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BizReport : Advertising archives : March 25, 2019

Top 5 tips to combat ad fraud

The rise of bots to commit ad fraud is a big problem for the digital ad space, for advertisers and publishers and also for merchants. Here are five tips to combat advertising fraud.

by Kristina Knight

1. Employ Ad Verification Tools

"Employ an ad-verification solution that performs deep analysis. Having an ad verification solution is the essential "table stake" for dealing with ad fraud, according to a recent eMarketer report. It is also important to probe vendors of services, asking questions such as how many parameters they have to uncover bots? Do they rely on simplistic fake IP lists? What techniques do they use to investigate the evolving threat? Do they merely report on fraud and can they block ad fraud in real-time?" said Asaf Botovsky, CTO, CHEQ.

2. Create a unique identification for your traffic sources

"It can also be worthwhile to ascribe a unique identification to your traffic sources to monitor the amount of traffic and its sources, then look for anomalies. For example, a programmatic buyer can monitor the amount of money spent on each site. If for example, you suddenly find you are buying a very large number of impressions on a particular site, this suggests fake bot traffic," said Botovsky.

3. Be wary of small sites getting lots of impressions

"Another flag to look for is if a small site is suddenly getting you lots of impressions in your campaign. This could be a sign of manipulation," said Botovsky.

4. Be suspicious of prime inventory sold cheap

"If you ever find yourself able to buy premium inventory for cheap, say, CNN inventory is costing you 20 cents CPM, that might be someone spoofing the domain. For instance, premium publisher Financial Times found display ads against inventory masquerading as on 10 separate ad exchanges and video ads on 15 exchanges," said Botovsky.

5. Be wary of local sites getting lots of global impressions

"Another flag to look out for is if a very niche site in a country is suddenly getting you lots of global impressions, which is highly suspect and points to location fraud," said Botovsky.

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