Survey: 7 in 10 businesses shut down office spaces

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According to new data out from 7 in 10 businesses have permanently closed with all or some of their office spaces, changing the way many Americans work. For many this has meant shifting to a remote-based work environment, but there are those still looking for work after offices closed or downsized staffs because of revenue concerns.

Of the 1,250 businesses surveyed for Digital’s report 69% say they have ‘permanently closed some or all’ office spaces; by closing they were able to go to either a hybrid work environment, in which only certain people are at the office on a given day, or fully remote.

Citing the top reasons for shuttering office space, respondents reported:

• Workers’ desire to continue remote work
• Cost saving measures
• Equal/increased productivity from remote workers

“Despite the paradigm shift towards a remote workforce, most employers still feel there are benefits to having employees working in-person,” says Dennis Consorte, startup consultant and small business expert. “The key to success in the Age of Connected Intelligence is giving workers the flexibility to choose environments that match their personalities and job functions, whether at home or in the office.”

Of those who have fewer employees on-site more than half (58%) say they have also downsized their office space. Businesses with fewer than 10 employees were most likely to keep all of their pre-pandemic office space available while about 45% of businesses with more than 500 employees say they have closed office spaces.

More data from’s study can be accessed here.



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