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What You Need to Buy For the First Year in College

What should you buy for the first year in college? Discover the list of the must-have things in this post.

by BizReport

Moving to your college dorm room is an important step in your educational process. However, the process of collecting all the necessary items you will take with you might appear to be too challenging. The reason is that you need to take tons of various things for a comfortable stay, while the risks of missing something important remain pretty high. In this post, you will find a list of top items most students need to have in their college dorm room.

Computer Gear
According to hundreds of learners, computer gear is the most important item for your moving-to-college list. The reason is that students are usually assigned to compose tons of academic projects during their studies. Therefore, you will need to have a powerful and modern laptop to complete college tasks. Moreover, if you decide to get professional assistance online, you will need to use your laptop to download the instructions and requirements for your academic assignment. By the way, it is better to choose an online service you will use to get help in advance. You can read the reviews of various academic writing sites and select the most reliable ones beforehand. Feel free to read the latest essay pro or a fresh paper owl review to know more about the sites that provide academic assistance.

Not only will you need to take a laptop with you, but you should also take a wireless mouse, mouse pad, printer, and portable hard drive. You will definitely need to use these items during your stay. Moreover, you can also take a couple of small-sized flash drives and a portable charger. Anyway, computer gear should be one of the first items on your college list.

General Stuff
When collecting the list of items from general stuff, try to imagine your way to college. What items will you need? First, you will surely take a sack with you. Make sure to buy a new and convenient option before moving to college since it is one of the most necessary accessories you will take to college regularly. Make sure it has a working zipper and has enough pockets to carry all the things you need at college. Most students recommend choosing sports middle-sized sacks with a waterproof case. Sometimes you will need to go to college in rainy weather. The case will help you keep your college textbooks, laptop, and other personal belongings dry.

By the way, did you get an umbrella with you? Even in case you have a bus stop right near your college campus, it is still necessary to take this accessory with you. The reason is that you might need to go on training, shopping, or visit a local cafe to hang out with friends. The heavy rain shouldn't thwart your plans.

If you plan to use a bike during your studies, don't forget to take a bike lock with you. Always keep your style and your bike on a lock. For maximum security, make sure to lock the frame to something, not just the wheel. Moreover, you will also need to use a bike pump to keep your tires inflated for maximum speed.

A toolset is another item any student should have when staying in a college dorm room. The reason is something in your room might break. If you don't want to wait for the maintenance crew, the toolset is here to help.

One of the last items you should definitely take to your new dwelling is a reading lamp. A clamp light might become a perfect solution for your purposes.

For Good Sleep
There is nothing new that staying in a college dorm room is not always comfortable. You might have noisy neighbors who are fond of parties or listening to music with the speakers. If you can't fall asleep in a disturbing environment, it might be a good idea to take earplugs and a sleeping mask with you. Your roommate might prefer studying at night, so a sleeping mask will help you have a better and deeper sleep with no effort.

Bedding stuff is one of the college dorm room essentials. Most learners believe that a good pillow and a warm blanket are essential things for a comfortable stay. The first one will help you sleep better, while the second one will protect you from cold days and nights. Many learners also take mattress covers when moving to college. Who knows what happened on your dorm mattress before your arrival.

Moving to a college dorm room might look incredibly overwhelming. However, this is an inevitable process of moving to the next stage of your life. Don't forget to take kitchen and laundry items, bedding stuff, computer gear, as well as school and desk supplies. No worries if you forget something important - most of the necessary items can be easily bought in a local store.


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