Top 7 Best Business Name Generators in 2024

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Top 7 Best Business Name Generators

If you’re on the search for the best business name generators, chances are you have an awesome business idea you want to bring to life. When you’re trying to come up with a business name idea, you definitely need help brainstorming. The good news is that there are many free business name generators out there that provide relevant suggestions to help you decide on an awesome name for your new company. We’ve surveyed the options and come up with 7 of the best free company name generators to find ideas for naming your new business.

Top 7 Best Business Name Generators in 2024

What Is Business Name Generators?

It’s hard to come up with a catchy, accurate name for your business that gets attention, explains what you do, and reflects your brand well. Sometimes it’s best to find help online, and the good news is, there are plenty of business name generators out there that can help you come up with a unique, catchy name for your new business. We went on a hunt for the best business name generators online, and here’s what we came up with.

Top 7 Best Business Name Generators in July 2024

Top 7 Best Business Name Generators


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Shopify offers a super easy-to-navigate name generator, powered by just one word that you provide. We love the concise nature of this generator and the fact that it’s free. You just enter a word that describes your company’s offerings and look at a list of 100 possible names for your new business. 

  • Geared towards sellers if you want an eCommerce store
  • Provides business name and domain
  • Search by one word
  • 100 possibilities provided
  • Free to anyone
  • Your domain might not be available

Shopify does offer a ton of different options for your business name for free, at the click of a search button. However, your domain might not be available, and the only domains offered are through a Shopify site setup. This can be frustrating if you thought your new business name’s domain was available. In the end, the features offered for free totally outweigh the drawbacks here, so we’d definitely recommend this free name generator.

Godaddy Business Name Generator

godaddy logo

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GoDaddy is known for having one of the largest domain name registrars, and they offer so many features to service the domain names they provide. Their biggest advantage is the huge selection of domain names to match the business name you choose with their domain name generator. It’s easy to use, provides ample options for names, and is entirely free.

  • Use one or two keywords
  • The name generator also checks domain name availability
  • The name generator is free
  • Many domain names available in their domain registrars
  • Renewal of domain names can be pricey

GoDaddy is now a household name in web hosting services and domain name registration, so it’s no surprise that they also have an awesome business name generator that connects to their domain registrar to tell the business owner if their custom URL is available for purchase. It’s a free business name generator that holds up to the competition.



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Namelix is an extremely visual business name generator. It focuses on the creative side of coming up with business name ideas. Their logos aren’t free, but they display them to the searcher, who might be inspired to create a brand from them for free. If you have a business idea you need to visualize, you’ll be happy with this service.

  • Offers to filter and save your best options
  • The survey offers customizable search criteria
  • Generates logos as well as names to picture your new brand
  • Specializes in business name ideas
  • Doesn’t check to see domain name availability
  • Must purchase logos generated
  • Visual representation of names can make purchasing process confusing

The customizable search features, visual representation of business name ideas, and the ease-of-use of this service recommend it to good business practices. The visual-specific business offerings available are great, but they aren’t helpful if you’d like to check the domain availability of the name you had in mind.



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Zyro’s name generator is a simple interface paired with some other awesome free tools like a slogan generator and a logo generator. Their main selling point is their website creation along with their name generator, which creates unique business names.

  • Free business name generator
  • Use a few related words
  • Checks domain availability 
  • Free tools like logo maker and slogan maker
  • Only basic names and information provided

Since this is a free feature, it’s worth mentioning that it does check domain availability, provides other free tools, and pairs along with its website builder seamlessly. We did have some issues with the names they provided since there weren’t many creative options and the display was quite basic, and not as inspiring and creative as we’d preferred. However, since it is a free business name generator, we still like some of the features. 



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FreshBooks is an accounting software for small businesses that offer name generator tools along with several other features. They generate industry-specific names based on one keyword and offer tons of different options based on that one keyword. We found their interface easy to use, and their accounting software is user-friendly as well.

  • Generates business name based on one word and your industry
  • Shows only 3 business name ideas at a time
  • Other tools offered by FreshBooks like accounting software and business help
  • Free business name generator
  • Doesn’t check the domain name

This is another extremely basic business name generator that we found easy to navigate and helpful, as well as free. If you’re looking for a catchy business name, this might not be for you, since they generate business names that are pretty run-of-the-mill. The search bar only allows one word to be entered, but the accounting software provided by FreshBooks is widely used and loved.



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The main pull of the Looka business name generator for us was the ability to specify the length of your desired business name to include multi-word names. Their business name generator also includes several categories to display different types of names depending on what you’re looking for. 

  • Add more than one keyword
  • Customizable searches
  • The program shows if a domain name is available
  • Several categories of name types (multi-word, invented, etc.)
  • Searchability of domain names included
  • Free services offered
  • Creative brand-building services offered
  • Must purchase logos generated

Since Looka is more of a catchy brand creator for businesses to make seamless marketing packages, their name generator is a great place to start before customizing and finalizing your brand identity. Their name generator is one of our favorites because of its complex customizations like SEO checks and integration to their branding kits.

Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel

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Domain Wheel is a free company name generator that also includes a brand name generator and blog name ideas. We love their customized search criteria options and their simple interface. It’s really a no-frills process to get business name ideas for your new company or brand.

  • Availability of domain names included
  • Free domain name generator
  • Also offers a blog and brand name generator
  • Customization of search criteria
  • Must purchase domains through third-party
  • Not as many options as some business name generator

On top of the customizable features to hone in on exactly what you want in a company name, Domain Wheel has a brand name generator and a blog name idea option. However, we do note that Domain Wheel doesn’t offer domain name purchases through their site; they refer their customers to third parties for domain name registration, purchase, and web hosting.

Why a Business Name Is Important?

Thinking of catchy business names isn’t just a fun idea that might give your business an edge, it’s so much more. Having a professional and memorable business name will set you apart from your competition and help you get an edge in your industry. Spending some quality time brainstorming brand names with professionals in your industry can be the difference between having a name you love and are proud of, and a name that turns customers away.

Things To Do After Finding A Business Name

After you find a business name idea you love, it’s time to take action. First things first, you’ll need to make sure the domain name you need is available. Then, you can purchase the domain name with a web host you prefer. 

Next, it’s up to you to decide on a logo. There are several free logo makers out there that can help you choose the vibe, colors, and font you want for your logo to be as eye-catching as your name is appealing. After you have your domain and your logo, you can start to build a website in your domain space. From here, you can direct customers and clients to your new site, hosting your new business name.

Final Thoughts

In the end, finding a memorable business name that reflects your new company can be a challenging process. These business name generators are wonderful for brainstorming options you might consider if you don’t know where to start. It might be a long process for you to find the perfect name, domain, website, and styling for your new company, but with these free company name generators, you can gather some awesome ideas that will take your startup to new heights with a recognizable name and brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I do any research before I enter words into the search bars of these generators?

Yes, we recommend doing a little brainstorming on your own before using the generators to be sure you’re getting the results you want, and so that the generator gets the right idea of which industry you’re in and the type of company you own. Instead of entering random words into the generator and hoping for the best, we recommend choosing your keywords wisely. However, if you feel stuck, start by entering what your company does and your name. This is a great place to start.

How do I create a unique brand?

One of the best ways to create a unique brand identity is to really hone in on your business niche and hire professionals to help you make a brandable business package that will wow your customers. This might include a business naming brainstorming session with professionals you trust to help you, hiring a graphic designer to come up with a branding package for your new name, and getting a quality website put up to reflect your new business’s legitimacy.

How much does a business name generator cost?

The business name generators we’ve reviewed here are all free. They include a search bar feature to customize your search results with artificial intelligence, and each has unique features that they offer for free to help you come up with your perfect business name.

How do I make a catchy brand name?

In order to make your brand name catchy, you might have to do a brain dump where you think of words and phrases that describe your business and the products or services it offers. You can also try to use alliteration to make your brand name more memorable, and you might even try to make your name rhyme or present it as a pun. Make sure you don’t get too corny though, or customers won’t take your business seriously.



Brenna Major
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He is an organized and creative thinking sales management professional with experience in outside and inside sales in various markets. Working as freelancer in the Greater Boston Market, he moved to St. Louis and became an Account Executive, then a Sales Manager managing and coaching 12 sales reps covering a nationwide territory. He has developed his team with a combination of consultative selling and value before price coaching mindset which has won him a President’s Cup and many other financially rewarding awards at RICOH. His most recent role as a Continuous Improvement Manager provided insight into the importance of delivering a quality product in alignment with the value and reputation of his organization. It further enhances the aspect of selling on value as opposed to price.

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