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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : September 16, 2021

Why Businesses Must Adopt Managed Print Services

Most businesses have contracts from different service providers with multifunctional devices, software, printers, and supplies.

by BizReport

In your business, you will need to buy expensive commercial printers. But, there is always a better alternative: managed print services.

Overview of Managed Print Services
Every business wants to run smoothly, but various factors hinder it. One of these factors is printing activities because they tend to be challenging and tiresome.

However, you'll have a good print environment with managed print services that provide visibility in waste reduction, decreased end-user productivity, fixed monthly budget, and print expenses.

That said, why do most businesses seek managed print solutions from managed print service providers?

Let's get started:

1. Low Operational Costs
Managed print services allow you to optimize your print fleet that has the most effective solution. The good thing, at the end of the month, you will only have one invoice to pay the supplier.

Previously, when you had not adopted these services, you had to pay for repairs, maintenances, ink, papers, electricity, and more. So, you could receive various invoices from different suppliers or technicians.

In your records, you could be left wondering how your business incurred some costs. But with a monthly fixed price, it is beneficial because you have to pay a specific fee.

2. End-User Productivity
With managed print services program, you will spend less time feeling frustrated due to technology. In a business, the essential thing is productivity, and that can happen by saving time on these things:
- One printer to learn
- One printer to install on your devices
- One number to call for all issues

3. Sustainability
With managed print services provider, your team becomes more sustainable. Most providers will offer your business a "green" initiative to help the team recycle materials.

Moreover, managed print services provider will monitor the print output. Therefore, that enables them to teach you crucial practices for conserving the supplies and equipment.

4. Improved Security & Compliance
Security in your business is a vital factor to keep in mind. However, each industry has a specific security level requirement, such that compliance will separate departments in the same organization.
Managed print services help improve the security of your business. They will suggest the areas where you need to deploy and administer security.

5. Less Strain on IT
In your business, you will realize that most calls to the IT team are related to print issues. Having managed print services provider, the team will understand better of technology at hand. They use right-sized devices and can help to optimize your team.

If there are issues with the printers, your employees will call managed print service providers and not your IT team. This is a significant reason to choose these printing services. Your IT team will have better things to handle.

6. Receive Only One Invoice
Adopting managed print services helps spend less time sorting paperwork that matches correct invoices for a company. This is because you will receive only one bill in your email and pay that vendor each month. That sounds hassle-free and less stressful.

Some of the bills to settle each month include paper suppliers, ink, and technicians, but without managed print services. These invoices will be more expensive than hiring a company offering you managed print services.

7. Vendor Consolidation
In an office, there is a high chance that you have hardware from different vendors. Manging their relationships will take a toll on your company. However, there is a huge advantage when you weed out excess vendors but remain with a few reliable companies such as managed print services providers.

When you consolidate your vendors, these are the benefits:
- Lowering overall pricing thus, saving more money in the long-term.
- Lowering the suppliers helps you lower freight costs
- Managing vendors is a costly and time-consuming process. After consolidation, it means you have more time to focus on those tasks that matter.

8. Expense Control
When you lack proper visibility in your business printing environment, then you will find yourself overspending. Managed print services help you stop overspending on print materials. The company monitors your print output depending on departments or users. It will try to optimize on what these users or department uses.

Managed print services help to optimize the printing environment. It can therefore offer your business visibility on the print expenses by charging you a fixed monthly budget. Managed print services provider ensures increased end-user productivity and reduction of wastes.

A reliable managed print services company will act as a consultant in your business. It can advise you on various strategic and cost-effective approaches through environmental management.


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