Study: Consumers more socially conscious post-Pandemic

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In fact more than half (52%) of those surveyed in a recent Valassis poll said ‘it is important’ that the brands they buy from have values similar to their own, and that most (72%) of Millennial parents are loyal to brands that are environmentally responsible/sustainable or that practice environmental ethics.

As to how consumers want to move forward from the pandemic, most are looking forward to shopping in-store again, with most (74%) citing the need to ‘touch, feel, or smell’ items before purchase. About 18% of those surveyed say they are still buying all of their groceries online, a decline from 2020 of about 10%.

“There is a clear willingness among consumers to return to pre-pandemic activities, albeit tempered with some caution,” said Sarah O’Grady, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Vericast, the parent company of Valassis. “The challenge for brands now is to respect the caution while galvanizing action. With our survey results in mind, there are four definitive ways for marketers to generate authentic customer engagement: use messaging that conveys forward momentum, promote health and safety measures, demonstrate a social conscience and take advantage of in-store retail with promotions and experiences.”

More Valassis data can be found here.

Meanwhile, data out from Bold Commerce finds that despite the increase in online shopping because of the pandemic, about half (51%) of merchants are reporting that only about 21% of their revenue comes from digital sales channels.

However, that isn’t to say that these merchants and brands don’t need to focus on the online experience. Researchers further found that most consumers (58%) are looking for seamless shopping experience – from online to offline interactions.

“We have seen a jolt forward in ecommerce growth this past year, but digital commerce as a whole is still in its infancy. And retailers are more aware than ever that improving shopper experiences is key to revenue growth,” says Deanna Traa, Chief Marketing Officer, Bold Commerce. “Consumers are embracing hybrid shopping experiences that take place online across digital channels and in store, and they expect these worlds to connect seamlessly to one another. By establishing a complete omnichannel experience, retailers can marry relevance with convenience and be better positioned to engage and satisfy customers across all channels.”

Some retailers are quickly trying to upgrade their online experience. According to the report nearly half (49%) of retailers are working to create a ‘unified view’ of inventory and 44% are offering the same promotions, sales, etc., for both online and offline shoppers.



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