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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : May 15, 2020

Top 3 tips to improve cross device tracking

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, consumers were spending more time on the internet, and they weren't just logging on from laptops or phones. There are connected TVs, video games, tablets, desktops, work devices. All of these different devices can make it difficult for brands to understand what it is that their customers wants because the use of multiple devices can make brands lose track of their shoppers. Here are three tips to help improve brands' cross device targeting strategy.

by Kristina Knight

First, remember tracking isn't only about certain platforms.

"Make sure you don't think about tracking just across social channels, but also across browsers, platforms, different devices, etc. On IOS for example, most of the big apps use something called a Safari View Controller, which allows them to create their own browsers inside their app. Those browsers have separate cookie spaces than safari, meaning a marketer has no way of knowing that a user browsing their website in the Facebook browser is the same user browsing their website in the LinkedIn browser," said Mada Seghete, Co-Founder & Head of Strategy, Branch.

Second, focus on reconciling customers' identity

"Use a data identity resolution platform that helps you reconcile user identities across multiple devices, platforms, web/app/etc - As fragmentation grows, and new app stores and devices come online in 2020, it will become even more challenging for marketers to give users a continuous and consistent experience across these devices," said Seghete. "The next generation of marketers will need to use an identity resolution service to help them understand when they are seeing the same users interact with their brand across browsers, devices, and apps, in a privacy friendly way. At Branch, we created our own version of this, called the persona graph, that helps top brands around the world like Airbnb, Ticketmaster, Reddit, Buzzfeed, Twitch, OfferUp, and QVC create these seamless experiences. What happens if you miss this? Your users may end up leaving you."

Third, connect the dots between logged in and anonymous users

"Make sure that you don't just reconcile your logged-in users, but also your anonymous users. While some companies use login data to stitch user journeys across different platforms, it's important to also understand the journey of a user before they login and how they interact with your properties. As you think about the journey, make sure you use a system or platform that enriches that data - the way we do it at Branch is by tying anonymous cookies with no personal data on different browsers and devices to the advertiser ID in a GDPR and privacy-compliant way. That way a company can know it's the same user browsing their website in multiple browsers, but nothing more," said Seghete.

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