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QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Best Overall

4.8 stars - votes



Most Affordable

4.7 stars - votes

Oracle Netsuite

Oracle Netsuite

Best Service

4.5 stars - votes
Best Order Management Software 2022

Business owners and managers utilize order management software to keep track of sales, orders, inventory, and shipping of products. Many vendors in this space offer cloud-based inventory management systems. We have reviewed the field and selected 7 contenders for the best order management systems.

7 Best Order Management Software 2024

What is Order Management Software?

Business owners use an order management system to track and automate the entire process of sales orders, inventory management, inventory control, and connections with all aspects of eCommerce businesses. Most small businesses benefit from order and inventory management software.

What Does Order Management Software Do?

A full order management software system assimilates information from sales channels, warehouse data, and inventory control to keep track of orders, inventory, and shipping. Order and inventory management software.

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Top 7 Best Order Management Software March 2024

Best Order Management Software 2022

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise


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Outfitted with outstanding accounting and order management software, QuickBooksDesktop Enterprise is an outstanding choice for most features any business might need. Their interface is also exceptionally easy to use.  They are our editor’s choice as Best Overall.

  • Easy to use
  • Stellar inventory management capability
  • Best accounting software
  • Not as customizable as competitors

Users can manage products and inventory in an effective manner with QuickBooks’ accounting and inventory management systems. This company is well known for its small business accounting software, and it doesn’t disappoint. Users also rate Quickbooks as one of the most intuitive and user friendly platforms among the competition. Combine these features with fair pricing, and most businesses will see immediate process improvements with this package. A drawback – if you desire highly customizable features, a few competitors do outcompete Quickbooks.



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Read Brightpearl Reviews

Managers will find the top solution for a mid-size multi-channel eCommerce business here. Brightpearl integrates easily and does so with flexible pricing that provides great value. Though it may not be ideal for large companies – they are the winner for Most Affordable

  • Retail applications
  • Multichannel capabilities
  • Good value
  • Integrations can get overwhelming

BrightPearl is an affordable yet solid provider of order management software. Small businesses will benefit from their bespoke pricing plans, which assure that users only pay for the services they need. They stand out in the area of app integrations, billing themselves as a multi-channel commerce service. Some users find the flow of so many applications to be a bit overwhelming if not managed properly.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle Netsuite

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Among the largest and oldest services, NetSuite is a giant in the industry, and still the mark against which all other services are judged. They are our choice for the Best Service, trailing in best overall as their ROI is just a bit shy of Quickbooks for small and medium-sized operations.

  • Comprehensive selection of features
  • Complete ERP solution
  • Customizable
  • Most complex choice

Clients find an impressive and well-tested panoply of ERP services. In addition to order management software, NetSuite hosts a range of services including CRM, HR, accounting, tax recording, manufacturing tracking, and fixed asset management. We think it’s the Best Service in the field. NetSuite is among the most comprehensive and complicated systems, and it costs a premium price. Thus, it may not be the best choice for smaller enterprises.

SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud

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Read SAP Commerce Cloud Review

Who wouldn’t want to boost profits and increase customer satisfaction? Those are the promises of SAP, and they do deliver a streamlined and easy-to-implement solution. We judge it to be the Best Ease of Use.

  • Great for basic inventory
  • Easy to use
  • eCommerce service
  • Not designed for larger or more complex businesses

Clients find SAP easy to set up and use. Their software provides crips functioning sales, inventory, eCommerce, and B2B functions. SAP also integrates two-way communication with customers to track and reply to reviews, while providing data on customer satisfaction. The downside of simplicity and straightforward uses – the software can lose effectiveness for more complex and larger organizations. We see this one-shine as a solution for simple and smaller organizations.



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Read Orderhive Reviews

With a range of effective inventory and order management features, Orderhive is a comprehensive service for merchants with multiple sales channels. We found it to be the Most Comprehensive order management software.

  • Comprehensive order management solution
  • Responsive customer support
  • Integrations
  • Some bugs and glitches

Users can integrate multiple sales channels into their order management process. Orderhive lists an impressively large array of features. For inventory alone, clients can access forecasting, shipping, auditing, labeling, management, replenishment, tracking, and invoice processing. When we also consider the sales features, reporting, analytics, and workflow management, we are sincerely impressed with the options.  Most users praise customer service, while dissatisfied users have reported some bugs and glitches.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory

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Clients find all the standard services for a good return on investment with Zoho. Though it lacks some of the more complex features and customization options of other entrants, we still find Zoho is the Best for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises.

  • Centralized inventory system
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Not too flexible or customizable

This service is targeted for smaller businesses who are engaged in product ordering and shipping businesses. Its outstanding features are end-to-end tracking of orders and the ability to manage all the basic data of orders, shipping, and warehouse. If you need more comprehensive ERP solutions, you may find more features with competitors.



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Read Odoo Reviews

With simple functioning and a large selection of application integration, Odoo is a simple yet effective solution for sales and order tracking. It is our selection as Best for Tracking Orders.

  • Open source version
  • Offers many features
  • Excellent order and inventory tracking
  • Can be complicated to set up

With effective applications along the sales pipeline from POS to inventory, Odoo can help mid-sized companies engage in product sales. Odoo is open source, so you can download the software for free. But this requires some fairly complex setup – which some users find troublesome or too time intensive. But once it is set up, the company promises easy and simple use. The company offers a variety of ERP features in an attempt to be a comprehensive service. Customer experiences are varied, perhaps due to the customization and user programming needed.

Why Should You Use Order Management Software?

Best Order Management Software 2022

Businesses of all sizes benefit from the order management software. Sales, order processing, returns, accounting, and analytics all can be automated and tracked with a management system. The business can expand efficiently.

Fulfillment of Customer Demand

Working the supply chain efficiently is key in any product-centered business. With automated order management, you can use forecasting tools and instantaneous communication between POS, warehouse, and production to keep orders filled without overproduction.

Improve Employee Productivity

The order management system provides workflow tracking and data analytics. Management can analyze aspects of productivity and track improvements in real-time with detailed data with order management.

Who Needs Order And Inventory Management Software?

Managers, sales teams, and logistics departments benefit from inventory and order management.

  • Sales departments: These teams can keep track of sales orders with sales and order management features.
  • Logistics teams: Managing the supply chain is easier with order management software.

Different Kinds Of Order Management Systems

There are two basic categories of order management systems-stand alone and integrated with inventory management.

Standalone Order Management Software

Standalone service focuses solely on the order and sales process. There are many helpful features for eCommerce with this option including sales and order tracking.

Inventory Management Software

When users acquire both order management and inventory management services, they can seamlessly integrate the demand and supply sides of their commerce business.

E-commerce With Order Management Features

If a business wishes to upgrade further, it can add e-commerce management systems. This helps managers integrate sales, inventory, and tracking across multiple applications and sales channels.

How To Choose The Best Order Management Software?

We selected the most important features of an order management system for our review. Utilize these features when performing your own analysis. Make sure to consider how the service fits into your needs, as each has unique features and capabilities.

A Centralized System

The best SAAS order management systems should be user-friendly and easy to control. A centralized system provides access to needed data with as few actions on the user’s part as possible.

Inventory Management

The best solutions integrate sales and inventory data all across the supply process right to warehouse management. This provides the most efficient just-in-time shipping models.

Shipping Services Included

Consider the offerings for ground, air, and drop shipping that comes with the platform.  An additional feature to look for is return management.

Ability to Scale Order Processing

As your business grows, the order tracking and management needs may grow exponentially as you have more products, more channels of commerce, more integrations, and more to keep track of. A software service must be able to scale with you.

Customer Support

Complex software systems can be hard to maximize. Customers usually benefit from responsive and helpful order management software support and customer service.

Customer Reviews

Utilize customer reviews to compare promises of value to the actual user experience. Use multiple sites. Pay special attention to reviews that give pros and cons of specific features you need for your business.

Final Thoughts

The primacy of eCommerce in the marketplace has placed a premium on efficient sales, order, and inventory processing systems. Business managers, sales teams, and supply chain managers can find a wide selection of available SAAS products to use for these purposes. Consumers can use our review of 7 outstanding competitors to help select which product meets their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an order management system?

Modern order management systems are typically cloud-based applications and databases that keep track of sales, order, and inventory data.



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