looking for an advanced web builder for the price. You will get value for money here and an easy path to own a website today.


Weebly is a beginner-friendly website builder that has been offering these services for decades. The platform offers some of the lowest fees as well with integrated website hosting and domain name registration.

  • A versatile builder that can be used for any site 
  • Prices start from as low as $6
  • Excellent reputation in the market 
  • Limited customization options 

If you are looking for a web builder service that also comes with integrated web hosting and a custom domain for small businesses, then you can choose Weebly. It will not fail you here.

Weebly has done well to create an easy-to-use service with versatile tools that anyone can use. It also has a very decent reputation as a website builder for average small businesses.


Duda has often distinguished itself as one of the sleeker website builders with an array of top-of-the-line themes. It also offers simple tools that let anyone create a site in just a few minutes.

  • Simple to use service for small businesses 
  • Advanced tools to use 
  • Sleek and high-quality website themes 
  • Superb customer support team
  • There is no free plan here 
  • The costs can be quite high

Duda is a great option for building high-quality websites. Thanks to its drag-and-drop editor, anyone can create a site here in just a few minutes. You also get so many customization options to make that website truly your own.

The only challenge with Duda is the high pricing. There is also no free package. This can be a major setback for folks looking for the best website builders for small businesses.


Webhosting is more of a hosting service but it has so much to offer. The simple tools here make it possible for anyone to create unique high-quality sites in just a few minutes or so.

  • Top-rated reliability and security 
  • Excellent bandwidth for all packages 
  • Robust customer support 
  • Comprehensive integrated services 
  • Requires a lot of time and investment to build a custom site 

The reputation that this platform has built-in web hosting is quite impressive. Customers will also get advanced builder tools that allow you to customize your site to your own liking. The pricing is also not that bad.

Most reviews rate Webhosting quite highly for its exceptional builder services. Whether you are looking for a basic website or something advanced, the platform has everything you need.

How To Pick A Suitable Website Builder?

It all depends on your needs and the nature of the website you plan to build. However, the key is to make sure you pick something easy to use. It shouldn’t take you more than a day to get the website up and running. 

Make sure the packages you have include integrated services as well as web hosting. Finally, always go for a service that offers the highest value for money.

Final Thoughts

Getting your business online can often feel like a hard task. But it’s really not. Once you get a new website up and running, the rest will follow. The good news is that modern-day web builder tools will make this a walk in the park. 

You will not just get the chance to create a new site. You also manage to secure additional SEO and analytics to ensure your website grows to the next level. Well, the 10 builder tools above should be perfect to get started.



Tabitha Nyambura
Tabitha Nyambura, MBA
Business Writer
Nyamburah is a seasoned business management expert with over 10 years of experience. Her interests cut across a wide range of topics including starting and managing small businesses, eCommerce, investing, and so much more. She holds a degree in economics and an MBA as well. Having started and managed the business by herself, she has earned a lot of experience and expertise in a wide variety of fields. She has also worked as a journalist for several online publications. Her main goal is to help small businesses with actionable information that they need to expand and grow their enterprises.


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