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WordPress is the most popular site builder. It powers no less than 39% of websites on the internet. However, WordPress is not a beginner-friendly site builder. You may go through a steep learning curve when creating your first website using WordPress.

For that reason, someone without coding skills may opt for an alternative. If you have been thinking in that line, we offer you comprehensive reviews of the top 10 WordPress alternatives. Just read on, compare and have your pick. 

Top 10 WordPress Alternatives 2023

Features Of The Best WordPress Alternatives


  • Easy to use drag and drop tool
  • Easy to edit templates
  • Basic platform
  • Excellent add-on functionality

Top 10 WordPress Alternatives Compared 2023


If you are looking for a cheap and basic platform with excellent functionality, Zyro is a great option.

  • A cheap and simple platform for beginners
  • Easy to use drag and drop tool
  • Easy to use template editor
  • Weaker features compared to Wix & Squarespace
  • Can’t switch templates once the site is alive

Zyro even makes things easier with their user-friendly drag and drop tool. Besides, it offers fewer design features compared to WordPress and many other top web builders out there. For that reason, their platform is easier to navigate and not confusing at all.
Even more, Zyro includes supper quality and pretty clean templates. The templates make editing easy even if you don’t have technological skills.


For the fastest way to build a website using a website builder, GoDaddy is a great alternative. 

  • Simple website builder
  • GoDaddy website guarantees speed
  • Offers website building software
  • Basic features – not for complex websites
  • Doesn’t include a lot of features

GoDaddy compares well with WordPress and other top website builders such as Wix and Squarespace. It has an intrusive site-building tool that makes it the easiest to use. Adding elements to your website is extremely straightforward thanks to a simple layout. 

GoDaddy also offers a free plan with some great website-building tools that every beginner will find useful. If you decide to upgrade to paid plans, you don’t lose the work you already did on your free plan. 

But I have to admit that this is not a great service for a complex website.


Weebly website builder has a great free plan that includes SEO tools and some other great features.

  • Fantastic free plan
  • User-friendly build in SEO guide
  • Loads of customization features
  • Paid plans are a bit overpriced
  • Their templates aren’t very great

Weebly website builder boasts a massive experience having been used by more than 40 million clients to create their websites. Their free plan is equipped enough to give you a great start.

Besides, it offers flexible features that allow you to create any type of layout that you want. There are several elements available including galleries, contact forms, video integration, and blogging features. 


If bandwidth is your priority, this provider will serve you right.

  • You can sell up to five products on the free plan
  • The platform is straightforward with no upsells to worry about
  • Offer complete eCommerce transaction
  • Limited designs
  • Rigid customization

More than 20 million websites have been created by Jimdo to date. Though their free plan is barebone, the paid plans offer a lot of features including a web editor,  images, content, and a simple online store.

But I still insist it is not as feature-packed as other top services even with their paid plans. When you are a WordPress fan, you will be disappointed with the fact that Jimdo templates are much less flexible and there is not even a blogging feature.


For a website builder that offers great features in their free plan, this can be a great option.

  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Easy drag-and-drop builder
  • Offer one of the best free plans
  • It offers a range of options that may feel overwhelming
  • They push some upsells on their site

Wix is a legitimate WordPress alternative that offers advanced user management than WordPress. In addition to its advanced features such as SEO capabilities, its customer support is outstanding.

Wix also lets you implement a lot of small customization without relying on third-party plugins. However, it doesn’t allow powerful customization like WordPress.


You need to have some coding skills in order to use this website builder.

  • Loads of features for creating a professional website
  • User-friendly SEO tool
  • Great web designer tools
  • The plans are a bit overpriced
  • Require steep learning curve

Webflow is not an average website builder platform. It offers products that target web designers. For that reason, if your problem with WordPress is too complicated, this is not the best website builder to consider as a more alternative. However, if you feel limited with the features that other WordPress alternatives offer, Webflow should be on the radar. 

Even though it is loaded with features, it is still more intuitive than WordPress. The editing process feels a bit like Photoshop and offers a tonne of options. However, there are better options for a beginner like myself on our list.


For a simple web builder with a modern design, Squarespace is a great alternative.

  • Selection of modern template design
  • Easy to use drag and drop editor tool
  • Excellent in-built features
  • Integration only in higher plan
  • Customization is more limited

When it comes to designing a powerful website with the slightest coding knowledge, Squarespace is a great platform to consider. 

In my opinion, it is the most powerful WordPress alternative on our list. You can import a WordPress blog to your Squarespace

Squarespace also offers you a free domain for an entire year, e-commerce and accounting apps that you can integrate with your site, as well as several add opens with their higher-tier plan. is a powerful DIY website builder yet very easy to use.

  • A great blogging platform
  • Easy to use drag and drop tool
  • Powerful website builder
  • High pricing after the one-month trial
  • Sometimes switching to another platform from isn’t easy

What makes stand out is its affordability and user-friendly platform. You don’t need technical skills to create a website. Their drag and drop tool is intuitive plus it offers a tone of templates that will help you make things fasters. 

 In addition, is loaded with features that will help you market your website. These features resources for SEO and integrations with 3rd-party tools.

HubSpot Website Builder

HubSpot has marketing automation tools and seamlessly integrates with its CRM platform.

  • Powerful marketing automation tools
  • Adaptive testing that lets you choose up to 5 different versions of a web page.
  • seamlessly integrates with its CRM platform
  • It is best suited for landing page
  • Extra marketing automation that may confuse a beginner

HubSpot offers great tools needed by both marketers and developers to create amazing websites focused on the customer experience. With this provider, users can easily create content, gain insight into performance and optimize their site for conversions all in one place.

Some of the tools that you should expect to find on HubSpot include file manager, drag-and-drop content editor, domain manager, staging environment, and more. In addition to site-building tools, you also get other tools that can bolster your marketing strategy. 


Looking for a website builder with great e-commerce functionality, Shopify is a great alternative.

  • Great eCommerce features
  • User-friendly interface
  • 6,000+ app integration
  • Limited customization freedom
  • Higher-tier plans are pricey

WordPress is a great free eCommerce website but requires a learning curve. If you don’t have coding skills, the best eCommerce website alternative is Shopify. 

Shopify is our easiest store builder out there for big projects. It offers a beautiful looking design that is the easiest store builder out there for big projects. 

If you merely want to build a simple website with limited e-commerce functionality, you will be underusing this website. The provider is never a sort of feature for eCommerce functionality.

CMS vs Website Builder: What Is the Difference?

Both CMS and website builders can build quality websites. That is why these two terms are often used internally. However, they are different things and they approach website building differently. 

Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) is simply software that runs on a webserver to enable you to search, create, store and manage content that is typically stored in an SQL database. It is not limited to a specific host and you have control over virtually everything. It is open source so you can make any change you want, whenever you want.

With this provider, you will have to find your host, do your own backup, do your own maintenance, add statistics via plugin and handle security. 

Summary of features include:

  • WordPress is Free
  • Highly customizable and user-friendly
  • Customized Responsive Design
  • Full control over code
  • Thousands of plugins
  • Massive online support
  • Sites can be migrated for scaling
  • Thousands of Free Themes
  • Requires a bit of Learning

Some of the popular CMS include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Website Builder

Website builder on the other hand is designed to make website building easier. They use specific tools that only work on their platform. What makes them preferred to CMS is their ease of use. 

Anyone can build a website without the need to worry about technical skills. Some of them offer a drag and drop tool to help you create a website or content with a lot of ease. 

Unlike CMS website builders offer several hosting plans to choose from including hosting backup, statistics, security, training, and support. 

They are a good option if you need a website builder without a lot of content. 

Features include:

  • Limited customization.
  • Default Responsive Designing
  • No control over code
  • Hundreds of Apps
  • 24X7 Customer support
  • Sites can not be migrated
  • Hundreds of Templates
  • No Learning Required
  • Hosting is included for free

Some of the most popular website builders include Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify.

How Do Website Builders Work Exactly?

Website builders are designed to be very easy to use making them appropriate for both beginners and experienced web designers. You can create content within a minute using the drag and drop editor tool.

From the library of your website builder, pick a template that suits your needs. Edit the template build-in elements with a click and add your own content by dragging the element and dropping it to your desired location to personalize your site. You can add content like images, social buttons, videos, and next. 

No coding knowledge or experience is required. The whole thing is as simple as moving file icons on your computer.  


If you are really serious about creating a website for your business and looking forward to upscaling it, I recommend WordPress. However, you should keep in mind that WordPress is not beginner-friendly. That is why we have offered these easy-to-use alternatives.

Your pick for the best WordPress alternative will depend on your needs. Feel free to contact us for further clarification. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is WordPress a website builder?

There are two versions of WordPress; and is a typical website builder and it is used entirely for blogging websites. is more advanced and used by experts as a base to build its customers’ websites.

Can I edit the website builder template?

All the images, buttons, text, and features you see on the templates are just there to give you a general idea of what your website layout will be like. They can be changed and edited. However, it is a good idea to choose the template that is relevant to your industry because it already has the features that you need to build. 

How much do website builders’ subscriptions cost?

Depending on what you need your website for, website builders can cost somewhere between $5 – $40 per month. Some website builders such as Weebly and Wix offer free plans that will enable you to create a website for free.

Should I use a website builder or hire a website designer?

Website builders are cheap, easy to use and you are in full control of your website. So unless you have money to pour out, a website builder is a smart choice.

What is the difference between a website builder and web hosting?

A web builder is a platform that helps you create your own website without the hassle. Web hosting on the other hand is when you pay for a space online to situate your website. The cost of hosting a website is included in your monthly fee for a web builder and some free plans come with free web hosting.



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