Reports: SmartTVs On The Uptick

Reports: SmartTV’s Continue Uptick
Reports: SmartTV’s Continue Uptick

75% of US Homes Have SmartTVs

According to new data out from Hub about three-quarters (75%) of US homes are now connected, with SmartTvs topping the list of devices consumers are using to reach the internet. SmartTV ownership is up about 5% YoY, but the bigger news is that consumers are now increasing using their SmartTVs to connect to the Internet, rather than to connect to a cable service – as “dumb” TVs have always done. 

“Growth in smart TV viewing over the past few years has been supercharged not just by more smart TVs, but greatly increased use of smart TV apps for streaming,” said David Tice, senior consultant to Hub and co-author of the study. “It has been a long road to get a large majority of smart TV owners to use those sets for streaming. This is a theme for smart tech overall: it’s not just getting devices into homes, but how can stakeholders get consumers to use the full capabilities of smart devices?”

Americans Connecting In Multiple Ways

In addition to SmartTVs, Americans are increasingly using home assistants – like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home, Apple’s Siri, etc – in their homes. Just over half of US households now have one of these devices and nearly as many (48%) also have a smart home device, such as a smart doorbell or thermostat. 

Hub’s full study can be accessed here.

Marketers Look To CTV To Connect, Too

Meanwhile, new data out from Stirista finds a growing number of B2B marketers are looking for CTV – aka SmartTvs – to connect with their customer base. Just over half (55%) say they’re already delving into CTV ads, and 20% more say they’ll begin adding CTV buys to their budgets over the next six months. Most (71%) say the threat of a cookie-less future has pushed them toward the CTV space. 

Challenges Ahead for Marketers With CTV

Despite the increased interest, many marketers say there are stumbling blocks ahead for them as they integrate CTV in to their marketing plans. About half say they don’t know enough about CTV to know what kind of content is wanted or relevant to their customers. Understanding CTV media placements is another stumbling block for many marketers. 

More data from the report can be accessed here.



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