Bizreport is a major source of financial tips, information, and business products and service comparisons and reviews that promotes business development. Our objective is to provide business owners with the competence and understanding to comfortably make educated decisions on establishing and managing a profitable company and propose the products and services that will bring them closer to their goals.


Rating Methodology and Product Review

Our editorial and financial specialists have hundreds of years of collective knowledge in the most critical areas of your financial health. We base our suggestions on what is good for customers (and where those products appear on the site). Bizreport advertisers and partners do not affect our suggestions.

Our advice is not individualized but based on a wide range of common financial issues and circumstances. Furthermore, since our estimates, advice, recommendations, and ratings are based on historical performance, they do not guarantee future outcomes. Bizreport does not and cannot guarantee the reliability or relevance of any material to your particular circumstance. The examples are theoretical, and we recommend that you obtain individualized guidance from certified specialists about personal investment issues.

So, how are we going to earn money? Our sponsors compensate us. This may impact the services we evaluate and write about (and where those products appear on the site), but it does not affect our opinions or suggestions based on hundreds of hours of study. It is against our policy to accept money to evaluate a partner’s product or service positively.

We clearly distinguish ads from editorial content

All Sponsor Content shall be branded correctly and differentiated from Bizreport editorial content in form, purpose, and placement by using separate type fonts, colors, and images. When users click on an ad, they are sent to an advertiser’s website or a sponsor’s resource center located on our media platform. We will mark sponsored resource facilities as such, and the sponsoring organization’s name will be prominently displayed.

Sponsored vs Unsponsored material

Bizreport Media seeks support from reputable financial organizations, businesses, and other service providers. Sponsorships support not just help Bizreport financially but also our users by offering up-to-date information about the business world, investment options, and how to run a business. Our editorial staff and business writing team will assess any editorial material funded by an advertiser to ensure it complies with our editorial guidelines.

All commercial content will be labeled, including paid programs, advertorials, and sponsored episodes. Bizreport will not use its name or emblem in any Sponsored Content, and no such content may indicate that Bizreport endorses any product or service.

Affiliate program(e-commerce relationships with Bizreport)

We may have an affiliate connection with some services we review. Also, we may be compensated if you join the service after clicking on an “Open Account” button or a hyperlink on the product’s name. The location of the button and the availability of a link to the advertiser’s site will remain the same regardless of the presence or absence of the advertising.

We clearly distinguish material that is part of a Partner program.

Sometimes, Bizreport may partner with other businesses or nonprofits whose goals are consistent with our own. Bizreport carefully evaluates these partners and only promotes those we believe will provide the most value to our readers. Any partner material that does not adhere to our usual editing process and our Ad and Sponsorship Policy rules will be identified and removed.

You may also see the following disclaimer on pages where Bizreport gets compensated when a user clicks on an affiliate link: “Bizreport and our partners may earn a percentage of sales if you purchase through a link above.”


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