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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : June 13, 2016

Top 4 tips to reengage cart abandoners

According to a recent report from BizRate Insights about 15% of shoppers who abandon online carts actually visit a merchant site with purchasing in mind. One expert offers strategic advice for merchants to zero in on the 15%.

by Kristina Knight

First, offer in-stock notifications

"Most intended buyers abandon at visit (before hitting cart or checkout) because they are unable to locate their desired item. In cases where an item is temporarily unavailable--make sure to let shoppers know before they hit the cart. Make it as easy as possible for the shopper to buy the item when it's available. If possible, provide an estimate of when it will be restocked. Allow shoppers to enter their email and be notified as soon as the item is available," said Rochelle Bailis, Associate Marketing Director, Connexity.

Second, include shipping offers

"There's no question shoppers love coupons, but abandoners in particular can be enticed to return with even a nominal discount. Free shipping is usually the most desirable promotion, but if that isn't cost effective consider offering abandoners 10% off. If that doesn't work, bump up the discount to 20%. You may be surprised--a little goes a long way," said Bailis.

Third, retarget abandoners after work hours

"More than half (52%) of cart abandoners who are saving their purchase for later say they are most likely to complete their purchase after 6pm," said Bailis. "Consider retargeting cart abandoners between 6 - 9 pm, when they're most primed to buy."

Fourth, take care of technical glitches

"Many checkout abandoners leave due to technical difficulties, the most common of which is the inability to redeem a coupon. This is particularly frustrating when they are already far down the purchase funnel. If you have a point-of-sale survey in place, keep an eye out for frustrated commenters--this is usually the easiest way to identify bugs or checkout issues as soon as they arise," said Bailis.

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