10 Best Website Builder For Small Business For 2023

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Are you looking for a website builder for your business? There are plenty of options on the market that allow you to create your website without any coding knowledge or hiring web designers. Before building your own website, you need to find the perfect website builder you can use to get out of reach. With overwhelming options on the market, it can be difficult to select the right website builder. This article describes the popular website builders on the market to help you select the most convenient. We review each website builder’s pros, cons, and how it works.

10 Best Website Builders For Small Business Owners 2023

Features Of The Best Website Builder For Small Business: Zyro

  • It has a huge range of powerful features
  • The platform is highly user-friendly 
  • More than 500 industry-specific themes
  • Drag-and-drop capability

10 Best Website Builder For Small Business Owners 2023


Zyro is a perfect site builder for businesses or individuals who don’t have much experience creating their websites. The websites are high quality with important elements to provide a good user experience for your visitors.

  • It is a basic site builder
  • The templates provide a great user experience
  • Unique AI branding tools
  • You can easily draw your ideas
  • It comes with e-commerce functionality and a free SSL certificate
  • Prices renew at higher rates
  • You can’t switch templates once the site is live

This is the easiest and most intuitive site in the market. The template editor is section-based, meaning you can add and delete different page elements in just a few clicks. A grid format will show up to guide you in dragging different page elements. Its 30-day money-back guarantee is impressive, and the starting price of $2.90 per month for regular sites and $9.99/month for e-commerce sites is excellent. However, the templates are not extremely customizable.


This is one of the popular builders for small business owners. It provides all the features a small eCommerce store needs and has a premium on quality.

  • It has modern and elegant templates
  • An easy-to-use platform
  • Beautiful designs for sites
  • Great functionality to support your online store and blog 
  • Drag-and-drop feature with a variety of design options
  • It has SEO tools and other built-in tools
  • Lacks multi-language approach from out of the box 
  • High price in plans 

Squarespace is tailor-made for creative industries with the most divine templates you can think of. This is an all-in-one platform that can handle blogs, e-commerce, and domain hosting. If you get some plugins, Squarespace can have more eCommerce tools. It has built-in functionality that allows you to accept online payments, track your customers, and create gift cards. Its pricing plans reflect its elegant exterior. The prices range from $12 to $40 per month with a two-week free trial.


Weebly excels at making good-looking websites for less since you don’t need lots of fancy features. It’s one of the most user-friendly website builders in the market that gives you a personalized domain and email address.

  • Fully customizable CSS and HTML templates
  • Intuitive interface and attractive, responsive themes
  • Free e-commerce options in the highest-tier plan, including an SSL certificate and basic shopping cart
  • Weebly supported third-party apps and extensions 
  • You get a generous 30-day money-back guarantee
  •  It allows you to export page content via zip files and blog posts to migrate to RSS.
  • There is not a lot of customization

Weebly is great for small business sites with various templates, decent designs, and e-commerce functionality. Its built-in features and service-based business templates make it stand out among the rest. For example, the drag-and-drop editor allows you to easily set up your page in just the way you want. Since this web builder is best for a simple website, it doesn’t have a lot of customization. Weebly has a generous free plan with prices ranging from $8 to $38 per month. 


GoDaddy website builder helps create the initial design for your website by asking a series of questions about the site’s purpose. It works best for personal sites, though it can also create sleek and functional online stores.

  • Comes with built-in marketing features such as search engines 
  • You can build a website in minutes
  • It automatically reformats a website when switching games
  • Ash content creation tools to look amazing on any device
  • Its features lack depth and quality
  • The site is not ideal for blogs

Whether you’re looking to build a website, host one, or just buy a domain name, GoDaddy has you covered. It comes with beautiful and customizable templates that are easy to use. You can find built-in social media marketing tools such as SEO and Google Analytics tools. The site builder doesn’t need coding experience, as you can start building your site with drag-and-drop tools. You get a 2-week free trial, and plans range from $5.99 to $29.99 per month. 


This is the ideal e-commerce website builder if you want to build a sophisticated e-commerce website. It has a powerful e-commerce platform compared to other website builders due to the huge app store ecosystem.

  • This platform is quite intuitive and easy to use
  • It has attractive templates and is fully responsive
  • A great option for anyone interested in dropshipping 
  • You can create versions of your site in different languages
  • Comes with an email marketing tool to host thousands of subscribers 
  • You must install an app to use key functionality

Shopify is a great choice for small businesses hoping to build a powerful e-commerce website. It has tons of features and apps that can help you sell your products and actively grow profits. The core of Shopify includes everything most online stores need. It provides everything from SEO guidance to mobile responsive themes and multichannel integration to help sell across marketplaces and social media. For example, you will find gift wrap upsells, out-of-stock notifications, and eBay syncing in the app store.


This website-creating platform and content management software gives you a simple way to create business websites, forums, and membership sites. It is widely known as one of the world’s biggest blogging platforms.

  • Comes with built-in business tools for content management and smart tags
  • It offers a free plan
  • Has an abundance of features
  • Has intuitive design capabilities and the drag-and-drop editor 
  • Comes with a huge number of themes and plugins to help you deploy any kind of website without programming skills

  • Sometimes the plug-in versions don’t align with the WordPress fashion 
  • You can install plug-ins using a free plan unless you upgrade 

WordPress is the ideal platform if you’re after a blog, as all the templates are tailor-made for blogs. It is the best website builder software if you want complete control over your website code.  You can use WordPress to create resumes, portfolios, and blogs. The free plan is available, while a premium plan starts at $4 per month. You can access all the basic features and receive a WordPress subdomain using a free plan. However, you may need to pay extra for any plugins to install for things like SEO.


This is the perfect builder if you want a well-designed website but lack creative flair. It has templates that provide you with a great starting bias and helpful tips along the way on how to build the perfect website.

  • No limits on creativity
  • Surprisingly easy to use
  • Offers a modern website building space
  • It has great built-in prompts that give recommendations when creating your website
  • It lacks SEO support

This builder imposes no limit on where to place things on your web pages. It is a drag-and-drop builder that makes it easy to move elements around the page. You can place anything anywhere without instructions to a rigid template. Duda offers advice and guidance on building the perfect website. Its flexibility comes with personalized user journey options that can tailor the way different customers see you outside. However, Duda lacks SEO support, and you will need to be switched on when trying to optimize your website.


Wix is the best overall website builder based on its premium design flexibility and ease of use.  It allows more freedom to customize your website pages, and it comes with plans that suit the different needs of a wide range of website designers.

  • It’s easy to use
  • Has one of the most intuitive drag-and-drop features
  • A wide range of design options and templates, even with the free version
  • Comes with add-ons such as Wix form builders
  • Limitless customization options
  • It’s not a good choice if you are looking for e-commerce plans
  • Doesn’t offer optimal speed
  • There is no 24/7 customer support 

This is one of the best website builder for small business. It sets the standard for website building with over 500 beautifully designed templates to choose from. You can create beautiful websites and customize almost everything you can think of using their drag-and-drop website builder. The platform helps you tweak and customize all areas of the site without needing coding knowledge. Take advantage of the Wix ADI (artificial design intelligence) tool as it supports anything from blogs and e-commerce to service-based businesses and multilingual sites. However, it might not work for every small business website since its prices are low and it doesn’t offer the most plugins. 



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HostGator is a popular choice for its simplicity and price. It is a reliable and free hosting service offering 24/7 customer support. 

  • It has a simple and powerful drag-and-drop interface
  • Generous money-back guarantee
  • Comes with a good number of features
  • Reliable web hosting services
  • It doesn’t have blog features
  • Higher monthly pricing 

This website builder offers switchable templates and tools needed to build an attractive website without breaking the bank quickly. It has a web hosting service that fits all budgets and requirements. It also ranked highly in terms of ease of use and overall user experience. HostGator provides one of the best customer services in the industry. You can reach out to the customer support team by phone, live chat support, and ticket best email support 24/7


This builder is designed predominantly for small business that needs our space online for their service-based companies. It comes with various features to help you promote and grow your business, such as social media integration.

  • Its templates cover lots of different Industries
  • Camassa wide range of industries
  • Cheap plans starting at $5 per month
  • It has specific tools designed to scale a business
  • There is no free plan available
  • The website design looks a little dated
  • Limited features with no app store

This web builder is perfect for startups, as it can give you a more serious site with a clear structure. While its templates look a little dated and serious, this should not be a problem for white-collar industries. The platform is restrictive when it comes to customization. If you’re on a budget, it is the cheapest website builder. The prices range from $1 to $30 per month, making it affordable for website builders.

How Do You Pick The Best Website Builders For You?

  1. Make the Most of Free Trials and Free Plans

Most website builders offer either a free trial or the best free website builder plan. Before choosing our website builder, use the free trials to test whether it meets your needs.

  1. Think About What You Want to Make

The most important factor to consider is the type of website you want. If you are in the creative industry, Squarespace is the most suitable. Someone in the blogging industry might check out WordPress, while a start-up will find the right fit on 1&1 IONOS.

  1. Factor in Your Budget

Your budget can dictate which website builder to choose. If you want a personal website and have a small budget, Wix offers the best free plan. If you’re a business and want to invest in a professional website, you may need to spend some money to reap the rewards in the future.

How much does a website builder cost?

The price depends on the features required to run your website. A simple website builder for small business can cost between $100 and $500 to build. However, these prices will increase depending on your goals. For example, a custom-built website with lots of pictures can cost as much as $30,000 or more. Look beyond the cost of your website builder subscription for any additional costs you may incur.


Website builders offer a set of tools that you can use to assemble a website visually. Whatever website builder you choose, you can create a functional website that establishes a small business online presence. The beauty of these builders is that you don’t need technical know-how to create a website. From our discussion, Wix is the best option for creating websites due to its flexibility and efficiency. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of a website builder?

A simple website builder can cost between $100 and $500 to build if the business is starting out.

What is the best online store or e-commerce website builder?

Shopify usually leads the pack when looking for the best e-commerce builder. It has a powerful e-commerce platform than any other website builder due to the huge app store ecosystem.

Which website builder is easiest to use?

Weebly is one of the best favorites in terms of ease of use. You simply drag images, text boxes, buttons, and more around your page until you’re satisfied.

What is the best overall website builder?

From our discussion, Wix is the best option for creating websites due to its flexibility and efficiency.

Can I create a website for free?

So many website builders are offering free plans, so you don’t have to pay. However, most free website builders hold a lot of important features back. For example, you can’t use a custom domain and will have ads for the builder.



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