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Customer Service


Ease of Use



  • Top customer reviews
  • 30+ years track record
  • Truly Free LLC formation and incorporation


  • Delayed filing
  • Low pricing transparency
  • Ease of use
  • Excellent Customer support
  • Registered agent services
  • A wide variety of add-on services
  • Inc Authority
  • Founded in 1989
  • Origin in Reno, Nevada
  • Available across all US states

Inc Authority has been an LLC formation service for three decades. It’s highly regarded among the US’s top and reputable business formation service providers. This is evident in the excellent customer reviews the Inc authority enjoys on Google and Trustpilot.

Inc Authority’s most popular package for the business formation process is its free LLC service. The package affords free LLC filing services and other specified Inc authority services upon paying the state filing fee. This is complemented by Inc Authority’s premium packages that allow add-on services like free tax consultations, filing entity formation documents, registered agent services, and business funding analysis. 

These provisions are what all small business owners need to form their business and take it off the ground. You can also pay more to enjoy extras third-party Inc Authority offers like business license search, operating agreement drafting, and much more. However, Inc Authority will leave you to handle most of the legal documents needed in the LLC formation process.

Inc Authority’s Brand Advantages

Inc Authority is regarded as one of the best LLC service providers due to its array of benefits. If you’re a business owner seeking to leverage Inc Authority for an LLC formation service, here are the advantages you should look forward to.

Ease of Use

The Authority’s website is a fairly easy-to-use platform. The process of signing up and registering your business is straightforward, provided you meet all the legal requirements to form an LLC.

Excellent Customer Service

Inc Authority’s customer support team is easily accessible via phone or email during business hours.

Access to Industry Experts

One key highlight of Inc Authority’s outstanding services is the access to field experts. The Authority affords you the chance to seek consultation from experts in diverse business fields. These include tax planning consultation, business credit coaching, and business tax advice.

Multiple Services Tailored to Your Business needs.

Inc Authority allows business owners access to a wide array of services that every limited liability company needs. The additional services in Inc Authority’s paid upgrades include:

Minutes and Resolutions Form

One key advantage of leveraging Inc Authority for your business formation services is providing simple minutes and a resolution form. This ensures your new business entity is compliant with all state regulations. You can easily access the forms for an extra $79 in Inc Authority’s free service package.

Custom Business Document and Selection Forms

Depending on the information you submit on Inc Authority’s website, you’ll benefit from custom-generated business documents and an S-Election form. This affords you the correct paper trail required for compliance purposes. It also makes the formation of an LLC with Inc Authority much easier.

Custom Record Book 

Besides the tax planning consultation and provision of a business credit coach, Inc Authority offers a custom record book and a branded company seal. These include ownership certificates and all foundations necessary for easy business management. The features are available at an extra $99 on Inc Authority’s free service package.

Express Processing

Inc Authority allows express processing to move you to the frontline for faster LLC formation. The feature is available for an extra $49 on all packages.

Protection Advisor

Inc Authority provides you with a protection advisor for an annual fee of $197. This additional service feature is useful if you lack a lawyer to help with legal advice. 

LLC Operating Agreement

Most states require an operating agreement for an LLC formation. Inc Authority provides you with one at $89. However, you can still work with your legal team to develop a custom operating agreement for your business.

Business License Report

Inc Authority allows an extra business license service at a one-off charge of $99. With this service, the Authority’s registered agent will check your business license report, conduct state research, and apply for various tax registrations required for an LLC formation.

Business Credit

Business credit is available in the highest packages. You enjoy free business consulting on credit and tax issues.

Registered Agent Service

The Authority’s registered agent service is freely available on all packages for one year, after which you’ll pay $99 per year. 

Inc Authority Review LLC Formation Packages

Inc Authority is one of the few LLC companies that provides a free online business formation service upon payment of the state fees alone. LLC services are complimentary inthe free LLC business formation package. There are three premium packages available to choose from as well. The free package still allows you access to services like legal or tax advice and excellent customer support from INC CARE email and phone.

The Inc Authority Starter business bundle is the cheapest among the three premium packages. It has a one-time fee of $399 plus the state fees. Services available on the starter business bundle include: Business name availability search, tax ID number, operating agreement, ownership certificates, business funding, employer identification number application, and business bank account. You’ll also get sixty minutes of tax consulting on issues like tax deadlines, business credit evaluation, and credit bureau registration. A one-year free registered agent service is available with all packages.

The next package is the executive business bundle which costs $499 plus state filing fees. Here, you can access all the LLC services on the Starter bundle plus website registration and business license report. The executive business bundle suits any business owner who wants help with their business license report.

The third and final package of Inc Authority is the tycoon business bundle which costs $799 plus state filing fees. This package provides you with all the services from the executive bundle and extra services like express processing for faster incorporations. You’ll also enjoy a free business credit launchpad from the available 90-day business credit coaching session and free registration to a business credit reporting bureau.

Entry (0$)Standard ($399)Executive ($499)Tycoon ($799)
LLC or Corporation Filing
S-Corp ElectionNot includedNot includedNot included
EIN Filing
Operating Agreement Drafting
Business License Search
Registered Agent ServiceNot includedNot included

Basic Plan

Inc Authority’s free LLC business creation package is the Basic Plan. You won’t have to pay anything upfront, but you will have to pay the state taxes. This plan gives you the services you need to set up an LLC, such as law and tax help, customer service, and a free registered agent service for one year. Even though it doesn’t have some of the extra benefits that come with paid plans, the Basic Plan is still a good way to start your business.

Paid Plan

Inc Authority has a number of paid plans that include more services and features than the Basic Plan. These plans are made to fit different budgets and business needs. Starter Business Bundle, Executive Business Bundle, and Tycoon Business Bundle are the paid plans that Inc Authority offers. Each plan has its own services and perks, such as fast reporting, help with business licenses, website registration, and services related to business credit.

Inc Authority Quick Overview


5 stars

Best Overall Value

  • Inc Authority
  • Founded in 1989
  • Origin in Reno, Nevada
  • Available across all US states

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Promo codes are the codes companies and businesses use because it benefits both customers and the company. Customers get the power of buying products at a discount and the company generates revenue from it. LLC service provides promo codes for free shipping and urgent deliverables for clients. The code will help customers to become permanent members of the LLC company and will take benefits in future services as well.

Inc Authority Customer Reviews

Reputable brands often enjoy positive customer reviews across different online platforms. Being one of the standout LLC formation companies, Inc Authority has good ratings and excellent customer reviews on popular review sites like Trustpilot and Google. Here are a few users from Trustpilot highlighting how Inc Authority has impressed them so far.

Ink authority is always helpful… Ink authority is always helpful efficient and willing to go the extra mile

Nicole Kennedy

Quick and easy

William Fletcher

Easy to use, but takes very long

Jack Fred

Inc Authority LLC Service Review

Review of Inc Authority

Overall Pricing and Value
Cost Value
Customer Support
Ease of Placing an Order
Included Features

Inc Authority works well for anyone seeking a business formation company with an excellent service offering. However, from this Inc Authority review, you’ll realize that many of the features suit business owners on a budget and those who want to form an LLC in a pretty straightforward process. Below is a brief review of each Inc Authority feature

Cost Value 

Inc Authority pricing focuses on providing value for its customers. Services such as business and legal advice are available as add-ons when you only pay the package fee. If pursued differently, these Inc Authority’s services may cost you more. This comes alongside the free access to all essential services required to form an LLC upon payment of the state fees. 

Customer Service

Inc Authority has ever available customer service support to help you with your questions. You can be sure the support team will address any query posted within normal working hours.

Ease of Use

You can easily find your way around the Inc Authority website and check all your business details. Most users find it one of the best websites to use when filing for an LLC.

Included Features

Inc Authority has some of the best additional features that add value beyond the LLC registration phase. The key features in its premium packages include provision for a business checking account, credit consulting, license report, and many more.

Is This Brand Right For You?

Inc Authority may be the right brand for you if you’re seeking a different perspective on your  LLC formation. The Authority’s key feature allows you to register your business without charging any service fee. This makes it the right brand with great solutions for startups.


Overall, Inc Authority delivers an easy registration process for your company. The company provides a lot of positive aspects, especially if you’re a small business owner working with a tight budget. While there are numerous upsells you won’t need, Inc Authority stands out as one of the LLC service companies you should try. 

Top 2 Inc Authority Alternatives

ZenBusinessNorthwest Registered AgentInc Authority
AwardBest OverallModerateVaries
LLC Formation ServiceComprehensiveLimitedVaried
Registered Agent Service
DetailRead Review Read Review Read Review

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Visit Website

Visit Website


With low prices and a wide range of services, Zenbusiness is a great choice for forming an LLC. The best thing about them is that their app is easy to use and walks you through the process step by step. They provide a wide range of services, such as acting as an authorized agent, writing running agreements, and helping businesses stay in compliance. Overall, Zenbusiness makes starting and running your LLC easy and reliable.

Northwest Registered Agents

Northwest Registered Agent is known for its reliable service as a registered agent, which makes sure that your LLC is in line with the law. They give you personalized help and protect your privacy by sending official mail to their address. But compared to other companies, their LLC creation services aren’t as good. In conclusion, Northwest Registered Agent could be a good choice for you if you want a registered agent service and care about getting human attention.

Inc Authority Disadvantages

Inc Authority has numerous benefits but its services also come with a few shortcomings. These include;

  • The numerous upsells distributed across the premium packages
  • No advanced compliance services like annual report planning
  • Support team only available during working hours 


Inc Authority provides the best services to incorporate your business without incurring any cost. The Authority’s free LLC package has all the services you need to form your business after paying the applicable state fees. You can easily upgrade and pay more if you want to access additional services like business funding and credit coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is LLC filing completely free on Inc Authority?

The free package allows free registration services. However, you must first pay a state filing fee to enjoy these services.

Does Inc Authority provide any refund policy?

There are no refunds when using Inc Authority services. This applies to all packages.

Can I cancel my services on Ink Authority?

You can cancel your service anytime by calling the customer service team for guidance. However, canceling your agent services first requires enlisting a new agent and paying the relevant state filing fee.

Does Inc Authority provide for faster business formation

This may vary depending on your state. However, Inc Authority guarantees an overall quick turnaround time

Is it a must to have a registered agent before forming an LLC

Yes. You must provide the physical address of your registered agent before proceeding with your LLC formation

How does Inc Authority compare to other LLC companies

Inc Authority is highly rated on Trustpilot and Google. The excellent customer reviews highlight its great service offering

Where can you use Inc Authority in the US

All the US states allow you to use Inc Authority services.

Is Inc Authority a legitimate business?

Inc Authority has existed since 1989. This makes it one of the oldest in the industry.



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